Team members move and organize the notes into groups based on relationships and partnerships established between the concepts. The step required to prepare the affinity diagram, according to what they reveal Javier Llorens and Maria del Mar are: 1, "List all proposals and opinions write each in individual sections. 2 .- Based on the above list, it should be embodied in a form more those ideas are the same but with different words. 3 .- Referring to the previous group, they become more link in a tab synthesis of the opinions they express the same thing. 4 .- The procedure is the same up to a tab in which all groups are collected by connecting links. This technique can be used when it is necessary to generate a large number of ideas or concepts and to classify them into categories. Relationship diagram: These models relevant institutions to express an information system, their interrelationships and properties. The usefulness of this technique is very mean when a topic is complex enough for its high number of causes, effects and relationships.

Wikipedia gives us, which is a conceptual representation of information. Through a series of procedures can be passed to other ER model, for example. Robert J. Shiller may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The entity-relationship modeling is a technique for data modeling using entity relationship diagrams. It is not only technique but the most common. Briefly consists of the following steps: It starts with a textual description of the problem or automated information system (requirements). You make a list of nouns and verbs appear.