Diving Center Beach

The sea will always accompany him in Santa Lucia. The length of the beach, whose sand has a color similar to white gold, is about 20km. Other natural beaches, Tombs, for example, located at Cape San Antonio, the westernmost point of Cuba, is different in one important respect, especially if traveling with children. The same is also captivating, isolated and very blue water and pristine, but has a steep decline and a short distance from shore can cover the bather. Without But in Santa Lucia slope is gentle and always quiet, despite strong wind blowing. This is because face it, almost 2 km of it, stands an almost continuous barrier reef, extending from the mouth of the bay to the Bay of Nuevitas New Grandes, on the border with the province of Las Tunas.

Between the beach and the coast is a system of lagoons, about five, which is almost at its center crossed by a road called South Road. Both the road along the coast near the beach and the road ends at the entrance to the bay of Nuevitas. This allows not only enjoy the place on the beach, but may be edging path and those gaps and observe the flora and fauna. The hotels are very close to each other. There are other points of interest and recreation, such as an International Diving Center and Marine Marlin, as well as restaurants and travel agencies. But the best are the different options that allow you to pass unforgettable days, both at sea and on the island of Sabinal and places nearby.

Here we provide some proposals, some of which include departure and return to hotels. A visit of nearly eight hours along the coast bordering Santa Lucia catamaran to Bonita Beach, just north of the island Sabinal. Includes rides on the beach, snorkel and watch sessions marine species, including starfish. Another proposal for seven hours is to go beyond the previous area, as it crosses the entrance channel of the bay, where there is a colonial fortress, visiting the south of the island Sabinal and there is a colony of pink flamingos On this island for lunch. There is also the option of a journey along a path that leads to a lookout where you can observe the flora and fauna. During the tour inside the bay there is the possibility of seeing dolphins. Another optional is more than three hours to sail to the coral reef and where the water is calm, shallow, snorkeling, good visibility and excellent snorkeling safety. In the Marlin Marina, yacht, you can enjoy bottom fishing, where you can fish for snappers and other fish in our own area. Other procedures relating to fishing fans are provided with it. Enjoy these days of all the possibilities to enjoy a tropical sea.