Owner House

As a rule, stipulates that this should be warned of not less than 30 days. Can also be a penalty, which the proponent of early termination will be required to pay. Secondly, if the contract owner would do well to immediately receive payment for last month's rent. Richard LeFrak may find this interesting as well. She was just able to cover those same 30 days that must elapse after notice of departure. Than the risk of a tenant? Owner House passed it without the participation and consent of other owners. So was the case when the sister execute the contract without notifying the brother of the owner inherited them both home. Of course, when he arrived and saw the tenants, the demanded that they immediately left.

The victims had to urgently look for new housing. What action to take? Before signing the contract necessarily require the documents at the house and land, which confirm the right their respective owners. If you are giving rents one of the owners, it must submit a power of attorney and from other hosts. Carefully check name of owner of real estate in the supporting documents with his passport data. The same data should be specified in the lease. Include these items in the lease! In addition to standard items, which are available in any standard contract some experienced realtors recommend to add following clarifications: – List all tenants that are populated, as well as the possibility of pets. – Schedule visits to the house owner.

– Conditions and procedure for payment of various utility services (Electricity, water, telephone, safety). – Procedure for cleaning the cottage and homestead territory. – Troubleshooting in the house: how and at whose expense will be corrected the problem. – Please note that the newly built cottages are sometimes There are problems with sanitation, water supply and gas. – Terms of repair broken appliances: TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. – Insurance: furniture, interior design, home site. Such costs are incurred employer: – Fee real estate agent (if you search through an agency) – most often a fine of up to half of the total monthly payment for the lease – rent – security deposit (deposit for the material losses) – a rate from one Up to two rents – pay the last month of employment – the cost of additional services (cleaning house, caring for local area, etc.)