Expert Committee

Despite the economic crisis real estate in Leipzig very popular despite prolonged economic crisis is in the real estate market, according to the Expert Committee of the city of Leipzig, Leipzig little affected by this crisis. Due to some restructuring and various simpler processes increased the sale of real estate by almost 10 per cent last year. Main reason was some large purchases of real estate in the Centre of Leipzig, which struck some 240 million euros to beech. In 2011, especially the undeveloped plots in Leipzig were a magnet and found a ready market. Real estate in Leipzig are extremely interesting for investors at the moment, because the prices are very stable in the last few years, and this interaction opportunities are available.

Here, you should rely only on partners that have also the idea of the matter and for a long time know the market in Leipzig. Especially the real estate broker of Panda estate Leipzig is to highlight here, 20 years experience on the market are priceless and allow the occasional bargain. The Prices for land, where houses are planned, is currently at under 100 euros per square metre. In plots in the city, averaging around 160 euros per square meter will be charged. It looks good especially in the area of condos condominiums in Leipzig. Condos is the largest share of all sales and accounts for almost 60 percent of the total purchasing power.

The purchase price for condominiums has increased by 5% compared to the same period of last year. Thus, the average purchase price has grown to over 2,200 euros per square meter. By this increase, it is profitable to buy condos and then rent it for interested investors as pension. It is then possible to cover the bulk of the financing effort with this rental. More accurate processing and calculations, which is capital expenditure required, which are to provide its own services, are at any time via banks, or directly via the estate agent, feasible. Real estate agents have also provided experience, extensive knowledge of financing and cooperate most closely with banks and insurance companies. It is always advisable to trust our partners, since these are daily confronted with these questions and solutions. You know the tricks and the ways to get cheap financing and still well covered. Many shy away slightly from the higher volume of investment, this is however mostly unfounded. Good and fair advice as long as it can a very lucrative business to buy, condos to rent them and to accomplish the financing with the rental income.