Petersburg Rentals

On the agency website ‘Arent St. Petersburg’, which offers short term rental apartments in the heart of St. Petersburg, now you can make in the comfort of the apartment before you rent it. This can be done without leaving the house, looking Virtual Tours, which is on the site. Roller is a three-dimensional panorama and gives full effect of the presence in the apartment. Agency short-term rental apartments in St. Petersburg, ‘Petersburg Arent’ offers apartments for rent short period of time in the city center for tourists and business travelers in St.

Petersburg. Rentals offers apartments in different price categories – from economical apartments to luxury apartments. At the moment you can see virtual tour of the three apartments – in Pushkin Str. St. Isaac’s Square. and the Great Sea. Often, guests of St. Petersburg has to choose the future place of residence via the Internet, even outside of St.

Petersburg. Accordingly, features a full presentation about the future place of residence is quite limited, and choose to rent an apartment can be quite difficult. Virtual tours of the apartments and are intended to facilitate the selection process. After viewing clip of the guests there will be no doubt about the situation and comfort level apartments, considered as a temporary housing option. Virtual tours can be found in conventional web browsers, for example – in Internet Explorer, the installation additional software is required. Full directory of apartments for rent can be found on the page.