The 8 Big Online Planning Mistakes

1. Do not set clear objectives A site without fail before you begin. Your site must do: sell, automate processes, reduce costs, you must have a specific benefit. Set measurable objectives, these will be the sign that will let you know if this good or bad what is being done so far. 2. Do not plan according to your target audience The Site should like it, but be aware that they are not the final consumer, do not lose sight of what you want. Go to Rob Speyer for more information.

Set goals in line with the target and it relies on the criterion of who made the Site to translate what was planned earlier. 3. Instruct the computer system to perform the site with the forgiveness of the people of systems, who knows better the objectives of the company?, Sees your Site as a sales tool. Who should oversee the development of the Web Site is the area of marketing or advertising agency. Systems can help in monitoring the technology side, but remember that your site must be done to help their sales. 4. Use packs (6 links, and form, 2 photos, etc.) In an effort to save money may make the mistake of buying packs of six pages, a form and 10 pictures, but that has to do with your goals?, how is that something like this can be adapted to your needs?, will give you Internet presence, but is this the kind of presence you want?, who sells the pack is not interested in happens to your site, just want to make money doing it, I ask that you provide your photos and your text and put it to a template.