The Tenant

Tenant after the inspection of the vehicle signs an act of acceptance-transfer vehicle. This instrument will be recorded, whether the car is any minor damage (eg scratches). This will allow the tenant First, make sure that the complete car car rental contract terms, and secondly, give confidence that it will not be presented to claim for completeness of the car and its maintenance As of the end of the contract hire. The contract of hire cars must leave a deposit which will be returned at the end of the contract. The amount of bail varies depending on vehicle model and from $ 500 for a small 'Chevrolet AVEO' to $ 1000 for a representative foreign car. Now for the accident.

Of course, get into an accident is very unpleasant, but drivers of rented cars, even when they are guilty of a traffic accident, protected from serious financial problems are often far better than the rest of the road – for all rental cars are already insured under risk 'damage' (sometimes, though, for this service need to pay extra). In addition, the cost of renting auto and insurance is already included in the driver's liability. True, we should not forget that on the driver also is responsible for the car, but it usually does not exceed the amount of guarantee (of course, except for those cases where the tenant has flagrantly violated the laws of Russia in the field of road safety). However, this only applies to those cases where the driver is responsible for the accident. If, however, hire a car crashed into someone, then with no client money for it will not take. It is important that the tenant in the commission of an accident followed the instructions and perform all necessary actions, specified in the contract hire car: immediately declared the incident to the Traffic police, has fulfilled all the stipulated requirements of the Rules of the road, reported the accident hire and insurance companies. Violation of these rules may result in denial of the insurance company to pay the sum insured compensation and, thus, entail liability tenant. Rent a car requires no complicated rules and conditions, but in return you get freedom of movement and control of their own time. Car rental is your reliable assistant in a big city.

Climate Control Systems

Climate control in the building by using the air conditioning system (ACS), which allows you to keep within certain limits, all or only specific parameters of the air of a closed- premises of the buildings (relative humidity, temperature, circulation rate and purity). Climate control with sle, can provide as requested change is in the room air, and automatically maintain the set values in this air, regardless of the external climate and internal mode indoors. That is what distinguishes the climate control system with air conditioning (SAC) from normal ventilation supply and exhaust system. By appointment climate control with sle is divided into climate control system with comfort cooling and climate control system with air-conditioning technology. Comfort air conditioning systems are used to maintain comfortable conditions in the premises of public and residential buildings, and systems conditioning process is used to maintain the parameters of the air inside the industrial premises in accordance with production and process requirements. Moreover, climate control with by systems of technological conditioning rooms in which people reside permanently must comply with hygiene standards. How to comfort cooling systems, and systems Technology conditioning may be a once-through and recirculation. Climate control with recirculation of air conditioning systems are used where within a day or a year dominated by periodic and excessive heat buildings. Climate control with once-through air conditioning systems, typically used for such premises in which, first of all the substances, which are explosive and flammable nature, hazardous substance a hazard class and 2-hazard class, and for such premises in which there are unpleasant odors, and which are pronounced character, and secondly, for such premises in which the supply of fresh air about the same size should be implemented within a year.

Czech Republic Real Estate

One factor in the currently attracts Russians, other foreigners from third countries and affect the purchase of real estate in the Czech Republic, is the ability to buy and write a property for himself or herself without a recording company in the Czech Republic as it was before. But he so weak because of the huge number of offers from other European countries, that in this case and the choice of a foreigner cheaper to buy a property in Spain or Italy. And the Czech Republic as a country, a lot of questions, and assigning a stick in the wheel remains in the background. Czech real estate over the issue of obtaining a residence permit has become much less attractive than it was before. Suffer from both Czech and foreign investors who are building property in the Czech Republic, forced to freeze future construction projects and development of residential real estate sector. Important for each cash alien remains not only a profitable investment of their capital, but also confidence that he is in this country will be full and a full part, with free access.

The question of obtaining a residence permit often takes a leading place or, in extreme cases, the second place in the decision emigration. For foreigners who have citizenship of the eu visa issue does not exist, but also expect that Europe will invest in real estate Czech Republic, too silly. Whom it was necessary to invest their funds in the Czech Republic in the nineties of last century.