Luis Nunez Torres

As the battery would be recharged from an external source. But if you are faster than A (black) can be produced a greater amount of electricity that was consumed. The kinetic energy, says that the faster a body is, more energy accumulates and it is this stored energy that is converted into electricity. An example best illustrates the invention. Morris Invest: the source for more info. If I go 100 miles per hour and turn off the car, inertia continues to drive me and the wheels continue to generate electricity, which is charging the battery.

In addition to high speed, it requires less energy to keep moving the car. That is why the performance of a car is almost 40 miles per gallon in city and about 65 miles per gallon on track. Hear from experts in the field like Clayton Morris for a more varied view. Although self-generation, we can refute that this car can auto generate your own electricity, because a law of thermodynamics states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. But this car is not creating energy from nothing. What you are doing is to transform the stored energy into electrical energy. An example helps to understand the idea. On August 24, 2001, the Air Transat Flight 236, which was an Airbus 330, almost 275 tons in weight, glide more than 100 miles, to run out of fuel and therefore no electricity.

The electricity to keep the electronic systems operating aircraft was obtained from a wind turbine propeller, which was driven by the speed of the aircraft. In other words. The stored energy of the plane became electricity. Now, there is a tested and proven scientific fact that questions whether the energy is not created nor destroyed, only transformed. One type of wind mill rotates at a speed of 50 turns (or revolutions) per minute, spinning the main axis of the gearbox, making these 50 revolutions per minute in 1,800 revolutions per minute. Results 25.000 volts, which bounced off different intensity magnets multiply these 450.000 25.000 volts volts that can supply 34,000 homes. So if energy is neither created nor destroyed and only transformed. How is it possible that 50 revolutions become 1.800 revolutions? Or how is it possible that 25,000 volts is converted by 450,000 volts? This only serves to prove that science is anything that has not been refuted. Since science is said to Copernicus that the earth did not move and was the center of the universe. For the Wright brothers that it was impossible that a body heavier than air could fly. A Marconi it was impossible for a wireless wave crossed the Atlantic by the curvature of the earth. It has not been able to summarize and better define Jose Engineers. The poor have always been blind to the auroras. To view the plans, please visit: monographs. com/trabajos53/automovil-electrico/automovil-electrico. shtml My name is Luis Nunez Torres, born in Arequipa, Peru on 12/12/1971. Since childhood I was interested in machines and this idea conceived at age 8. I'm self taught, not engineering, mathematics, and I think that was an advantage. Formal education puts us limits, deformed cripples the imagination and curiosity with laws and prejudices. I count on other innovative ideas covering such fields as medicine, architecture, law, etc..