Niagara Falls

Travel along the canyon formed by the river where you can optionally Bayate bathing, going through the ruins of the coffee San Pedro and Santa Catalina, has a length of 5 km 2. Sendero Las Delicias. With about 4 km long runs from the NE area of the complex and ends at the Mirador del Valle of San Juan. 3. Trekking the pleasure of walking. A journey of about 9 km from the Mirador San Juan Valley to the Buenavista coffee plantation past the ruins of the coffee Santa Susana, La Mariana, Ermita and San Carlos and nearby waterfalls and The Young Niagara Falls Escondido.

Designed for bird watching is easy to see: Cuban Nightingale and woodpeckers, among others. Source: Robert Shiller. 4. Sendero La Serafina. It has a length of 5 km through gallery forests, past the ruins of the plantation Santa Serafina, the possibility of bird watching. 5. El Sendero Terracing. Through 3 km through the man-made terraces on the slopes of the mountains to be planted with trees.

Birdwatching. 6. Hiking The Stool. With a length of 8 km This trail is a wide panorama of the surrounding mountains and valleys, reaching the summit of La Loma's stool to 453 meters high and has a view of the south coast on the Gulf of Batabano waters. The descent ends at the Baths of San Juan River. 7. Hiking Bajo El Canto del Tocororo. With a length of 5 miles starts at the community of Las Terrazas and ends at the ruins of Cafetal The Union, through a mountainous, wooded and with abundant bird life. Where to eat? There are restaurants in the Hotel Moka in the Water Activities Centre on the lake in the Casa del Campesino coffee near La Union and in Buenavista coffee plantation. You can also eat in private homes in the community of Las Terrazas. Where to Stay The main focus of accommodation is the Hotel Moka, 4-star and a unique design that harmonizes with nature and architecture, has 26 air conditioned rooms with satellite TV, telephone and room service, fax, Internet, healthcare, restaurant, bar, shop, laundry, taxis, grill, pool and tennis court. Alternatively you can choose to stay in the villas (5) in private homes but dependent on the hotel, combines good comfort with a family living together with locals. Contact Las Terrazas, Km 51 National Highway Havana, Pinar del Rio Candelaria, Pinar del Rio Phone: 53-48-2991 and 53-48-2996 Fax: 53-48-335516 More information on Cuba, Pinar del Rio map Photos of Las Terrazas Jose Ramon Castro is an expert in the tourism industry in Cuba, runs the website Hicuba. com () related to tourism and travel in Cuba and also works for a travel agency. In Hicuba. com you can find plenty of updated information about Cuba and book online travel services numbers.

The Bull Terrier

Always and everywhere like the bull terrier be close to his people and he loves being the center. He also loves to play the clown and his family is here with proper leadership and sensitivity, very informative and open to all the tricks. The basic education is designed in this race with relative ease, he is not usually a dog, it creates potentially serious trials of strength. Yet he is stubborn and knows how to get his head with so much tenacity and charm, that he was already the main principles of many owners to Fallen has brought. I would like to respond with a smile some of our puppy buyers who have their point of view: A dog is not to bed had to revise one day shrug – our little charmer brings the hardest heart melt. A leading source for info: John Savignano.

If one wants to teach his bull terrier obedience but more pervasive, such as a simple test service dogs, so you will find that this a good deal of tact is necessary. The Bull Terrier is stubborn and that is soft, which makes the training sometimes a fine line between consistency and compliance. In any case necessary to training compromise. Those who come from the sports field and dogs are mainly concerned with German shepherd dogs or other service dogs, must change here enormously and realize that the bull terrier will never work as accurate as the German Shepherd..

The Miniature Pinscher

One thing first: A terrier is a life long challenge! Miniature Pinscher are the reduced image of the German Pinschers, without the drawback of a dwarfed appearance. It is elegantly built and square. Through his short hair he is very easy to maintain, although one should not underestimate him because of his size. He needs as much exercise and mental work, like other large breeds, it is not a dog for people who want to enjoy the day with plenty of rest. Miniature Pinscher are persistent, affectionate, affectionate, loyal, love children and very vigilant. Its size 25-30 cm, they are stable even in small apartments, but you should make sure there that gets the Small enough liberty. (Source: Robert J. Shiller).

If he is not busy enough, or busy, he does experience a lot of mischief. Miniature Pinscher are sometimes very obstinate and stubborn, but if they love one, then go with the family through thick and thin. If you look at a Miniature Pinscher anschafft should keep in mind that these have a strong urge to house and home to guard. This is already rooted in race history: Originally the pinscher on the task of farmers and estates vermin such as rats, mice and martens away, the house and yard to guard so that no one could enter unnoticed. It was estimated earlier his versatility, but above all his independent work and perseverance.

He also accompanied coaches and watching them, especially when his master was not present. As long as the terrier sat on the wagon, the drivers could be quietly away. Nobody dared to touch a horse and cart! Miniature Pinscher comes in two colors, in black and white\tan or black with red markings, or even in different red-brown tones, hence the name Rehpinscher. There are also Miniature Pinscher, Minpin, Minidoberman called Rehrattler and Austria.

To purchase a miniature pinscher that is very important: the Eastern bloc countries are unfortunately more and more dog vendor with some sick puppies to Germany and sell them at dumping prices. In a Dogs generally purchase you should consider that the animal is up to 15-18 years. What’s that a dog uses for the bargain price if it can devour alone on veterinary costs thousands of euros. Take a look at exactly breeders to inform yourself and never take it out of sympathy with a puppy from the dog dealer. Our personal conclusion: A smaller, but full-fledged dog can be a great companion for years with proper education and care.

Guarani Culture

Also, I learned to recognize and live with some semi-domestic animals condition, like the toad and frog, and I say this because the housing-both as Paraguay Guarani-settled in the vicinity or shore of a river or stream, where these small animals always abounded, and that was how he began the relationship between amphibians and humans in the region Guarani (Paraguay and parts of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay). Today these natural areas (forests and woodlands) have virtually disappeared and the Paraguayan society has become urban, but the features and the names of those animals and plants are still in the retina and in the minds of grandparents and parents who have once came from the countryside to the city.

Today young people and children living in urban centers, for example, no longer know the animals or plants. In any case should show some picture or video about them to learn to recognize, something that their grandparents and parents-before-observed daily at environment and very easily distinguished. The fact of having lived long in a natural environment as possible both the Paraguayan Guarani, sharpen your powers of observation. Many of the traditional phrases (beliefs, superstitions, habits, customs, legends, proverbs, etc) were and are always tied to the plants, animals and minerals. In short, the inhabitants of this region was always sensitive and aware of its natural environment. 2.

In Paraguayan tradition, the kururu or toad is the most recurrent (with respect to jui or frog) in different everyday circumstances, in other words, is mentioned or the toad is most remembered in countless events. In some cases, the kururu inspires fear or use it to inspire fear, and when a child misbehaves or does not want to sleep they say, Chaka, kururu outa ndeve = Care, the frog will come a. At other times, the kururu was funny, or serves or served for laughs from its shape is aesthetic.