In an uninhabited and shady forest, where the unknown easily joined age, a beautiful hiding place for a group of cold and frightful vampires. Additional information is available at Professor Rita McGrath. In that morning of November, the breeze was cold the start of the winter, them had left the forest going until the city, the people sighted those beautiful beings graciously walking, in some it caused sighs of fascinates and in other sighs of affliction. But if it is not deceptive with the beautiful appearance, them they were hungry and behind food. Still walking for the city easied and neither binding for those thoughts that without disturbed wanting them nothing its headquarters and its headquarters enxergavam only. Peter the vampire oldest soon suggested that such were not so afoitos were in an inhabited city and had that to be cautious, in the first night if they had hidden in an old hut that was next to an abandoned rank, all dark and very frightful age, the new Paolo of all did not support more the wait then the night left convincing the others the seguiz it, fast, seductive and voracious they appeared of the stranger and the place of where little they waited, the human beings were imprisoned easy in its hands, hindered them to nothing. Perhaps a very strong word swims either. To if passing six accurate months, the vampires were tired to live as animal, therefore they were entediados wanted to test something different, the life human being they had perhaps thought and was thus if joining the human beings, living as human, knowing human, until for trap of destination one of them he was madly gotten passionate for fatally apaixonantes Kalina a mysterious human being and, the gotten passionate one it was the most cautious Peter and controlling now it did not have control of itself exactly, the others had not liked the idea this history of love were destroying Peter and it was forgetting what really it is.

How this? Kalina was the light and Peter the blackout, it never does not have junction in history between light and blackout these had always lived in war, and were thus, Paolo planned everything with the others and when they had found had killed it to Kalina to finish of time the evil for all, Peter after to discover if became in aura of fury and for love if to destroy, destroyed the Paolo and to its friends. Now alone in the solitude, he inhabits the blackout, and he is the history that inhabits its mind it makes and it to suffer, it must not have broken rules and it must not have acted for impulse now has the eternity to repent itself. Then, he has care with its impulses and he thinks very well before making something that make to suffer can you for the remaining portion from the life. thinks two times before breaking rules and if this goes to be valid to the penalty.

Astolfo Cake

It made the mass with the biggest affection and pra to complete the wonder was baked in stove to the firewood, that only left the delicious cake still more with that one cheirinho of farm. After to leave the oven the cake went for a board that was encostadinha in the corral that served as jirau, and there rested per some instants until cooling a little. According to Uncle Onofre, Astolfo was very led and it always wanted to arrive first to catch the greater and better piece of the cake, and it always obtained. What it succeeded was that one day, when v Ritinha arrived to cut the cake and to serve to meninada the cake he had been eaten entirely, without ceremony or any whim, seemed that some moleque very led had dilacerado all the cake with the proper hands, if served to the run away will and later, not to have that to divide the cake with plus nobody. He did not give another one, Astolfo was soon taxed of culprit for all due to its fame of travesso and for to be one gotten passionate declared for the famous cake of chocolate, it only could be. Vov was very chateada and placed Astolfo of punishment to learn to divide with all, values as the generosity and the fellowship was taken very the serious one in those times. Passed the curious episode, in the following day v Ritinha followed its ritual religiously and another time made a delicious and bigger cake of chocolate, its rescendia aroma for all the headquarters of the farm informing that it finishes to leave the oven, and equal form placed in the place of custom to cool again. When vov was to call the garotada one to lanchar and to appreciate so acclaimed cake, surprise! One more time the cake had been violently devorado, but of this time vov Ritinha it did not obtain to forget itself happened it and was really intrigued.

The Cluster

We do not have what to complain. Many, however find that this life is beside the point monotonous and want a change. I am fully in accordance with the leaders of our community. The necessary life of time variations in when, of the opposite the time if becomes beside the point long. Variations as these trees, for example: they see as they modify themselves quickly, are born small if they become beautiful leafy. Its pantries are back in the high one of where if it can observe the imensido of the grass. They see the birds as they are pretty, they possess the prettiest penalties, they sing the most beautiful songs, they fly for highest of the sky, foods do not lack.

we? Already they had observed as we are? In first place we have very great ears. As much the donkeys as the crossbows had passed the legs for the ears and they had only now found stranger to have a so great chunk of those in the head. How horrible thing! It is truth well that had excellent qualities, therefore they frightened the mosquitos that seated in its heads, but were very great. continued ' ' sbio' ' leader of the community. – Already they had repaired in our colors? Most horrible and still superficially we have for excessively. One only saw donkeys and mules passing the legs for the body. That terrible age, for pra all side and colors pssimas.

But the leader continued the speech. – Also we whinny instead of smiling and in addition we have four legs when we must only have two. That is one tenebrous fact. How it is that we go to eat the bananas madurinhas of the cluster if we cannot catch them with as many legs? One more time the donkeys and the mules had moved with the legs.

I Remember

They say some that we live of souvenirs. Nor I know to certain who arrived to say a thing of these, but who am I I stop disagreeing with some thing or some intellectual? comes back and stocking we surprise in them at the souvenirs or them they appear so subtle that nor in we give account to them who we think about them. I remember of that certain time walked for the calado of the beach and sat down in one of the banks and glimpsed the landscape cut of the coast and the verdor of the sea infindo and tranquilo if espraiando to the confines that I did not know. The sun beat the bolt in a dry noon, without wind, new features. Solar protector nor was article of luxury, but question of necessity to protect the tired skin already of as many lived years.

Contrary years to the last ones: repletos of solitude, the homesickness of the marcantes people of the life of people. People who were the life of people. I until I had luck, although not to believe this type of thing (the luck), therefore, in my age, many met played in asylums, psychiatric hospitals, for aged, among others more. I never found myself, however, aged in the height of mine 65 years. I lived and living creature in way more intense than I can.

Clearly that today the disposal is not that one of long ago, nor the young patience of the so great age to aturar our small crazes or to hear our histories. I was not married, I did not have children and this also never I felt necessity. My friends say that when arrived at a certain age, the nature would complain and that it would come to charge me this. If it one day came, must have wrong of door or I listened to never it call.