GAG Experience

Deutsche Grundbesitz AG holds a fixed stock of real estate in a long-term portfolio real estate are in the best hands. Barely noticeable by the general public, the most successful real estate stocks are managed for generations in the form of old family foundations or traditional business assets. In this sense, also the private Grundbesitz company de g Deutsche Grundbesitz AG has focused on the permanent inventory management of real estate. The knowledge that real estate must, in the long run be kept so that it is profitable, is firmly anchored in the roots of the de GAG. So, the current day-to-day business of the company consists mainly of the classical management of residential resources. But taking different functional and design residential claims, the company also constantly developed his property.

Not only the current generation of tenants should be rewarded with a comfortable living room with contemporary, modern standard. In the future, people should benefit from this. Through the solid private entrepreneurial ownership structure as well as the long-term strategically positioned property portfolio is the de GAG optimally for the next decades as a living economic company positioned. This includes also, to be able to access on a specialized team of employees. To encourage employee retention and motivation, the de GAG earned employees offers a special bonus program. Acquired points can then, for example, for a holiday in the Reetfugium”in Kampen on Sylt are exchanged. In the private ownership of the de GAG owner owned Reetfugium on the golf course of Kampen is a free-standing thatched property with various outbuildings and two lying next to the body of granny flats modern landscaped, park-like grounds in a secluded location.

The free-standing property is therefore ideally suited as a perfect holiday home for passionate golfers. But also families and all people who want to relax in an elegant, prestigious environment, feel here guaranteed. In addition to a peaceful seclusion, the Reetfugium offers a representative atmosphere with a very elegant furnishings. Wooden floors, high quality interior and a Mylin tiled stove give distinctive character. The Reetfugium offers ideal conditions for an unforgettable holiday. Dereck g Deutsche Grundbesitz AG, headquartered in Hanover, Germany is a long-term global real estate company which is focused solely on the constant development of real estate and thus, the increase in the value of the company for the future.