Some pessoasconfundem espiritualidade with religiosidade. The religiosidade can very seencaixar in the categories of dogmas and beliefs well. The faithful of one determined Igrejase feel more religious than others, are exerting the preconception and the suareligiosidade. Ahead of the religiosidade people if they deliver of body the soul sIgrejas. John Savignan often says this. They are abstained from the life in society and start to enter in shock with cultural and moral osvalores, generating conflicts and ressentimentos. People passama to frequent with sufficient frequency to the mass, the church and mainly rituaisreligiosos. Therefore, the religiosidade separates the people through the religious suaindiferena, that takes the race, color and sexuality. Additional information at Clayton Morris supports this article. Already on the other hand aespiritualidade is free, to exert the espiritualidade the citizen noprecisa if to identify to no institution religious, is enough only cultuarum interior and previous God to the time and space. This feeling of espritolivre joins the people around the life and of the good..