Janne Westerlund From Helsinki And His Album

The idiosyncratic solo debut of a great songwriter from Finland In September of this year appears the Finns Janne Westerlund’s first solo album with “Oran” the visionary niche label 9 pm records. A name who is currently probably only few a term outside of the singer/songwriter scene in Finland. To believe an album where it however hard that his maturity and serenity in a debut and in fact: digging deeper, one encounters when Westerlund on a Vita that has already permanent traces in the Finnish music underground. As a guitarist, he published with the band in the 1990s four, until today very influential albums that are unique in their bizarre mixture of Captain Beefheart, birthday party and punk energy, sweetheart. Steffan Lehnhoff may also support this cause. May he for many years as a guitarist from Finland’s flagship Exeperimental/Pschedelic rockers circle, their kraut rock Sideproject Pharaoh Overlord very sought-after at least in Finland and last but not least his Band Plain Ride constantly on tour for years, explains Why “Oran” only now could be completed. After all, a process of three years.

“Westerlund succeeds on Oran” (the title has no deeper meaning by the way, according to Westerlund) on unique way of the story teller “aspect of Anglo-American genre sizes to connect with repetitive, hypnotic pickings. That he is still a great instrumentalist on banjo and guitar with a gifted voice makes this album a gem of… well, indie-folk? Americana? Somewhere between classic singer songwriters, alternative folk, and Hobo songs would be the location where Janne Westerlund feels most comfortable musically. The he by the way and he has already proved that plain ride albums on four also still has a fantastic sense of great songs with essential texts is a godsend. Despite the currently very productive Finnish songwriter scene dominated Oran”since striking out from the crowd. On because he makes it almost entirely to the common cliches of the Guild to give others and himself to be first and foremost. Because it is particularly gratifying that Janne Westerlund will come in early October on tour in Germany and his album will be presented live. You can look forward to concerts of impressive intensity!

Udo Lindenberg Rocks For The University Of Tubingen

Hermann Hesse Festival with panic price final the year’s Hermann Hesse Festival of Udo Lindenberg was on July 24, 2010 Foundation for technical and substantive reasons moved Paul Horn-arena in Tubingen. Initially, it was planned for the parking lot of old chemistry. The organizers have decided for laying to provide a better forum for the up-and-coming bands at the panic price final. In the Hall, an optimum integration of the audience is possible. In addition, the Udo Lindenberg will present Foundation at the festival films and interviews their work and the Africa projects currently supported. These can be represented better in the Hall due to the lighting conditions.

In the semifinals at this year’s panic price are 18 young bands, from which the jury in early July that selects the six finalists, live compete against each other on July 24, 2010. The winner will be Lindenberg & panic Orchestra on the same evening with Udo on the stage. The Hermann Hesse Festival under auspices of the University of Tubingen begins with the Panic price final at 17: 00. The six selected bands with two songs will compete after opening with an unplugged deposit, by Udo Lindenberg. The jury will decide the three winners at the end.

Conversion breaks that informed Foundation about their goals Udo Lindenberg, will be presented in small interviews bands, members of the jury members and leaders. In the aftermath of the final play Udo Lindenberg & the panic Orchestra. Around 3,500 spectators expect Foundation and University of Tubingen. Each admission ticket sold routed a euro at HOPE Cape Town. All tickets previously sold remain valid also for the Paul Horn-arena. The Udo Lindenberg Foundation writes panic price music competition every two years. It is aimed at young musicians, lyricists, Lindi – and individual, provocateurs, pioneers and consistent Klartextler. The applicants submitted three new songs on German or with a high proportion of German-speaking. Inspiration works by Udo Lindenberg and Hermann should be Hesse. A high-profile Jury selects 10 semi-finalists personalities from music and media from all entries received. After checking the live capabilities, the Panel then determines the six finalists. For the first place there are 3,000 and an appearance together with Udo Lindenberg & Panikorchester on the same day. The concert in the frame of the Hermann Hesse festivals in Tubingen, Germany will be the only big appearance of the cult rockers to country in 2010. The Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw Hesse awards a special prize for the best Hermann scoring. Also donate some supporters of recording sessions for the winning bands. 1899 in the bookshop of hedges Hauer his teaching made Hesse the Festival this year takes place in Tubingen, Hermann there from 1895. With that comes the panic price final on another life station of the poet. The premiere 2008 moved 4,000 enthusiastic people on the market square in his birth city of Calw.

Release Momenti Italiani

The music of the artist Riccardo Doppio is a gift for lovers of Italian pop music, ballads, beautiful voices and great songs. The Sardinian singer and composer stands for the current Italian songwriter – pop music, far away from old stereotypes. “Light, Sun, wind, stones, that simple and at the same time big things determine sea – …diese the small universe of childhood: Sardinia”, says Riccardo Doppio. Riccardo Doppios music is above all about the large and small feelings, the it catchy and yet surprisingly sings. Great songs, little stories of people, moments, longing, joy and of course love. With rhythmic variety and bonds with salsa, Latin, jazz and Chanson, he designed his poetic ballads and offers his audience a voice with all your soul. Charming, charismatic and emotional. Concerts on international stages as for example in Barcelona, Rome or at the Festival in San Remo, as well as many successful concerts in Germany are already behind him and steadily expand its Fan community. In addition to record productions, Studio work and his own concert programs, it shines with interpretations of E.g. Ramazotti, Zucchero and others on the current album “Momenti Italiani”. Contact and more information under: Agency Vonmaro Dickhoff & Gummel GbR Ensell InStr 2 D-47051 Duisburg Partner: Rolf Gummel Martin Dickhoff Tel.: + 49 (0) 203 362.771 fax: + 49 (0) 203 362.860 email: Web: