Hungarian Property Prices

Now the important information about which almost no one knows. Within 30 days of opening an account abroad, a citizen is obliged to notify its territorial tax authority, the notification on the letterhead. If the citizen is the owner of the company and acquires property as a legal entity, then the permit at the local administration is not necessary, and closing the lawyer will take several hours. Legal costs when buying property is 1-1.5% in Depending on the value of the property. Among the newcomers to the EU is Hungary – one of the most promising countries for investment in real estate.

The main advantage of buying Hungarian property – this is the opportunity to stay in the center of Europe, in a beautiful country with great cultural tradition, traditionally considered one of the tourism centers of the Old World. Average cost of 1 sq. km. m. in the Hungarian capital is 1300-1400 euros typical panel housing even cheaper. In the new luxury homes "square" is more expensive – about 2200-2500 euros.

In the central areas of most interest to the purchase by foreigners, prices and maximum reach 3000-4000 euros per square meter. m. Outside of Budapest is very large variation in prices – from the village of cottages for 20 000 euro to luxury villas, mansions and castles for 2.5 million euros. Now it is very important information for those who do not like throwing money away. In Hungary, very often when working with lawyers, realtors, agents confuse prices, calling them something to afoy, then without it.