Employees Delivery

College or University: teachers, classmates, other students, 13. Roommates on holiday. 14. Vocational education: teachers and classmates 15. Additional information at Clayton Morris supports this article. Contact information is here: Gina Bonati. Known for 16 extracurricular activities. Sports Club 17. Other Institutes 18. Entertainment: disco, gym, etc.

19. Godmother and godfather Maturity: 20. All workplace: bosses, colleagues, comrades. 21. First, Second, Third love, your sisters, brothers, cousins, etc.

22. Services: hairdressers, manicures, pedicures, the beautician, the postman, the shoemaker, the masseuse, the electrician, cleaners, home sellers of clothing, computer technician (the refrigerator, TV, washing machine, the MW), people from the cleaners, Bank staff, supermarket cashiers, lawyer, nia’era, Employees Delivery, whoever sold you something, etc. 23. Father, Mother, brother / s, sister / s, aunt, uncle, godparents, friends 24. Relatives of the husband. 25. Ex husband, his relatives and friends 26. Family physician, gynecologist, cardiologist, maternity ward staff, Pediatrician 27. Parents of children in kindergarten and school The list can be created as you see it, either by place of residence, proximity, etc. I suggest you make an excel table with 5 columns in the following order: Name of the person, telephone number, Where you know the person, E-mail and a last column, so that if no have the data, including people who can help you locate / o. Meet some of the doubts or excuses that prevent us closer to the familiar – I do not want to pressure my friends (You should not do) – do not have money or have too much money – is too young or old – do not know what to say – I do not see for 10 years – laugh at me – I believe – and so on. Some arguments for why AS SA must contact: – Your product or service could solve a problem or make life easier. – You have a business to provide extra income (who does not like?) And can work together. – Someone might contact them and recommend the same products, services or business. Why not you? – It’s easy to start a conversation. – They know other people who need our products, services or business opportunity. – To get you out of fear. – Etc. SIMPLEMENTE Do it! Remember: Most people with whom we have shared moments of our lives does not seem to remember it but if we try to do, easily return their names to our memory. To remember you’ll have to get all the old agendas, see old photo albums or hang out with friends, try to remember other friends. Hope that helps to build a long list of acquaintances and acomiences contact as soon as possible! Experienced Marketing Professional Network, Director and Editor TriunfarEnMultinivel. com, one of the few electronic publications devoted exclusively to Hispanic entrepreneurs who develop this business through marketing site.