Secondary Housing

Some had long been decided on this issue and made the decision. In this case, it remains only to choose the appropriate footage and area. However, many still have not decided what property suits them more. In this article, they find answers to the most important issues for new buildings and otnosyaschieesya secondary housing. If people are willing to buy an apartment, then it's the first thing they pay attention to cost, this is the most important factor when choosing real estate.

Those who have only recently met to purchase a house and still not particularly interested in the real estate market is likely to decide that the price of new construction is much higher than the value of property in a hundredfold fund. It seems that the cost of a brand new apartment in which no one has ever lived, would no longer second-hand, but when it comes to real estate, it is not. The thing is that when you buy the square meters of new building, we actually buy air, as no houses and apartments still more so yet, so the buyer can remain without money and did not dwell in the new apartment. Everyone has a duty to independently assess the likelihood that construction can be suspended indefinitely, if not the developer goes bankrupt, and construction will be frozen. If buyers are willing to take some risks for the sake of lower cost per square meter, then they choose housing in the new building. When we buy a resale property, we see an apartment with my own eyes, we can talk with the owners of the apartment and find out all we are interested in points all pluses and minuses, we shall see immediately. A when choosing an apartment in the building, we can only polgatsya plan, because when we buy the apartment it had not yet built. When buying an old apartment, too, there are certain risks.

Each apartment has a its history and in the future, do not share his apartment with the owner suddenly appeared, you need to know about this property. The main thing that should be considered when choosing the "old" apartments – the cost, low price – it's the first sign that something was wrong. There should also be noted that when buying an apartment in the "old" housing in there you can enter immediately after the signing of all papers. Apartment in the secondary housing stock is perfect for those who urgently needed in square meters, as there is possible to drive almost immediately after the execution of all documents. Beushnuyu enter the apartment can be immediately after the conclusion of the contract of sale, which is very convenient for those who new living space is needed urgently. When buying an apartment in the building, as noted above, we must wait, sometimes for a long time. And even after construction is completed at home to spend time and money for repairs, so as usual by buying a new building we have only the bare walls. But despite all this, many still choose an apartment in the primary housing stock, perhaps this is due to the fact that the new apartments in modern planning, polotki high, large parking lot. So, first of all, we must remember that the main thing – it's not rush into buying a property, you'll first need to be careful to weigh all the pros and cons. Adhering to these rules, you do not encounter many problems.