Mortgages in Spain

After all, there are charges for electricity, water, security, maintenance, property tax, etc. 5. Spend all the money to pay off the mortgage, forgetting that it must also arrange accommodations furnished, and have a supply of money for contingencies costs, for example, in case of illness or emergency repair of the vehicle. 6. Ignore the fact that the rate of EURIBOR currently has the lowest value, and in the future will grow. Many of the buyers of Spanish property do not even know how much they will pay for the mortgage, when the index reaches the level of EURIBOR 3-5%.

7. Want to take a mortgage in Spain, realizing that the monthly payment amount to more than 30% of your monthly income. 8. Ask make your mortgage guarantors parents, family members or friends, that in case of failure to repay the loan will mean extra problems. 9.

Do not view statistical information about how to currently is a property in Spain. This enabled to learn, expensive or cheap to offer you the property by comparing the declared value of the data portal of real estate. 10. Do you think that housing in Spain will surely be more expensive in the near future, and plan its budget on that assumption. 11. Ignore the suggestions of real estate companies, with which today you can buy property in Spain at an attractive price. 12. Give his feelings and choose a house or apartment in Spain, the "heart", ignoring the facts and reasonable arguments. 13. Do not understand the difference between short-and long-term loans. In the short-term loan you'll spend less funds to service this loan. In attracting long-term credit, you have to pay a monthly sum of less than engaging in short-term loan. 14. Not interested in information about changes in costs associated with buying property in Spain and you think that VAT in buying a home in Spain will remain unchanged. 15. Believe that property prices in Spain have reached the "bottom" and so now is the perfect time to purchase. Not all the world believes the same way. 16. Do not think that a few years later you may need to sell this house and buy another (due to job changes or changes in family composition). 17. Forget that "mortgage" property will be more difficult to sell because the process of buying and selling real estate, which is taken on credit, much harder. 18. Want to buy property in Spain without a middleman. When using mediation buyer exempt from the need to constantly stay in the country in which to buy housing, and shifted the "lion" of the work on the shoulders of a mediator. In the end, it definitely reduces the financial costs of the most searching for and buying property. Source: Property in Spain