China Globalization

The crisis of the world-wide economy adds to the guideline of the G20 a term anticapitalism: the desglobalizao. With the pointers of integration of the markets in free fall, the globalization loses breath and threat to show its more different face. The term desglobalizao became known as a proposal of the economist Phillipino Walden Bello. Critical veteran of the capitalism, Bello nails a retrocession in the process of world-wide integration to reduce the exterior dependence. Many allege that the technological advance and the economic interdependence had revolutionized to such point the means of production that had become the irreversible process. But the numbers show jib in three elements that define the globalization: the movement of good, capitals and people.

The current crisis must impose a new global economic order. For it, the age of the globalization arrived at the end. Bello said that the globalization made with that some countries grew quickly and at the same time during the years of boom economic. Now all are going for low very fast also, therefore the globalization left the economies without domestic protection in the case of a collapse of the world-wide economy. Daqui for ahead, it believes that the economies must be turned more toward its domestic markets to obtain to prosper. This new situation can reveal difficult for China, according to it. ' ' China has the focus in the exportations and it will not be easy to turn itself toward the domestic economy. Already Brazil has good possibilities of if leaving well to improve the quality of renda' ' , it added.

The economist said that in the period of globalization the world if became very depends on the North American consumption. Now, U.S.A. is not only obtaining to recover as it does not have another country capable to occupy this global position. According to it, ahead of this new order, the countries will have lower taxes of growth.