Climate Control Systems

Climate control in the building by using the air conditioning system (ACS), which allows you to keep within certain limits, all or only specific parameters of the air of a closed- premises of the buildings (relative humidity, temperature, circulation rate and purity). Climate control with sle, can provide as requested change is in the room air, and automatically maintain the set values in this air, regardless of the external climate and internal mode indoors. That is what distinguishes the climate control system with air conditioning (SAC) from normal ventilation supply and exhaust system. By appointment climate control with sle is divided into climate control system with comfort cooling and climate control system with air-conditioning technology. Comfort air conditioning systems are used to maintain comfortable conditions in the premises of public and residential buildings, and systems conditioning process is used to maintain the parameters of the air inside the industrial premises in accordance with production and process requirements. Moreover, climate control with by systems of technological conditioning rooms in which people reside permanently must comply with hygiene standards. How to comfort cooling systems, and systems Technology conditioning may be a once-through and recirculation. Climate control with recirculation of air conditioning systems are used where within a day or a year dominated by periodic and excessive heat buildings. Climate control with once-through air conditioning systems, typically used for such premises in which, first of all the substances, which are explosive and flammable nature, hazardous substance a hazard class and 2-hazard class, and for such premises in which there are unpleasant odors, and which are pronounced character, and secondly, for such premises in which the supply of fresh air about the same size should be implemented within a year.