Electric Epilation

Electric depilation effective and safe hair removal method electric epilation is a procedure of equipment cosmetic for permanent hair removal. Practiced successfully for over 130 years, stream-based electric epilation represents the permanent epilation until today the only accepted method, the effectiveness of which is independent of skin or hair type. In the treatment, current in the hair follicle is applied via a fine tube of surgical steel, abandoned the hair growth cells irreversibly. Hair growth will remain forever as a result. Depending on whether this DC, AC, or a combination of both is selected, is called the electric epilation electrolysis, thermolysis, or blend method.

Since the current selectively affects the hair follicles without pulling the skin tissue affected, the procedures for proper application is absolutely risk-free. Unlike based epilation techniques electric epilation with current acts as a laser regardless of the melanin content of the hair and the skin, so that even blonde, gray or downy hair, dark and bright Contact skin types equally well to the treatment. By appropriate choice of voltage and energy density, electric epilation can be adjusted precisely to the individual situation. The method is suitable for the permanent depilation of almost all facial and body areas. With the exception of the mucous membranes, hair on upper lip, Chin, eyebrows, legs, back, chest, belly, Po or bikini zone can be treated with electrical epilation.

Because each hair root must separately be desolate, electric epilation is a relatively time consuming process. Also, the hair growth cycle must be considered because only part of the hair roots is undergoing the epilation-accessible. So in principle several treatment sessions at intervals of several weeks are required to finish the hair freedom. But eventually the success is lasting. The food and drug administration, one of the world’s most rigorous testing and approval bodies, promotes electric epilation is still considered the only safe and effective method of permanent A hair removal. Last but not least the success of treatment depends but the proper execution of the technology. To find a qualified electrical boxes with practical experience, it is advisable therefore to inform the Association of the Elektrologie. Ulrike Maldoff contact: see profile!