Housing Problem

In terms of long-distance transactions between the two capitals, we are leading the real estate market of St. Petersburg. In addition to making "Housing Problem" we can help with buying and selling suburban and commercial real estate. When you contact the "Miel" transaction process is greatly simplified. First, do not need frequent and longer trips to other cities. Our Realtors work on the basis of the facility, "Miel" in the mode of on-line. Secondly, the customer pays for only one company, because we work on a common contractual framework and a unified corporate standards. Our experts will evaluate all variants of apartments – and in Moscow and St.

Petersburg, comparing the cost. It's no secret that at this stage the difference in price – about half as much. The client decides to take a mortgage. And here is another "plus" with "Miel". Paperwork and obtain the approval of the bank, our client can, for example, in St. Petersburg, and take the credit – in Moscow.

It offers the borrower all the twenty-banks-partners of the company "MIEL-Real Estate." – How client, while in another city, choose the best option of housing? – Customer preferences are specified in advance and are well known to the agent. Initially available with the objects of the photographs that are sent to e-mail. When the customer selects the options for viewing, the agent will meet him at the station or in the office of the Company will arrange and display all addresses. An important point: the money, even advance with a carry is not necessary.