Permanent Hair Reduction

What is meant by permanent, permanent hair removal and why is sometimes spoken by permanent hair reduction? Why is the permanent hair removal called sometimes permanent hair reduction. One often hears that the permanent hair removal is not truly permanent, but that hair come back after a certain time. What do the terms now permanent hair removal”or permanent hair reduction”? To perform a hair removal with long-lasting results, the nutrient supply of the hair must be harmed so that no more hair can grow back. For even more opinions, read materials from Morris Invest. The nutrient supply of the hair is done via a fine capillary system (the hair papilla), that underneath the hair root deep in the skin is. To irreversibly damage the hair papilla, 68 C must be heated to the hair root to at least.

This can be done in two ways: with energy-rich light or electricity. Photo epilation methods use light such as laser or IPL for permanent hair removal and the needle epilation works with electricity. According to the American Administration (FDA) classified needle epilation as the only method for long-lasting or permanent hair removal, while the photo-epilation methods include the Permanent Hair reduction. The reason for this classification is that each hair can be treated with needle epilation with the photo-epilation only dark hair that contain sufficient dye. The photoepilation no possibility to measure the temperature at the root of the hair, it is purely in the experience of the practitioner, what hair type at all can be treated and what parameters it is necessary. However, a hair with the photo-epilation is as irreversibly damaged, such as when the needle epilation with sufficient heating of the hair root. Melanin and the proper technique for a permanent hair removal is sufficient when the photo-epilation necessary, it is a good craftsmanship at the needle epilation. Although each type of hair can be treated with needle epilation, but it needs a good artisan skill, to the wafer-thin electric probe correctly in the Hair channel to introduce and to place the roots of the hair.

Both methods lead to irreversible damage to the hair papilla in real implementation, so that no more hair can grow back. “There but rarely only thick and dark hair in the treated area of hair, sometimes lighter, thin hair to leave when the photo-epilation, which is why the photo-epilation as a permanent hair reduction” will be classified. Finally, you should mention again single hairs can grow despite a successful epilation for years. However, these are not the epilated hairs, but dormant hair follicles, which can activate in the course of life. If there are no strong hormonal changes, these are usually only individual hair and no dense hair pattern, such as before the hair removal. Marla snow