Ingrid Hoefler

People who are in distress, social clubs, which have an empty cash register or artist groups which afford no own Studio to large and small projects and initiatives need support. For anyone who wants to make still more enjoyable Munich through citizen engagement, earned a spot in the city. The change by, one of the leading real estate portals, in the life initiative called your city brings people together with the first social space platform social spaces, looking for space or offer it. Nuremberg, 4 December 2013. The tense situation on the Munich apartment market is all too familiar. The rental rates rise, at the same time, one out of five is threatened by poverty or poor. People like the 22-year old Sarah, who lives with her young daughter, Evelyn (2) currently, in a shelter for single mothers. Mother and child living in a confined space, and are equipped with only the bare essentials.

Sarah get money for an apartment by the She could not convince so far with housing and a landlord itself. Without dwelling no Kita place without Kita no work. A fate, as it is in Munich so or something like the order of the day. On the one hand, the price per square meter for commercial and residential explode, on the other hand, the official housing agency reaches its limits: expected to only 2,700 Housing Awards face 13,300 households reported at the Munich Office of the apartment, looking for a low-cost housing, by the end of the year. A sustainable project with signal character of the initiative change your city”has social spaces” exactly at this point to: premises conveyed directly to fair conditions. The initiative brings together the first social space platform people, looking for space or offer him and the ideal space thus gives citizen engagement in the social field. As Ingrid Hoefler * and her sister, who like to want to her home located near Dachau a charity available and this one comparatively low rent would require.