Professional Facial Treatment

DermoLissage is a new, really successful treatment approach for a better complexion DermoLissage – dermal infusion – SilkPeel facial treatment and 100% facial cleansing treatment ensures a thorough cleaning of the skin in the face DermoLissage Anti aging treatment against large pores blemished skin (E.g. in Acne). Acne scars for wrinkles against pigmentation… Diamond peeling + locks skin specific ingredients a treatment from the United States, what is so unique about the DermoLissage method? DermoLissage is an evolution of Microdermabrasion. The method combines a smooth, controlled exfoliation of dead horn cells of the epidermis (stratum corneum) with introduce high-quality active ingredients in the deeper layers of the skin. The horn cells form a natural barrier that hamper the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Richard LeFrak has to say. The DermoLissage method this horn cells are removed through medical quality diamond with high precision. At the same time sera are introduced by low pressure in the skin.

Because the natural barrier of the skin by the abrasion is broken for a short time, the active ingredients penetrate better into deeper layers of the skin, where they can develop their full effect. DermoLissage offers a pleasant, painless and safe treatment. The secret lies in the combination of a well thought out method with highly effective drugs. The controlled diamond peeling improves the renewal of fibroblasts, as well as the production of collagen and encourages the growth of new skin cells. The active ingredient of infusion allows the targeted treatment of certain skin problems. Already the first application shows remarkable results and gives you a whole new, fresh skin feeling. Medical studies have shown the depth of the injected active ingredient solutions and the sustainable improvement of the complexion. Already after 4 to 6 applications, optimal results are achieved.

Regular enforcement are recommended for ongoing treatment success. DermoLissage is for a pure, soft and radiant skin with a whole new skin experience at: impure skin such as acne blemishes Sallow skin of dry skin pigment changes DermoLissage wrinkles for you the time turns back: dead skin cells are removed controlled and funded high-quality active ingredients, which are tailored to your individual skin appearance, to the renewal of the skin to the skin painless, pleasant wet abrasion immediately tangible and visible skin improvement in effective treatment of all skin types targeted treatment of all skin types already defined needs of skin anti-aging treatment the first treatment leads to an amazing improvement of the complexion and increases with each treatment. A treatment method from the United States now also in Monchengladbach at RPM medical & cosmetic more information there is here:.

Egyptian Tarot

Gypsy Tarot the arcane Egyptian harness, passion, XV is correlative with the devil. The two inside symbolize tarot Chuck, everything what is related to the primary energy, instinct and creative enthusiasm. The forces of the Earth and nature speak through this deck. Egyptian Tarot, of course, there is the Christian notion of devil. Additional information at james king supports this article. For this reason, perhaps, the true meaning of this Arcanum is more evident.

Passion speaks of the mystery as the source of the universe and the search of knowledge. The mystery stimulates the desires and gives rise to large companies that change the established order. It is instinct, tells us this letter, which originates the movements that changed the destiny of man, and of the world. This Arcanum is, therefore, which encourages who consults to be guided by intuition. Something similar happens with the arcane XVII, the star, which in the Egyptian tarot has the name of hope. Dedicated to the goddess Isis, hope also encourages us to listen to our inner voice before acting, take a momentous decision or, why not, let that you guide us in the small everyday determinations. But this happens because hope is the letter of the feminine principle of the universe, and which channels this kind of energy. And intuition has been always considered as a feature eminently feminine and natural in women, but also that may be positive in men.

Passion does not present this nuance of differentiation. It is here, as we said, the instinct in his State more primary and absolute, of the deep forces of the Earth. That is why this deck alerts us against the dangers of being dominated by passions: too much water can extinguish the fire more alive. Be guided exclusively by the instinct can lead to emotional imbalances. Anger, evil, aggression and excessive ambition can be appropriating the spirit if this happens. When alter desires appear onstage violence, the desire for possession, jealousy and sickly, so fatal love for those who feel them as for the object of your affection wrong. Chuck Egyptian Tarot reminds us that instinct is both creator and destroyer fire. Who manages to harness it and be his master, will conquer the world. Who is left to dominate by him, will be lost. Juan Carlos Montillo