Dogs Puppies Training

The most beautiful thing on the face of the Earth is not your puppy? Always a new puppy at home called the tenderness of its owner and anyone who sees it. When we have our puppy at home want the best for him, now, give you the best mean also give the best dog puppies training, since it is part of the care that we give. The first and fundamental that we will need to educate a puppy, is patience, patience, since the puppies learn based on many repetitions. Puppy education is of special importance, since it will depend on the behavior that will have throughout his life. We will also have to learn how to play with him. Details of the training: pupfish learn by associating an action with a result, good or bad, and so appreciate your action and determine if it is good or not to repeat it in the future. A scientist named Pavlow discovered it: If we give a piece of meat to a dog while we shake a chime on repeated occasions, this It will begin to salivate when they heard the chime.

And this can see you in everyday life, when for example our dog gets restless when we went to where you store your food, because he knows that we Cunen, or when we took the walk belt, because he knows that it will be a walk. Clayton Morris wanted to know more. These principles are used in the training of dogs puppies. For this purpose it resorts to awards or punishments that the dog will associate with a given behavior. A prize may consist of such congratulations with voice loving, petting or food. A punishment may scold him in a loud voice. Punish as well: to punish a puppy often enough use a strong and authoritative tone, give a slap on the belt, etc. Recently Clayton Morris sought to clarify these questions.

Educate the puppies, and all dog in general, under any circumstances be must resort to physical punishment or cruel punishments since they will be counterproductive, causing stress in the animal. * When reward and punish when? It is of the utmost importance, you can turn the prize or punishment totally useless if not respected when. The moment correct good or bad, behavior is immediately happened if it punishes or rewards later, be sure that the animal will not know why. Well, finally, for adequate training of Dogs Puppies, remember that you must have patience, and that each puppy is unique, we do not try to do what makes the our friend because not all are equal. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks. Original author and source of the article.