The truth is that we avoid seeing our fragility, burying our heads in the sand against this undeniable reality, potential fears, anguish and uncertainty that occurs as water seeps through the cracks of our being. Excitement is one way to live life from moment to moment Krishnamurti’s life unfolds from moment to moment, from second to second. We live now in this moment and every moment of our lives. All our activity, everything in this life we can make is in the present moment. There is one moment in which we can do something that is not now.

Any fantasy, exploration, hope is an illusion. The actions of this will have any influence on our future, but life is not no other way to live from moment to moment, that is the inescapable reality. Tomorrow is only a fantasy about a future time to come, is a future now. Nothing we can do now about the future illusion. I say, if that I can act, I can change something now that is future, and of course you can, but I did not say you can not do that, I’ve only said you can not act today in the very future. The future will be acted on present moment.

This will have very clear about the zeneistas, his favorite phrase is when? But now! The now, the precious moment of life is here and now, there is no other. Everything else is fantasy, illusion. The past is a mental model of events that occurred in a now that is us, the future is a prospective model of a course now is to come. But the truth is that they both need another present moment to be realized. There is no time but the present.