BlackBerry Initiative

Because change is created through participation, just, and in particular in the social field. The requests or offers is free of charge. Launched the initiative was one of the leading real estate portals in Germany, that the change your project page provides not only its technical expertise, but also takes over the complete coordination of the initiative by The purpose of our initiative is to improve the situation on the market for social homes as easily”, describes Immowelt Board Member Ulrich Gros the background of engagement. We are convinced that this better is nothing, as people simply and quickly actively participate an opportunity to offer, to can.”change your city” by commitment: each offer is welcome no limits are set in the art of room request. Sheltered workshop, artist’s Studio or apartment for a supervised youth-WG anyone can free abandon his application and introduce himself and his project. Seekers can also see offers and directly with the providers in contact. Who, however, would like to support a social initiative, providing premises available, can see projects through the Web site, contact outreach or equal free add a space.

The costs should be as socially acceptable, like the rooms can be offered for free of course. We look forward to many different entries from various areas and especially on numerous successful negotiations”, explains Ulrich Gros. Also we appreciate support by social organisations and institutions, such as the joint Welfare Association, we already won for our project.” Your city change all the information about the initiative”, photos and portraits of searchers, projects and providers, visit the Web site. Credit: Professor Rita McGrath-2011. These and other By, you will find press releases in our press section at * Name changed from the editorial about real estate portal is with monthly 4.2 million visitors (comScore Media Metrix) and up to 1.2 million listings per month, one of the leading online marketplaces for apartments, houses and commercial real estate. The advertisements about 50 newspaper portals, as a cross-media advertisement in several daily and weekly newspapers, as well as apps for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, BlackBerry, and Windows phone achieve additional distribution.

“” About your city change “: change your city” citizen engagement is a room. The initiative is aimed at Munich with heart and place. The project social spaces”is the first social space platform for people who have accommodation for needy families, clubs or social initiatives. “Also assigns a room: in our think tank” creative minds still find a place around Munich to make more liveable. Partners in the initiative are, for example, the District Association Upper Bavaria of the joint Welfare Association and Friendsfactory. Our partners: Joint District Association Upper Bavaria the joint District Association Upper Bavaria is a Federation of independent, non-profit, social organizations. He represents 450 member organizations, advocating for people in all age groups and walks of life. As the free Welfare Association, he carries the idea of parity in the social life and realized best in its own facilities and in cooperation with its member organizations. Friendsfactory Friendsfactory creates space for ideas. The company rents offices, which offer exciting networks in addition to an inspiring working atmosphere throughout Germany. Just as the name implies, Friendsfactory connects people who like to creatively interact, to drive their own ideas forward.