Average Room

Embedding. Nothing gives so much use and additional space as inlining. Make a bookshelf inside the wall or cabinet in a closet – the floor will remain free, and the room becomes more functional. Learn more at: Robert J. Shiller. 2. Door.

Complete removal or replacement of doors can give more light and air. For example, pereveste door to it open to the other side, make a hidden sliding door, install a transparent door, or just completely give up the doors. 3. Arrange the average. Part of the space of your room can be adapted to create a new square meters out of thin air. say. Depending on the height of ceilings, you can build a semistable, to arrange a "second level" under the bed or in general make hanging bed – due to this you will get more space in the room.

4. Full or partial demolition of the wall. Cut a window in the partition walls or completely remove the wall – for example, between a large bedroom and a small bathroom. 5. A lot more space for the cabinet. Than the more efficient use of space in your cabinets, the less you mess and the more free the rest of the room. 6. Movable walls. Think about creating a sliding wall, through which you could convert the living room to the bedroom or office, depending on your current needs. 7. Look up. The ceiling is always the most useless in the area room. Make it the artistic part of your premises rather than clutter up these things in shelves and cabinets.

Bathroom Design

When designing a modern bathroom, should mainly focus on the choice of wall and plumbing materials. Floor and walls of the room most often laid tiles, which should be well transfer of moisture and temperature extremes. Lining material for the floor is selected from the corrugated surface. Ceilings in the bathrooms often make a tripwire, for which use only water-resistant materials. Main element that decorate the interior of a bathroom, will, of course, the very bathroom. M Asthton Kouzbari helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

An excellent option would be if the size of the room allows you to set a spacious bathroom. If not, then you can stop the choice on the shower. Sink can be selected, complete with a bathroom, or separately. The classic solution would be to put over the sink cabinet with mirrored doors, or simply a mirror. Important is the choice of lighting for the bathroom here should think about the general lighting and illumination of the mirrors. Attention to detail and quality execution of bathroom design will ensure your comfort for years to come.

Modern Design Trends

Daily life sometimes seems boring and mundane, and often want to change your environment. To implement such intentions is the best suited design interior design in the new interpretation – as one of the most effective ways to improve your own mood and bring into our lives an element of novelty and harmony. Fortunately, the times of the Interior exclusively for reasons of practicality and whether sunk into oblivion. As well as the desire to fully follow the fashion trends no longer have the prerogative. Greenberg Traurig shines more light on the discussion. The design of a modern interior in the foreground individual aspect of registration. Good designer – this is first of all – the creator, who in his work is not kept beyond imagination, but must follow the standard design standards that regulate the correctness of the building, construction and decorating (corresponding to snip and specifications for construction and finishing materials). Typically, the conversion uses the already existing dwelling. There are some nuances that must be taken into attention to every professional designer, starting to work. Richard LeFrak is actively involved in the matter.

First and foremost, you need to take into account the structural features of housing, its functionality and its original plan. In addition, take into account the factor that the interior design project is being developed for people not familiar with the nuances and features interior design, so – you start to sketch, you must agree with the owner of the smallest details, from the type of furniture and textures of its upholstery, finishing location wiring diagram. In designing the interior details are not there. .

Stained Glass Production Options

Stained glass and stained glass inserts – it's very bright, charming and eye-catching style component solutions indoors. Since ancient times, making stained glass has been a very valuable skill. Stained glass windows and doors were used to decorate the magnificent mansions and churches, cathedrals and tombs in the Middle Ages, in Byzantium, especially during the peak of Gothic architecture. At the new stage revival of interest in stained glass windows in the – century – and everywhere Today this impressive and vivid element unanimously recognized as the preferred decoration for any room: from elegant boudoir chic to office space. Striking stained-glass windows create a cozy rooms in restaurants and cafes, provide a bizarre play of light and shade in the living room, fireplace room, the office in a cottage or apartment, they make out the windows and glass doors, table tops, glass cabinet doors, lampshades. Thrust of modern architects and lizaynerov interior of stained glass and stained-glass inserts is easy to understand. No component of the decor can not decorate the interior of a room or hall, to the extent as it does stained glass or stained glass inset.

As well fabricated stained glass? Their establishment at all times consisted of a number of operations: from individual bright and multi-colored mosaic glass pieces collected. Glass fragments matched with each other through a very thin plates of copper or wire made of lead, and then all the solder. This is a laborious, hard work was worth the masters of serious work, and expensive stained glass in the result is a bulky and heavy, while contributions for the establishment pays the fact that they are still stunning us the incredible beauty and skillful execution. Manufacture of stained glass in our days, remaining so in essence, as in the past, however, significantly improved. Modern technology provide an opportunity to do exactly the same quality stained glass composition at a much lower cost of labor, within a reasonable time is much less expensive.

Of the latest methods of production of stained glass you need to specify so called 'sand blasting' – that is, special sandblasted glass, and polymer application canvas. Spaces bounded by the contours, then filled with special-resistant lacquers. At the exit stained glass designs are beautiful, high quality and easy. The latest technique makes it possible to create a stained glass window of the highest degree of skill. So figure byvet and ornaments, and abstract pattern, and pattern of any genre, with any plot. But for every genre and style stained glass invariably attracts the eyes and communicate the uniqueness of every room.

How To Organize The Bathroom

Construction of new houses or repair existing should bring joy and satisfaction. But, alas, this is usually not the case: such projects require the application of considerable effort, because you have to remember every detail, negotiating with architect, contractor and subcontractors, and spend lots of time to the house was exactly the way it wants to see. Those who are willing to overcome all these obstacles, definitely deserve a spot where you can relax in privacy. To do this, and it is useful luxurious bath! Plumbing first step is to determine what equipment is necessary for maximum comfort. Room for relaxation is impossible without Jacuzzi or whirlpool bath, though it may cost five to ten times more expensive than usual and seem a waste of money. Arriving home at the end of a busy day and spending half an hour in this bath, you feel like melting stress and fatigue, and immediately agree that it's worth it.

Before buying you need to determine the desired size and number of nozzles baths, as well as the need for heating function. If the room is enough space, it would be good put the bath in an alcove or on a small platform so that it stood out environment. * Are often found in luxury bathrooms and showers. Usually, their veneer of ceramic tiles, but there may be options for finishing natural stone, marble or glass. Some are mounted in the ceiling of shower heads with the effect of a waterfall or jets along the side walls of the cabin.

Expanding The Bathroom. Visually .

Huge bathroom with a window in the wall, stylish couches and a view onto the terrace with a Japanese rock garden for the vast majority of us yet an impossible dream. But in the harsh urban environment we often have a 'black square '. And even a relatively large bathroom is never large enough to implement all plans. Thus, the 'kingdom is not enough, nowhere to roam, "as saying everyone knows her stepmother from a fairy tale 'Cinderella'. And at the expense of its neighbors are not expanded – prevents chief wall.

And maybe try to solve the problem, sought a domestic reserves, visually expand the space that surrounds us? Maybe we should make missing square footage at least virtually, simply by creating visibility? You should start with the layout of the room layout in order to dispose of correctly that is. Development of advanced systems installation allows accommodate all plumbing items not on their usual places, as well as we need, which will gain if not meters, then at least several tens of centimeters. And the visual space to unload. For example, it is very advantageous is a variant of the angular placement not only bath and shower, and sink or toilet. If there is a technical possibility, a bath or shower can be totally or partially drowned in a niche. If the plumbing reserves space is not as great as we would like, you can easily save and then by selecting a specially designed for small bathrooms mini-plumbing, occupies much less space than usual.