Buying Real Estate Abroad

Becoming a full member of the EU January 1, 2007, Bulgaria for the last time was able to take advantage of the new status with a maximum vygodoy.Ekonomicheskaya stability, foreign investment, flows of tourists, increasing the volume of construction and more and more home buyers – that is the result of European integration strany.I it – not the whole list of positive changes. Experts predict that more will only get better, because the questions of when and where to buy property abroad, is increasingly possible to hear the answer: in Bulgaria and quickly. After the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union, more and more people of Western European states and Eastern Europe, they consider right, and quite affordable, buying property in sunny Bulgaria. Economy The economy is growing fast enough tempami.Eksperty unanimously declare that The EU had a very noticeable positive impact on the real estate market in Bulgaria. Country notes in the second quarter of 2008. GDP / Gross Domestic Product / 7.1%, which is the highest among European countries soyuza.Stol tall logical causes a serious increase in living standards and a significant salary increase in October 2008 to 20% of the annual estimates. The attractiveness of Bulgaria's economy is most clearly impact of foreign investment, which in 2007 reached about 5 billion euros. Regardless of some macroeconomic challenges posed by the global credit crisis, forecasts of economic development Bulgaria are positive, despite the possibility of a slowdown. Investing in real estate after the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union and especially after the land reform, which regained the right to property, Bulgarian property market preobrel enormous popularity among investors as one of the most attractive places for investment.