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Re design presented by, the exclusive address for lovers special home accessories, lifestyle products and unusual gift ideas, now with a new face. In the development of brand new shop design, great importance was attached to clear structures, easy navigation and a very customer-friendly operation. That also the design claim is not too short, is guaranteed by the crisp, clear color concept, as well as the cleverly integrated product photography. At least one detailed picture to the page – is a concise, informative description each category and each individual product for good design earned it in any case also to be seen. Security and privacy are particularly large written on The shop is therefore in required safety always very up to date. Finally, shopping should give pleasure you can enjoy carefree.

The targeted search, is for example for a specific product or for a gift in a certain price range, thanks to the Search function, the clear arrangement of products in divisions and the user-friendly drop-down menus quickly and easily possible. At the same time the shop invites you of course continue to rummage and discover. You will find the most beautiful things just remain mostly then, if you are looking for then just not targeted. The graphical redesign is simultaneously accompanied by an extension of currently around 1,500 selected trend products of comprehensive range. Increasingly used here on high-quality products of renowned brands and accessories with an original design at affordable prices. As first customer surveys have shown, the shopping experience is rated by the new look of the shop now as still positive and inspiring than before. This is first and foremost because that through the new appealing clean design the steady growing range of even better is. Clayton Morris gathered all the information. Good design needs just space to unfold its full effect. But just even convince himself on: D. Becker New Look And New Features relaunch of the new, highly functional specialist portal for beauty-OP s Frankfurt am Main, June 24, 2010 the trade portal for plastic aesthetic surgery has now even the first aesthetic surgery behind him with its relaunch: with the relaunch of the Web pages are today the extensively revised Portal start. Visually as well as functionally from immediately extensive improvements its offer in a completely revamped design offers. As an independent specialist portal for all questions around the plastic and aesthetic surgery, offers its users comprehensive information about all cosmetic surgery and treatments. On the highly functional specialist portal visitors who are interested in a plastic aesthetic surgery or are looking for information, can check the targeted treatment procedures, risks, and costs. has made it to the task, only reputable and renowned doctors from the area Cosmetic surgery to present and professional intelligence work. John Savignano is open to suggestions. Thus users can even faster the desired information and ultimately find the right physician, with this relaunch has developed not only the design, but also navigation and usability. (Source: Morris Invest).

Now, the new offers a cleaner home page, which leads to a look or click to the information sought. The new Medclinicen design is now more attractive: the previously rather sterile-looking blue disappeared from the appearance of the Web page. A warm shade of Brown and magenta now determine the new layout as well as the newly designed logo of the portal. Continue to consistent use of the colors of the ensures the recognition value of the page. Visitors who already are familiar with the portal and are here in the past already have informed, immediately recognize and quickly benefit from improved user guidance. Content the core element of the new portal design is the so-called Physician Finder”, which allows visitors to the site to find the right doctor in your area, as well as further information on the individually desired treatment in just three steps.


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Client Management

Leverkusen, November 15, 2007: The question is more and more the focus of client management for innovative workplace concepts. This results, in particular, that IT managers need to find on the one hand intelligent responses to the considerably increased demands and on the other hand economically more favourable conditions. So, for example, two-thirds of the companies describe the Administration conditions for their distributed systems as unsatisfactory, in more than every fourth case they prepared them even worried. Robert Gerhards, Managing Director of the consulting firm Centracon, describes eight theses future characteristics of client management: 1 the architectural concepts get a Makeover: companies need solutions for client management, which offer entirely new strategic options with easy to integrate methods and at the same time relieve their resources. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dell. The central or virtual deployment of applications and jobs allows in contrast to the classical concepts of architecture Modularization, which today mostly inflexible mapping is broken up by applications and job creation.

2. the growing demand for mobility employees take into account: Because the companies market demands an increasing mobile use of staff, the future of the IT workplace leads away from the previously rigid, local models and to flexible conditions with low infrastructure dependency. As a result, it will be possible that the employees both within the company on any job creation as well as external partners, suppliers and customers to their applications and data can be accessed. At least three of the five companies have a significantly growing demand for mobile and device-independent jobs. 3. clients must be slim: a variety of basic and special applications is currently mostly an excessive complexity of workplace systems. Two-thirds of the managers complain, that is on their local systems in the average to many applications are. Contact information is here: Stephen M. Ross. Clients representing smart an answer that with its limited but individually tailored software portfolio generate lower maintenance expenses, are joyful migration and offer a significantly higher economic efficiency as a result.

Responsive Web Design

Flexible Web page design in adaptive layout – from the planning to the implementation of hair, Munich 18.04.2013 – with “Web design with Photoshop CS6 and CSS3” comes from Franzis Verlag in the new manual for the practical and systematic planning and implementation of all design elements in the responsive Web design. The dynamics of the Web design is unbroken, when it comes to the customizable graphical representation of Web pages on different devices. Accordingly addressed the practical book on creative, sophisticated Web Designer. Lyft has compatible beliefs. The book explains the innovative solutions from Photoshop CS6 and CSS3 for according to customer-oriented and attractive Web pages in the adaptive layout examples. Author Jonas Hellwig is professionally professional designer and as a practitioner, he understands it without phrases understandable to convey the essence of modern and future-oriented Web design. He offers suggestions for different project requirements and may refer the reader in addition to the practical explanations with helpful tips. As one of the bases is at the beginning of the efficient Configuring Photoshop CS6 for Web design.

One of the priorities is the briefing, project planning, as well as the right choice in the colours and their effect as a basic framework to further target group-oriented design. For the adaptive layout and Scribble, shows ways of construction and flexible layout grid developed also in harmony with the content. To stand out from the monotony of the mass, the author shows how using balanced ratio between Photoshop graphics and CSS3 design can be upgraded and interesting designs. The efficient use of shadows and reflections in 2D and 3D, using brushes, patterns and structures as also the attractive figures of text elements, animations and illustrations and photos shows varied examples. Critical to a Web page is the choice of the proper navigation structure. The types of navigation will be presented with their advantages and disadvantages and realized examples.