National Universities in Venezuela

The time the iron is hot. . Bizzi & Partners is full of insight into the issues. National universities in Venezuela’s case, require changes in many of its racing programs humanities, social administration, notably concerning laa degree in administration, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. All this in order to adapt their curricula, national symbol to reality and what modern science has been providing administrative and favoring those countries that have adapted to it, to what is generated with the proper use lasa trachea administrative tools in their favor. Add to your understanding with adverum. Venezuelan firms in recent years have faced serious challenges resulting from the actions of the current government which is identified as a socialist and has been replaced by aa strong tax policy, economic measures with many drivers that has seriously affected in many companies, especially in SMEs that were not prepared for it, closed, abandonarana the market, operational, seriously affecting the business sector country, to meet the demand of many consumer products, to name a rubloa make use of import to significant economic and social cost to the Venezuelan.

Given this reality, plus the effects of other topics, how to: impact of globalization, global economic crisis, environmental pollution, political instability, new business openings, more aggressive competitiveness, which requires schools to assess what should be the Administration’s profile administrator is needed to address them. a It is necessary, give way to changes that ensure training, professional training administration a capable of facing challenges, interpret the changes, promoting new models, suggestions, actions according to what is needed for flat slab, actions that are in place, a rescue the downtime, is known to adequately manage all the resources of the company, providing products, competitive services that allow to satisfy the consumer needs.