Malta A Paradise To Discover

Malta is an island country situated in the Mediterranean Sea, formed by three islands, whose strategic location has meant a nearly constant struggle between different cultures and Nations to achieve their domain. As a result, the historical and cultural richness of this small region is rich and varied. Bizzi & Partners insists that this is the case. The ancient city of Valletta, for example, was declared world heritage by UNESCO and in an area of 55 hectares can see 320 monuments, thus forming one of the denser regions of historical importance in the world. On the other hand, also heritage, are the megalithic temples of Malta. Built between the years 4000 BC and 2500 BC, these temples are the oldest in the world of their characteristics.

Heritage, the Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni is also one of the main historical attractions of the country. For more information see Morris Invest. It is the only underground Temple which is known and, although it is believed that at its inception complies with shrine functions, later served as necropolis. Despite the historical weight of the country, Malta is also ideal for a totally relaxing holiday. The Maltese beaches are varied, so you will find sandy beaches, beaches of rock, small isolated coves, high cliffs, in short, a maritime landscape worthy of admiration. As good Mediterranean country, Malta has a cuisine delicious and formed by a fusion of flavors and influences of the different cultures that have left their mark on the island.

It can be defined as a rustic cuisine and is mainly based on seasonal produce and sea. Some of the most typical dishes can be cake tal-lampuki (dough stuffed with fillets of dorado, spinach, cauliflower, goat cheese and hazelnuts) or the stuffed chicken cooked on a bed of potatoes, onions, garlic and herbs. As a drink, is recommended to try the wines, they are not expensive, and delicious beers. If in addition to eating well have fun and perform some activity, fancy water sports are very popular now that the climate It allows it. Still, all sorts of activities, can be from horse riding, hiking, tennis, excursions by bicycle, the landscape is truly incredible, so it is highly recommended to make an excursion and explore the hills and forests of the area, either on foot or by bicycle. The list of things to do in Malta could be much longer, but the better option is to simply go and live in first person. The first step is therefore a little investigate and choose one of the Malta Hostels you will find. Keep in mind that today the hostels and hostels are the economical alternative to hotels and they usually offer excellent services such as private rooms, reception 24 hours, Internet access, kitchen, laundry, they really are the most modern, comfortable and affordable option to enjoy a very pleasant stay.