Matthias Heissner

‘ We argue for the abolition of asymmetric notice! Stuttgart. Faulty detonators, rumble Government, egg dancer very flattering, no sound it certainly not the labor assess\”, which currently ROAR down from many sides on the new black-yellow Government team in Berlin. It all started for Angela Merkel and Guido Westerwelle actually quite promising: a victory, though also barely, and thus the constellation, where both politicians and the parties supporting it for years openly had pronounced itself. But instead of a sweeping fresh start with pomp and circumstance, there are not a few observers so as the just-forged coalition with the getting started had confused the brake with the gas pedal. Matthias Heissner and Pasquale Aquino from the landlord protection index Germany (VSK) make no bones about their conviction: hope that find the CDU and FDP on the road to success, and the quickly if at all possible: Finally, decisions have been enshrined in the coalition agreement, the interests must meet Germany’s rental and which urgently be addressed from our point of view.\” Private housing rental can cost the existence in Germany hoping on a political crackdown in the current tenancy is founded with Matthias Heissner on practical, authentic experience. An experienced he almost Managing Director of VSK every day, how be nerve wracking and it can be costly, sometimes even threaten to rent housing in Germany: from all evils that can happen to a landlord, rent nomads are certainly, most serious accident ‘: you’re in advance of indentation sneaky, but at the same time very convincingly pretending to be solvent, ordinary tenant. If they are fed however once, the rental payments remain promptly and Moreover, the apartment itself often remains on track.\” Because these scammers, so recorded as Matthias Heissner, cheated the homeowners not only to rent. Often, the fury of the destruction, pack these vandals and the House could no longer be rent, completely demolished and uninhabitable if it had got rid of this evil contemporaries at all.