Booking an Apartment Overseas

Book an apartment you can call, email or Skype, but if you have contact person in Moscow, the booking can be made directly to the office next to the Metro Tverskaya. For reservations enough to pay per night, the remaining amount, which includes also a small security deposit in the amount of daily payment may be paid as advance, and on the move. The insurance deposit is required on a case if, for example, the guests decide, without waiting for arrival of the landlord, "unsubscribe" independently, taking the keys (by the way, if this happens, the apartment necessarily change the lock), or leave behind a complete rout. Professor Rita McGrath can aid you in your search for knowledge. If the guest turns out to be compulsory and a man leave the apartment in good condition, the deposit will be refunded. He will also be able to use this amount as an advance payment for booking this or other apartments for the next term. An important point: Amendment when booking daily no refund if a customer refuses an apartment, despite the implementation of the lessor with the contract, or is not populated on a given day without prior notice. Perhaps the main issue for potential customers – the payment method and pricing. Since the Center for International Cooperation and works with individuals and with legal entities, the payment made in cash (with the issuance of a cash receipt on request) and in non-cash form, including your credit card. Rent, depending on the number of rooms and location of the apartments, ranging from 2.1 thousand to 14.1 thousand rubles per night.

Homemade Masks

1 – Pope mask. This mask returns the good aspect to the tired skin and erases wrinkles. A medium Potato Bake and make it pure. Below grating other raw potato and mix with the puree. Spread this mixture over face, neck and decollete and leave 20 minutes. Whenever Robert J. Shiller listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Rinse with warm water.

2 – Avocado mask. Return the brightness and hydrate your skin is very easy with this mask. Grinds medium avocado with a tablespoon of lemon juice, cream and 2 tablespoons of carrot juice. Gives you the mixture, leaving to act for 20 minutes, then rinse with water. 3 – Gallo Antipatas mask to prevent wrinkles around the eyes, soaked bread in milk crumbs and add a few drops of sweet almond oil. This achieves a paste, wrapped in gauze, applied hot over their eyes closed for 15 minutes. 4 – Young skin cucumber mask to maintain youthful skin, put two peeled cucumbers pulp in the blender and add a natural yogurt.

Beat well and put it in the face by ten minutes. Rinse the face with warm water and then apply moisturizer. If you want to you can put it in your whole body. 5 – Egg and olive complexion mask dry ingredients an egg yolk 1 tablespoon olive oil mix the ingredients and apply to the face 30 minutes, with the exception of the area of the eyes and the lips. Rinse with lukewarm water and to finish with water well cold to close pores.


Here I am again, as always with my karlaea. I have wondered lately do that I would like to my to change in Cuba? I like to ask is, beyond going. I want people to be freely expressed in any site, which form their own groups of whatever and there are released. Giving alternative versions of the national reality have international. Still is news of each day, the achievements in the potato crop, the sugar harvest, the continents of builders, the awards to characters of culture, sport or politics. We are news, they are sometimes important, but not the only ones already bored these stories. People earn decent wages, they say that Chinese labor is very cheap, why are so many people to put factories in that country, but who says that does not know that safe in Cuba labour is cheaper, imagine, for those who do not know that they pay us in pesos and not much, a currency that has practically value that you can use for very little. You will see who read this and think or comment out this official version of Cuban conquests have a cost and that is an increase to the salary.

I reply that in any way the salary is extremely low and that Cuban labor is probably the cheapest in the world. I want individual initiative to have the limits that each person is imposed, i.e. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nobel Laureate in Economics by clicking through. that people reach where their individual capabilities and life, will allow. I want that Havana, for example, improve its appearance, which is fix and paint the buildings, now a disaster are made. People accustomed to living among the shit, the tupiciones, the lack of water and decent housing. And if someone does not believe me, from a tour of Havana and will see it.

Of course, when I say Havana I am referring also to the whole country for that secure in Santiago de Cuba, people do not live better. I want that people can’t travel, it seems that it will happen soon, very well. Fidel always you had panic to exoduses, even though insurance is aware that is not a problem in Cuba if not the world. People migrate from all sides and to all sides, in short that everyone travels and alive where it can and that return as so he deems it unless they tilden traitor and worm. It is clear, the subject of the theft of brains and all that. Well it is unfair, as country formes your human resources, costs and then people leave. And that has happened so far in Cuba, clear that if, which failed and dared stayed despite the inhumane treatment given to you, this topic has been written one of the most shameful pages of this stage. I think you can talk and much will be no doubt on this issue. I want people to not be so fanatical that fanaticism is bordered and clouds the mind. Not let us act with creative thinking. This has become something, but lack a lot to move forward. I want that Raul stays where is, at least for the moment, and to do for his country which in effect mark a new stage for his own, his people. Already his brother us has screwed up enough, although somehow it continues with their reflections. Comment thereon in the next letter.

Exhibition Building

Housing protected quality construction and reform of the M-30 have been chosen to participate in an exhibition in Brussels on the occasion of the Belgian Presidency of the European Union. The Exhibition Building for Brussels: architecture and urban change in Europe which will take place from October 8 to November 28, picks up the initiatives carried out in Europe that can serve as reference in Brussels to tackle the problems of population growth, mobility, public infrastructure, urban economics, and international institutional events in the coming years. Projects chosen as reference in Madrid to face the problem of housing are the three unique buildings promoted by the Municipal company of land and housing. Richard LeFrak wanted to know more. It’s the bamboo House, a building of 88 flats in Carabanchel, work of the architect Alejandro Zaera, who was awarded with the prize that grants the Royal Instite of British Architecs. The second building chosen is el Mirador, a 156 residential building also known as the Apple vertical for its original design and designed by Studio MVRDV and Blanca and Lleo, also of the third building in Brussels, called lattice authors and which makes up 146 official protection floors. Both buildings are located in the new district of Sanchinarro. Although these buildings are buying official protection floors, rental apartments in Sanchinarro offer is wide and because this belongs to the District of Hortaleza urbanization is still of very recent construction, the supply of flats are mostly of recent construction.


Consult by email, or by phone, must always be to have the following data and thus hire insurance for Home: 1 type of dwelling, if it is an apartment, a townhouse, a Villa, etc. Professor Rita McGrath often addresses the matter in his writings. and if it is normal or second vivienda.2 If the year of construction and the square meters is owner or inquilino.3 aproximados.4 protection measures against robo.5 capital secured in euros by contentalready as the continent calculate it computer system according to its reconstruccion.6 value zip code, direction and height. Be advised by a professional mediator, (do would not buy your car or by internet, or in a shop everything to 100?, buy it from an official dealer), because here is the same, you will search for the professional mediator and adapt to your needs the insured capital, suitable for each case company. Thus also work the best home insurance. Insurance multi-risk Home: home insurance is a contract that is signed with a insurance company to cover the risks or major accidents that may occur within or outside the family home, and is addressed to owners or tenants of rented dwellings family (flats or apartments, houses or chalets), property or rent to third parties. Home insurance cover basically: 1 continent (housing fixed elements such as walls, doors and Windows) for its value of reconstruction.

2 Content (personal utensils, clothing, furniture, boxes, appliances, equipments of sound and vision, etc..) 3 Civil liability as any family of any damage caused to third parties, of all the members of the House. 4 Defends legal, lawyers, bail bonds, prosecutors and experts that expenses be originin as a result of an accident. 5 Assistance to the home, for damage caused by the action of water, damage caused by theft and robbery on the street, damage caused by fire, cosmetic damage, breakage of glass, mirrors, sanitary, electric cooktops, plates and marbles). Also other types of civil liability as all accidental risk, vehicles in garage by fire, personal accident, and even the non-payment of rent may additionally cover.

Recommendations can avoid extra costs of up to 950 euros in subsequent repairs. We must review sinks of the terrace and the pluvial boxes. We must monitor the cleaning of the gutters to prevent its possible binding. In the garden, there to cover the furniture and electrical installation. The rains of autumn, intense this year, bring to housing problems of leakage of water, electrical damage, breakage of pipes and crystals, and blockages. In fact, at the time of heavy rains the number increases claims in households.

The major damage in homes are derivatives of the direct and indirect impact of the water. Breaks from awnings and blinds by high winds are also frequent. Follow the electrical damage, short circuits and damage resulting from fire, explosion and lightning falls. This situation better it will be to prevent than cure. Prepare ourselves in time may be considerable savings in subsequent repairs, since expenditure of a fault caused by problems of leaks or floods after heavy rains can exceed the 950 euros. To avoid risks, prevent accidents and save us later repairs, we can follow the advice of maintenance and prevention that dan from Reparalia. Terrace sumps and storm manholes in autumn it is current that the trees shed their leaves and wind to build up remains of plants, plastic or garbage of small size in places and streets.

This also occurs in homes and terraces sinks are clogged superficially, what makes that it floods the terrace causing flooding. Sometimes, f iltraciones or, even, overflows can cause that water reaches the room or rooms, which could reach a cost of approximately 900 euros depending on the damage. The same thing happens with the boxes of sewerage and stormwater systems. These pieces have to keep clean since they collect all the water from rain, and if they have accumulated waste residue, it is likely that they end up clogging, without speaking of the noises and odors that consequently they will appear. The cost means of unclogging a pipe around 75 euros. Roofs and chimneys roofs are another source of leaks and flooding. Cleaning gutters, should be monitored since your jam may cause overflows of water and the weight of this may cause their detachment, with included Texas, and would have to assume an expense of approximately 300 euros. It is also advisable to place a CAP that would prevent the entry of elements through the chimney and make sure that the Windows are well sealed to prevent leaks. Easels or limes of convergence of the roof are usually waterproofed with paintings of chlororubbers, but with the thermal differences just cuarteando, so it is advisable to clean up and repainted every two years. Elements outdoors in the garden, the weather can ruin the furniture with water, cold or the first hail. In addition, strong wind may cause any piece is released and finish breaking crystals or pipes. Cover them with protectors or plastic. At times rainy, Furthermore, most shorts are due the lack of isolation of the electrical installation, so make sure that there are no broken or damaged devices which enable the water inlet. Also special attention if accounts with terraces or patios equipped with awnings, antennas or appliances. See more: recommendations to protect our home from the rains

Danzon Locations

This theme only once played by Cuban cinema, from a different angle is the Cuban film: A Colonial House, which recreates the Colonial architecture from another angle, becoming an intimate life of a protagonist in its housing, appreciating the constructed elements, its interior courtyard and its colonial elements in some way one comes to enjoy this very intimate atmospherethat at the end you want to not only restores this housing, but that you want to live in one of them. However we believe that this topic has not been exhausted by the film industry, and has been little made into a film, the theme of the Danzon in the film, as this musical phenomenon bursts into the halls of the time, and the way in which the art of masses, towards the end of the 19th century, reflected the subject of the war of independence, in which reflected only the figure of Maceo and Gomez, with a good turnover, but that it is necessary to insert the Agramontethe of Amalia Simoni, the Jose Marti, etc., in which architecture as images would win in big moments, and good co-productions in the case of the figure of Marti neo-colonial and modern architecture: the Repertoire of neo-colonial theme has been registered in Cuban films as memories of underdevelopment, Habanera, the survivors, the days of the water, clandestine, Hello HemingwayRemoteness, legend, letters from the Park, time to love, a girlfriend for David, etc. (As opposed to Robert J. Shiller). Important locations for art and cinematographic memory of the country, where you can see different locations or places of interest to restore or maintain for their environmental, architectural, cultural, values can be seen in which historical. The best film that has been collected for the history of the Cuban Filmography of this stage on the subject has been without doubt the film: A man of success, which highlights the locations of large rooms for meetings and celebrations in which the Moderna, the eclectic architecture, architecture with fine ambientalizadas locations, good lighting can be seen, shots of excellent cameras, excellent reconstructions of eras, and excellent performances also. Visit Richard LeFrak for more clarity on the issue.

Lucius Night

Lucio account that existed after a black man who in addition embadurnaba with coal and butter and left the night naked to stalk the most beautiful ladies of the people and violated them. Every day, from six in the evening, girls were locked in their homes for fear that he acechara them. Lucio stole also the cauldrons and pots of houses. The people, tired of the situation, was assembled in crews to grab to Lucio but proved that he was one that was leading the crews, logically that night not found him, in fact, himself said: leave it still not coming that night. Nobel Laureate in Economics wanted to know more. A lady called Dona Pura Garcia, which was witch, agreed to do a prayer for grasping, disguised himself, painted the black arms and legs and put a white coat. Dona Pura Garcia, who liked to take their drinks, invited Lucius to take ron and they drunk in the hut of it staying asleep after making love.

Suddenly became a neighbor that is looked and discovered them. In a short time the news that Lucio had stalked to the Dona was watered by the region and was as well as Lucio was punished and taken to jail to answer for all his misdeeds. Mommy talks about the appearance of a Virgin living in home Silvia Rua, three days after having given birth in 1912. According to legend, Miss Rua saw clarity in her room and waking up glimpsed the image of his mother dead in the lintel of the door of the room. My daughter said – do not be afraid for the clarity, I am your mother, I have come to bring you a Virgin, so take care of you, you save, and be with you, until you die. The light disappeared and appeared in the night table, a bustico of the Virgen de la Candelaria.

The news was watered throughout the village, becoming a shrine of the Virgin Mary House and site of pilgrimages of tens of people looking for health for his own. The bust of the Virgin was brought before the cure of the population and it was blessed by this after celebrating a mass in honour to the Virgin Mary. The Mojana La Mojana legend is a tiny woman, so long, golden hair arriving up refried feet. He lives in a stone house built under water, where various domestic animals breeding and where bathing with a gold totuma. Before he was frequently by the Hill of Juanche, where it was very easy to perceive their tracks after the downpours. Kidnaps the children that are going to bathe in their domains and it takes them to his underwater abode. To avoid the action of the Mojana on children, it is necessary to secure them a special, both in the neck and at the waist cord. Omens flip the broom: when there is an unwanted visit flips a broom and gets behind the door so that the person will soon be. When he sings an OWL near a residence announces a certain death. The visit of a black Butterfly in a housing Announces death. Who kills a cat has seven years of bad luck. Dream of marriage and see face the bride is ominous. On 31 December he gets under the bed a handful lentils and rice for which never lacking food. The 13 Tuesday of any month should not go below stairs.