CISC Architecture

The main disadvantage of processors based on the CISC architecture is the large number of possible ways to send data, which leads to a complication of operations using different addressing methods. All in CISC micro- processors have a different format, different number of operands, as well as different time for various instructions. Analysis of instruction set processors based on the CISC architecture, showed that most used in the programs (80%) CPU instructions are only 20% of all teams CISC processor, while 80% of teams underutilized. To solve the problems inherent in CISC architecture, we developed a new RISC architecture. Core calculator, made by RISC architecture contains a set of commonly used micro-due to what the calculator on a chip was made possible deployment of more general-purpose registers. The main advantages of RISC architecture is the presence of the following features: A large number of general-purpose registers.

Universal format for all instructions. Equal time execution of all instructions. Almost all of shipping operations Data carried on the route register – register. These features enable you to handle the flow of command instructions to a conveyor principle, ie synchronize hardware parts, taking into account serial transfer control from one hardware unit to another. Hardware blocks, allocated in the RISC architecture: Block loading of instructions includes the following components: instruction fetch block from memory instructions, instruction register, and places the instruction after the sampling and decoding unit instructions.

This stage is called the step sampling instructions. General purpose registers in conjunction with power management registers form the second stage of the pipeline that is responsible for reading the operands of instructions. The operands can be stored in the statement itself or in a general-purpose registers. This stage is called stage sampling operands. Arithmetic logic unit with control logic, which is based on the contents of the register instruction, determines the type carried out by the micro. The source of data in addition to instruction register can be instruction counter, when the micro-conditional or unconditional jump. This stage is called the executive stage pipeline. Set consisting of general purpose registers, logic, and sometimes write from RAM form a step of maintaining data. At this stage the result of the instructions are written in general purpose registers or in main memory.

Property in Italy

The deposit will be refunded if the buyer refuses to buy into established a seven-day period. This amount will be refunded without penalty or compensation. The next phase is removed from advertising for sale, and secured the buyer. Next is a preliminary contract (Compromesso), which shows information about the participants of the contract, description and price of property, payment methods, date of signing the final contract and any other conditions that may apply to the contract will be listed in a legally binding private contract between two parties. In this contract the full price to be paid for the property. Need to draw up a contract with an expert (a notary public, lawyer or real estate consultant) who will check the ownership and make sure that there are no loans or seizure of property rights and other barriers, such as pre-emptive rights to the property, it is namely the property, which is offered for sale, and that all permits and certificates for the building in order.

The seller must provide the buyer some assurance about the availability of the property, confirming that it complies with current building regulations and that all taxes are paid. The purchaser must confirm their intentions in that place a deposit account 10-20% of the transaction, which becomes a binding deposit called 'caparra confirmatoria'. Notary in Italy is not acting in the interests of any of the parties, and is an official representing the interests of the state. In addition, in some cases by appointment through his bank account transaction takes place and the settlements on the transaction.


The truth is that we avoid seeing our fragility, burying our heads in the sand against this undeniable reality, potential fears, anguish and uncertainty that occurs as water seeps through the cracks of our being. Excitement is one way to live life from moment to moment Krishnamurti’s life unfolds from moment to moment, from second to second. We live now in this moment and every moment of our lives. All our activity, everything in this life we can make is in the present moment. There is one moment in which we can do something that is not now.

Any fantasy, exploration, hope is an illusion. The actions of this will have any influence on our future, but life is not no other way to live from moment to moment, that is the inescapable reality. Tomorrow is only a fantasy about a future time to come, is a future now. Nothing we can do now about the future illusion. I say, if that I can act, I can change something now that is future, and of course you can, but I did not say you can not do that, I’ve only said you can not act today in the very future. The future will be acted on present moment.

This will have very clear about the zeneistas, his favorite phrase is when? But now! The now, the precious moment of life is here and now, there is no other. Everything else is fantasy, illusion. The past is a mental model of events that occurred in a now that is us, the future is a prospective model of a course now is to come. But the truth is that they both need another present moment to be realized. There is no time but the present.

GAG Experience

Deutsche Grundbesitz AG holds a fixed stock of real estate in a long-term portfolio real estate are in the best hands. Barely noticeable by the general public, the most successful real estate stocks are managed for generations in the form of old family foundations or traditional business assets. In this sense, also the private Grundbesitz company de g Deutsche Grundbesitz AG has focused on the permanent inventory management of real estate. The knowledge that real estate must, in the long run be kept so that it is profitable, is firmly anchored in the roots of the de GAG. So, the current day-to-day business of the company consists mainly of the classical management of residential resources. But taking different functional and design residential claims, the company also constantly developed his property.

Not only the current generation of tenants should be rewarded with a comfortable living room with contemporary, modern standard. In the future, people should benefit from this. Through the solid private entrepreneurial ownership structure as well as the long-term strategically positioned property portfolio is the de GAG optimally for the next decades as a living economic company positioned. This includes also, to be able to access on a specialized team of employees. To encourage employee retention and motivation, the de GAG earned employees offers a special bonus program. Acquired points can then, for example, for a holiday in the Reetfugium”in Kampen on Sylt are exchanged. In the private ownership of the de GAG owner owned Reetfugium on the golf course of Kampen is a free-standing thatched property with various outbuildings and two lying next to the body of granny flats modern landscaped, park-like grounds in a secluded location.

The free-standing property is therefore ideally suited as a perfect holiday home for passionate golfers. But also families and all people who want to relax in an elegant, prestigious environment, feel here guaranteed. In addition to a peaceful seclusion, the Reetfugium offers a representative atmosphere with a very elegant furnishings. Wooden floors, high quality interior and a Mylin tiled stove give distinctive character. The Reetfugium offers ideal conditions for an unforgettable holiday. Dereck g Deutsche Grundbesitz AG, headquartered in Hanover, Germany is a long-term global real estate company which is focused solely on the constant development of real estate and thus, the increase in the value of the company for the future.

Expert Committee

Despite the economic crisis real estate in Leipzig very popular despite prolonged economic crisis is in the real estate market, according to the Expert Committee of the city of Leipzig, Leipzig little affected by this crisis. Due to some restructuring and various simpler processes increased the sale of real estate by almost 10 per cent last year. Main reason was some large purchases of real estate in the Centre of Leipzig, which struck some 240 million euros to beech. In 2011, especially the undeveloped plots in Leipzig were a magnet and found a ready market. Real estate in Leipzig are extremely interesting for investors at the moment, because the prices are very stable in the last few years, and this interaction opportunities are available.

Here, you should rely only on partners that have also the idea of the matter and for a long time know the market in Leipzig. Especially the real estate broker of Panda estate Leipzig is to highlight here, 20 years experience on the market are priceless and allow the occasional bargain. The Prices for land, where houses are planned, is currently at under 100 euros per square metre. In plots in the city, averaging around 160 euros per square meter will be charged. It looks good especially in the area of condos condominiums in Leipzig. Condos is the largest share of all sales and accounts for almost 60 percent of the total purchasing power.

The purchase price for condominiums has increased by 5% compared to the same period of last year. Thus, the average purchase price has grown to over 2,200 euros per square meter. By this increase, it is profitable to buy condos and then rent it for interested investors as pension. It is then possible to cover the bulk of the financing effort with this rental. More accurate processing and calculations, which is capital expenditure required, which are to provide its own services, are at any time via banks, or directly via the estate agent, feasible. Real estate agents have also provided experience, extensive knowledge of financing and cooperate most closely with banks and insurance companies. It is always advisable to trust our partners, since these are daily confronted with these questions and solutions. You know the tricks and the ways to get cheap financing and still well covered. Many shy away slightly from the higher volume of investment, this is however mostly unfounded. Good and fair advice as long as it can a very lucrative business to buy, condos to rent them and to accomplish the financing with the rental income.