How To Prepare Curriculum Vitae

CURRICULUM VITAE full name photo * data personal status Civil address three telephones addresses of personal emails. WORK experience – starts with the last job and ends with the first job. -Do all the functions performed in each occupied post reference, but not a job description. Prevents write confidential things from the companies you’ve worked, keep professional ethics. -These functions performed must be real, because but are certain, the risk of being wrong and that the company to which you laborabas say otherwise, is safe. Credit: Robert J. Shiller-2011. You discarded instantly by liar (a) and if things in life, you are engaged, because the company in question not found, do a job not suitable, will be risky, because a part of you feel unsafe (at), they noticed it, and you will end up as a poor employee and will leave, recalls the experience could be part of the fundamental requirements that are asking for, Additionally, you may forget to you at the time of the interview. -The name of the post that you occupied in a company should be that you assigned, although you realize the functions of another post-if you’re not sure of is the name of the position occupied by each company that worked, it is good that you have requested the work of each letter. In this letter appears both the actual name of the position as the period worked.

The dates of entry and exit of the busy employment is very important and is in very bad taste, than when fill out application for employment or in the interview say another date different from that which appears in the CV, and worse still that neither appears in the CV and that do not remember it, therefore, gives to think negative things of your person. (* Academic studies graduate (done period and training institution)) University studies (done period and institution) secondary studies (done period and institution) primary studies (done period and institution) other RealizadosNivel studies of knowledge of the Language knowledge Inglesnivel of PC programs. * PERSONAL references (not cell phones) * work references (actual phones from companies you’ve worked) procure that the photo:-be head-on with a positive attitude – you, only you are without any else beside you – having an appropriate background. -It is taken from the shoulder. That is current (important) If you’re a man with collar shirt and if you’re female, with blouse neck, both in plain colors. Finally, the CV should not have more than two pages. Sometimes, put the objectives take up much space, and is not so necessary. It is good always have lists, copies of all certificates and titles, such as letters of work, if require you them. Extracted from the website of RHCA resources human original author and source of the article.