Residential Complex

banged on the mn their work noticed that some merit fi Lidvall is the translation of multifamily "profitable" home to a higher hierarchical level and the creation of a previously unknown type of housing – residential complex. Biologists would say that he has created a higher taxonomic level housing. In addition to the spatial hierarchy, as noted by mn pounding, Tolstoy's house a hundred years there and in vremenno'y hierarchy of more or less clearly selected periods: long-term, medium-, short-term, annual, seasonal, etc. Thus, as demonstrated by mn pounding, Tolstoy House represents a kind of organism, "city within a city", and can be considered as an urban structure exposed self-developing system. On the other hand, Tolstoy House is a utilitarian sort of thing (though something very large sizes), which has historical, cultural, artistic and sacred value, ie it can be seen from the standpoint of st about things like the phenomenon of culture. In any case, Tolstoy House, and as a historical and cultural site and as a cultural phenomenon has huge (including sacral) value, requires the preservation, conservation and restoration. 11 "Future prospects of the Tolstoy House as a historical and cultural objects are determined based not so much from him utilitarian purpose (as just a residential complex), but rather in terms of the concept of "centers of society," created by S. Eisenstadt. According to this concept, Tolstoy House is not only and not as a phenomenon spatial or vremenno'y localization, and to a large extent "the phenomenon of the world's values and beliefs." 12 – Marina Kolotilo Tolstoy's house – a research object of art and culture, mn Kolotilo 4.5 Tolstoy House sacred geography of St.