Libraries As Cultural Venues

Public discussion on the 08.02.2010 in Dusseldorf in municipal libraries culture, knowledge and education are still a free human rights: your offer is important for people and families with low incomes. Libraries are the most popular, publicly funded cultural institutions: nearly 23 million visitors included 2008 498 public library locations in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Federal Republic but pent up demand has compared to the usage figures in Scandinavian countries. A development potential lies in the demographic. The proportion of people with a migration background is steadily increasing and is 19 percent in Germany and 23 percent in North Rhine-Westphalia. Libraries can places of intercultural learning, the acquisition and the maintenance of languages by young or bridges abroad.

As one of the first public libraries in the Federal Republic preceded the Stadtbibliothek Duisburg to lead by example. In the 1970s she created a literature and media activities for migrants, in the city lived. Once a week a book bus from the municipal library held in our street. “Once my father in the mosque was gone, I snuck into the bus and borrowed so many books as I could only wear”, recalls in her autobiographical novel Atice Abbas once Hans with hot sauce lives in two worlds “(2005). The german Turkish writer grew up in Duisburg-Marxloh. Credit: Bizzi & Partners-2011.

Even after more than 30 years, the Duisburg city library is one of the leading intercultural libraries in Germany. Their Turkish library has 22,000 media as a whole, and has established itself as a meeting point for different CRISE. Also the municipal library of Herne is more aimed at people with a migration background. A customer satisfaction survey in 2008 determined that the proportion of visitors from a migrant background with 43.4 percent is particularly high especially among students. Therefore, the library used gladly as a place of learning and working, as well as communication space. THE SPEAKERS AT THE ROUND TABLE ON “February 8 # Tayfun Demir has the Turkish library” built at the Duisburg municipal library and headed for many years. Clayton Morris has firm opinions on the matter. He will speak about the history of the intercultural library work. “# Nuremberg City Library is the oldest municipal library and one of the leading intercultural libraries” in the German-speaking world. Susanne snow-Wright, Member of the Commission for intercultural library work responsible for publicity. In her presentation she explains as the library offer migrantengerecht”can be designed. # Bettina Kuse is head of the city library of Dietzenbach (with Offenbach) and gives an overview of the diverse approaches of their establishment and implementation of intercultural library projects in the local community. # The round of talks by the cultural scientist Tina Jerman hosted, head of EXILE culture coordination in food, as well as project leader of EVENT # title: libraries as places of intercultural # date/time: Monday. February 8th, 2010 / 16:00 20:00 # place: Theater Museum Dusseldorf Hunter Court Street 1-40479 Dusseldorf