St. Petersburg Property Prices

The gap in prices of real estate depends on the area of St. Petersburg. According to experts, the primary market remains relatively stable average asking prices for housing in the secondary market of real estate cost per square meter varies insignificantly. Slight rise in prices: the unprecedented price after the race in the spring of 2006, this natural process. Period of calm, probably in the next few months is over, and then begin a steady rise.

According to forecasts professionals in the next year or two, prices would grow steadily, the market – to develop steadily, there may be periodic spikes in sales. Clear trend of increasing the gap between cost per square meter central areas of Petersburg, and sleeping areas. The average offer price in the city center ranges from $ 3.2 thousand to $ 8-12 thousand per 1 m2, in other areas – from $ 1.9 thousand to $ 3.2 thousand per 1 m2. The price gap will increase the growth rate will be depend on the level of demand. However, this is not the only trend in the apartment market in recent years – increasing the gap in prices by type of housing. The demand for prefab houses has declined steadily. Following him down and crawl prices.

Just down the offer price per square meter in the Khrushchev, brezhnevkah homes and mass series 1960-1980-s development. However, the prices of brick and brick-monolith new buildings still small, but expensive. It due to the fact that customers have sufficient funds to purchase real estate, are placing demands on the quality of housing. These requirements can be satisfied only recently built or under construction home where we have all the latest technologies and requirements. Because the apartment in the new brick and brick-monolith houses will go up further. The consequence of this will become more price gap between the apartments in the houses old and new buildings. Therefore, separation in the level of prices for apartments will increase not only in different areas, but also within individual neighborhoods. With regard to regional trends, the most significant growth predicted in the central regions, as well as prestigious bedrooms – Maritime and Moscow. The lull after last year's growth in house prices will end soon: First, will affect the traditional seasonal factors, and secondly, real estate – it's a commodity, the market saturation that is almost impossible to achieve, so the demand for it will continue to grow.