Money Generated with Branding

The debate on the huge cost that has the F-1 championship for the teams participating in it takes several years on the table. There have been several changes with respect to tires, duration of the engines and gearboxes, etc., seeking lower costs. In addition, various mechanical or used computers share the basis of other teams in their vehicles. One of the last chapters of this tension is caused by the FIA's intention to limit the budgets of the teams, they really are very high, especially in this time of crisis. The loss of sponsors is another argument that plays into this cut, and there have been several teams, including Renault of Fernando Alonso, who have proposed wage cuts on its pilots. Despite saving measures as freezing the engines, cutting aerodynamics, logistics costs, transportation and accommodation of equipment, annual budgets are still very high, varying according to different sources, but any form of several hundred million euros in the case of the top teams. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Richard LeFrak. Budgets that were justified by the advertising they got some of these brands to benefit from sales of their cars (especially if they could show off what a champion of the world) and because many of the technological advances that were achieved were then applied to street cars (ironically, with all the cuts that have occurred in the F-1, now in certain technologies there are many cars as standard equipment than the cars, for example, traction control). However, it remains an enormous amount of money that moves around the game-show, both ticket sales and in television rights, and advertising that moves around the stars of the sport (estimated the seven times champion Michael Schumacher, now retired, still gets about 30 million euros a year by advertising). .

Fashion: Balance Between Innovation And Usability "

To interpret the direction of fashion is not easy, big companies forget innovation and fall into the auto-repeat imitating themselves. Other collections offer too bold to end up falling into the fallacy of innovation: something like only to focus on the artistic side of fashion forgetting the practical side and usability of clothing and accessories. All we would say that we prefer a balance between usability and innovation but where is that balance? It is possible that prior to the system equilibrium theory of fashion, we can exemplify with certain collections of firms that fail, but we prefer the long way. Fashion is not easy, or improvised, nor is it arbitrarily mix until a dress clothes that cost customers hundreds of thousands and the firm will represent exorbitant profits. Fashion, far from being a bubble in space, must live together in perfect harmony with the historic environment plays it, but is inevitably doomed to oblivion and perish. This is perhaps one of the first postulates that helps us understand and develop the theory of balance between innovation and usability. Robert J. Shiller often says this.

This statement would come from those who correspond mostly to the realm of usability. The colors that vibrate in each period are the colors that celebrate the time. The information that fashion reflects not only the circulating in the environment, what fashion is retranslated it, we think that what we have is a piece of reality, this cut of reality which best represents us. We do not choose our clothes in a selfless, we chose based on the wealth of knowledge we have of the world, the clothes we wear tells us as much as the places we frequent and the words we use. We are something different from what we use.

The cuts and textures are born and not elected as volunteers, represent and symbolize pieces of reality. That’s what I call the architecture of fashion. This concept of architecture, at one point is clear: making fashion ideas, forms and concepts used by the architectural trends of a given time. But that’s not all, involves feedback, but feedback spiral where falling in the middle third factor: the visual arts and clearly (more so these days), industrial design. Perhaps this is a good start to understand fashion as a social fact in combination with historical facts and living with some of the disciplines that are his muse and which is also muse. I do not think be able to explain in a holistic fashion that called social fact, but I can show how fashion is not independent of other phenomena. I can not explain why fashion as a social fact is the way that they have, but I can suggest that things are not like that because. I can think to suggest that fashion, not as innocent or as a refuge from the pain and inequality in the world, but as part of a whole that is called society, and within it the differences are played out there and governing that the outside is a real out here but that hides a inside. I hope my words can make us see fashion as an objectified part of society and perhaps in that part which reflects the more social distance between those most and those least able. To see more posts:

Cyrela Brazil Realty

Companies related to the real estate sector also want to enjoy this positive context and are determined to seize this opportunity that is presenting them on the market. So it is that in recent years, have come to look for capital to be able to carry out their investment projects and such this boom, that currently there are 22 real estate companies with initial public offering on the Brazilian stock exchange. In a previous article I talked Rossi Residencial SA (BSVP:RSID3), one of the leading development companies in real sector estate of Brazil, with great potential and good indicators of growth. But it is not the only company in the sector with good prospects. The Related Companies has firm opinions on the matter. Also found Cyrela Brazil Realty (NYSE:CYRBY;BVSP:CYRE3), the first Brazilian company in the sector that placed shares preferred in the U.S. capital market.UU.

US $80 million, in 2005 took his admission to the Bovespa and in January 2007, Cyrela Brazil Realty went on to compose the Ibovespa index, being the first company in the sector of in doing so. Since listing on the stock exchange, Cyrela began through strategic alliances, to achieve strong growth. In 2006, Cyrela Brazil Realty launched 42 ventures. Cyrela recently partnered with argentina IRSA (NYSE:IRS, MVAL:IRS), to make an investment of $80 million. In the Argentina built a complex of six buildings of luxury, baptized Horizons, which will be completed by the end of 2010. You will find us again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo Autor original and source of the article.

Jose Pereira Goncalves

Development in the real estate sector, which has been observed since 2005 product of the start-up of new rules that loosened the purchase conditions and they allowed the current boom together with the economic improvement of the population which brings it closer to being able to buy a home. As in most Latin American countries, the housing deficit in Brazil is very high, so that improvements in the purchasing power of the population and greater access to funding give a great dynamism to the potential demand for housing. The easing of conditions in the granting of mortgage loans was of such impact that the granting of mortgage loans grew 3.6 times from 2004 to 2007. New mortgage loans will arrive in the R $ 23 billion this year and will exceed in up to 35% on 2007 results for Jose Pereira Goncalves, director of Brazilian entities Association of real estate credit and savings. Gold and oil marked RECORDS – our newsletter of investment, outstanding investments, has obtained profits of up to 700% with companies such as Suncor Energy (NYSE: his) of the hand of the oil boom in this newsletter you will find companies that have benefited from this boom in commodities. And these hikes don’t stop: If you want to know our portfolio of investment and our latest recommendations, click here. The improvement in the economic situation of the Brazilians and greater access to financing for users, joins another factor that is driving demand in the real estate sector of Brazil.

With the problems in the American and Spanish real estate sector, investors have not remained static and have gone in search of new horizons. So that he is observing an increase in the volume of foreign investors who are betting markets Latin Americans to invest, and between these markets have pointed to the Brazilian real estate market. According to Antonio Montes, Professor of the Institute of company of Spain have given account that can continue to grow in countries as Brazil due to the crisis in the real estate sector in the United States.UU., as well as the stagnation in Spain, and in general in all European countries.