Housing Problem

In terms of long-distance transactions between the two capitals, we are leading the real estate market of St. Petersburg. In addition to making "Housing Problem" we can help with buying and selling suburban and commercial real estate. When you contact the "Miel" transaction process is greatly simplified. First, do not need frequent and longer trips to other cities. Our Realtors work on the basis of the facility, "Miel" in the mode of on-line. Secondly, the customer pays for only one company, because we work on a common contractual framework and a unified corporate standards. Our experts will evaluate all variants of apartments – and in Moscow and St.

Petersburg, comparing the cost. It's no secret that at this stage the difference in price – about half as much. The client decides to take a mortgage. And here is another "plus" with "Miel". Paperwork and obtain the approval of the bank, our client can, for example, in St. Petersburg, and take the credit – in Moscow.

It offers the borrower all the twenty-banks-partners of the company "MIEL-Real Estate." – How client, while in another city, choose the best option of housing? – Customer preferences are specified in advance and are well known to the agent. Initially available with the objects of the photographs that are sent to e-mail. When the customer selects the options for viewing, the agent will meet him at the station or in the office of the Company will arrange and display all addresses. An important point: the money, even advance with a carry is not necessary.

Secondary Housing

Some had long been decided on this issue and made the decision. In this case, it remains only to choose the appropriate footage and area. However, many still have not decided what property suits them more. In this article, they find answers to the most important issues for new buildings and otnosyaschieesya secondary housing. If people are willing to buy an apartment, then it's the first thing they pay attention to cost, this is the most important factor when choosing real estate.

Those who have only recently met to purchase a house and still not particularly interested in the real estate market is likely to decide that the price of new construction is much higher than the value of property in a hundredfold fund. It seems that the cost of a brand new apartment in which no one has ever lived, would no longer second-hand, but when it comes to real estate, it is not. The thing is that when you buy the square meters of new building, we actually buy air, as no houses and apartments still more so yet, so the buyer can remain without money and did not dwell in the new apartment. Everyone has a duty to independently assess the likelihood that construction can be suspended indefinitely, if not the developer goes bankrupt, and construction will be frozen. If buyers are willing to take some risks for the sake of lower cost per square meter, then they choose housing in the new building. When we buy a resale property, we see an apartment with my own eyes, we can talk with the owners of the apartment and find out all we are interested in points all pluses and minuses, we shall see immediately. A when choosing an apartment in the building, we can only polgatsya plan, because when we buy the apartment it had not yet built. When buying an old apartment, too, there are certain risks.

Each apartment has a its history and in the future, do not share his apartment with the owner suddenly appeared, you need to know about this property. The main thing that should be considered when choosing the "old" apartments – the cost, low price – it's the first sign that something was wrong. There should also be noted that when buying an apartment in the "old" housing in there you can enter immediately after the signing of all papers. Apartment in the secondary housing stock is perfect for those who urgently needed in square meters, as there is possible to drive almost immediately after the execution of all documents. Beushnuyu enter the apartment can be immediately after the conclusion of the contract of sale, which is very convenient for those who new living space is needed urgently. When buying an apartment in the building, as noted above, we must wait, sometimes for a long time. And even after construction is completed at home to spend time and money for repairs, so as usual by buying a new building we have only the bare walls. But despite all this, many still choose an apartment in the primary housing stock, perhaps this is due to the fact that the new apartments in modern planning, polotki high, large parking lot. So, first of all, we must remember that the main thing – it's not rush into buying a property, you'll first need to be careful to weigh all the pros and cons. Adhering to these rules, you do not encounter many problems.

Free Classified Ads Moscow

For transactions on the real estate market are used long-term accumulation of families and mortgages, taken many years to come, so it is very important, much more important than speed and convenience, in this case is reliable. While public opinion by the views that online shopping is much less reliable and secure than ordinary ones. Technologies allow for safe transactions via the Internet, but so far not worked out the legal formalities of registration of such transactions, and most importantly – people are not accustomed to new technologies. Only time can affect the psychology of the contracting parties on real estate and in the future lead to greater use of the Internet. Despite the almost total lack of property sales over the Internet, a network of real estate is used very actively.

Agency Property set up their sites to cost-effectively find customers. Sellers and buyers, as real estate deal – a very serious event, conduct research of current market conditions Property on the Internet to determine the price. In doing so, they help the sites of real estate agencies and advertising media sites and electronic bulletin boards, such as Free Classified Ads Moscow. During the crisis, when many people want to save money, it can be done by submitting a free listing in the section "Real Estate" web board free classified ads in your area. For those people who want to request registration of their trade to one of real estate agents certainly very important to get acquainted with the will of people have already used the services of the selected firm. These reviews are also easily found on the Internet.

Today, the psychology of people hinders the implementation of real estate transactions over the Internet without leaving the computer. Over time, the credibility of the new technologies will increase, within the framework of the implementation of the program "Electronic Russia" legislation adapted to the modern Internet technologies. All this will change people's psychology and the growing number of real estate transactions on the Internet. Currently, the Internet allows you to quickly select the appropriate option to weed out obviously unsuitable and unreliable versions of real estate, and then make a transaction in the traditional way.

St. Petersburg Property Prices

The gap in prices of real estate depends on the area of St. Petersburg. According to experts, the primary market remains relatively stable average asking prices for housing in the secondary market of real estate cost per square meter varies insignificantly. Slight rise in prices: the unprecedented price after the race in the spring of 2006, this natural process. Period of calm, probably in the next few months is over, and then begin a steady rise.

According to forecasts professionals in the next year or two, prices would grow steadily, the market – to develop steadily, there may be periodic spikes in sales. Clear trend of increasing the gap between cost per square meter central areas of Petersburg, and sleeping areas. The average offer price in the city center ranges from $ 3.2 thousand to $ 8-12 thousand per 1 m2, in other areas – from $ 1.9 thousand to $ 3.2 thousand per 1 m2. The price gap will increase the growth rate will be depend on the level of demand. However, this is not the only trend in the apartment market in recent years – increasing the gap in prices by type of housing. The demand for prefab houses has declined steadily. Following him down and crawl prices.

Just down the offer price per square meter in the Khrushchev, brezhnevkah homes and mass series 1960-1980-s development. However, the prices of brick and brick-monolith new buildings still small, but expensive. It due to the fact that customers have sufficient funds to purchase real estate, are placing demands on the quality of housing. These requirements can be satisfied only recently built or under construction home where we have all the latest technologies and requirements. Because the apartment in the new brick and brick-monolith houses will go up further. The consequence of this will become more price gap between the apartments in the houses old and new buildings. Therefore, separation in the level of prices for apartments will increase not only in different areas, but also within individual neighborhoods. With regard to regional trends, the most significant growth predicted in the central regions, as well as prestigious bedrooms – Maritime and Moscow. The lull after last year's growth in house prices will end soon: First, will affect the traditional seasonal factors, and secondly, real estate – it's a commodity, the market saturation that is almost impossible to achieve, so the demand for it will continue to grow.

Abakan Office Premises

Entrepreneurs often have a choice when looking for office space. For large companies, the power of buying your own office. Buying your own premises, the company is committed to further his service and support. Of course, having an office is fine, but what about the average level entrepreneurs who do not pull the purchase of commercial real estate in Abakan? Small companies often have a choice rent an office in the exclusive business center, or choose an office room in an apartment house. On the one hand, an office in downtown is always a prestigious, but on the other hand, is expensive. What kind of commercial property Abakan prefer? Consider the pros and cons of renting an office in the business center and rooms and apartment building.

The main advantage of the office business center is its central location and thus the availability of any infrastructure. In addition, you and your staff can use the dining room, elevator, located in the building. Protecting business center and cleaning his office and the undoubted advantage of such a lease. The main disadvantage is high cost of rent. There is no guarantee that in this business center is located will not be competing firm. In addition, the operation of your company must be the same mode of operation in the center. It's not always convenient. Rent a room an office has the advantage – low cost, as well as the independence of your work schedule from someone IOI anything.

You choose which area will be in your office. But in most such commercial Real estate is no room for eating and not always carried out the telephone line. You may also need to bring the premises in order. Based on the above material, you can find a suitable for you and your company's version of the lease of commercial real estate in Abakan. Good luck in your business!

Hungarian Property Prices

Now the important information about which almost no one knows. Within 30 days of opening an account abroad, a citizen is obliged to notify its territorial tax authority, the notification on the letterhead. If the citizen is the owner of the company and acquires property as a legal entity, then the permit at the local administration is not necessary, and closing the lawyer will take several hours. Legal costs when buying property is 1-1.5% in Depending on the value of the property. Among the newcomers to the EU is Hungary – one of the most promising countries for investment in real estate.

The main advantage of buying Hungarian property – this is the opportunity to stay in the center of Europe, in a beautiful country with great cultural tradition, traditionally considered one of the tourism centers of the Old World. Average cost of 1 sq. km. m. in the Hungarian capital is 1300-1400 euros typical panel housing even cheaper. In the new luxury homes "square" is more expensive – about 2200-2500 euros.

In the central areas of most interest to the purchase by foreigners, prices and maximum reach 3000-4000 euros per square meter. m. Outside of Budapest is very large variation in prices – from the village of cottages for 20 000 euro to luxury villas, mansions and castles for 2.5 million euros. Now it is very important information for those who do not like throwing money away. In Hungary, very often when working with lawyers, realtors, agents confuse prices, calling them something to afoy, then without it.

Buying Real Estate Abroad

Becoming a full member of the EU January 1, 2007, Bulgaria for the last time was able to take advantage of the new status with a maximum vygodoy.Ekonomicheskaya stability, foreign investment, flows of tourists, increasing the volume of construction and more and more home buyers – that is the result of European integration strany.I it – not the whole list of positive changes. Experts predict that more will only get better, because the questions of when and where to buy property abroad, is increasingly possible to hear the answer: in Bulgaria and quickly. After the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union, more and more people of Western European states and Eastern Europe, they consider right, and quite affordable, buying property in sunny Bulgaria. Economy The economy is growing fast enough tempami.Eksperty unanimously declare that The EU had a very noticeable positive impact on the real estate market in Bulgaria. Country notes in the second quarter of 2008. GDP / Gross Domestic Product / 7.1%, which is the highest among European countries soyuza.Stol tall logical causes a serious increase in living standards and a significant salary increase in October 2008 to 20% of the annual estimates. The attractiveness of Bulgaria's economy is most clearly impact of foreign investment, which in 2007 reached about 5 billion euros. Regardless of some macroeconomic challenges posed by the global credit crisis, forecasts of economic development Bulgaria are positive, despite the possibility of a slowdown. Investing in real estate after the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union and especially after the land reform, which regained the right to property, Bulgarian property market preobrel enormous popularity among investors as one of the most attractive places for investment.

Real Estate Rates

Beginning next year, to tender for valuation of lands of settlements will be restricted to private appraisal companies. Currently, such activities are eligible to participate, only four state-owned unitary enterprise. However, the Office of Property Valuations – Rosnedvizhimost, insisted that the competition is allowed for private companies. True, to participate in the evaluation of land they can only subcontracting. In Moscow will demolish dilapidated brick five-story building with wooden beams. Such plans of the city authorities said the chief architect of Moscow. The building will not be torn down only if its historical value – if it is an architectural monument or a cultural value. Comprehensive or selective repair of the building as possible, but only if it is a normal good houses, said Chief Architect capital.

Development or Education? Hitreyut investment. The secondary market in Moscow is rapidly transferred to the calculations in rubles – that information shared with us one of the experts in real estate. According to him, the number of ads, in which the price named in rubles, already reaching 25-30%. However, much more seriously the so-called hidden de-dollarization, where the seller in the negotiations said that he wanted to get a specified amount of currency at the rate of 25.5 or Even 26 rubles per dollar. The expert also notes that in Russia today, the dollar payments made in only two regions: Moscow and St. Petersburg, and then only on the secondary market. Throughout the country, the apartment sold exclusively for rubles. And the sellers of the Moscow new buildings of the U.S. currency declined three years ago.