Here I am again, as always with my karlaea. I have wondered lately do that I would like to my to change in Cuba? I like to ask is, beyond going. I want people to be freely expressed in any site, which form their own groups of whatever and there are released. Giving alternative versions of the national reality have international. Still is news of each day, the achievements in the potato crop, the sugar harvest, the continents of builders, the awards to characters of culture, sport or politics. We are news, they are sometimes important, but not the only ones already bored these stories. People earn decent wages, they say that Chinese labor is very cheap, why are so many people to put factories in that country, but who says that does not know that safe in Cuba labour is cheaper, imagine, for those who do not know that they pay us in pesos and not much, a currency that has practically value that you can use for very little. You will see who read this and think or comment out this official version of Cuban conquests have a cost and that is an increase to the salary.

I reply that in any way the salary is extremely low and that Cuban labor is probably the cheapest in the world. I want individual initiative to have the limits that each person is imposed, i.e. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nobel Laureate in Economics by clicking through. that people reach where their individual capabilities and life, will allow. I want that Havana, for example, improve its appearance, which is fix and paint the buildings, now a disaster are made. People accustomed to living among the shit, the tupiciones, the lack of water and decent housing. And if someone does not believe me, from a tour of Havana and will see it.

Of course, when I say Havana I am referring also to the whole country for that secure in Santiago de Cuba, people do not live better. I want that people can’t travel, it seems that it will happen soon, very well. Fidel always you had panic to exoduses, even though insurance is aware that is not a problem in Cuba if not the world. People migrate from all sides and to all sides, in short that everyone travels and alive where it can and that return as so he deems it unless they tilden traitor and worm. It is clear, the subject of the theft of brains and all that. Well it is unfair, as country formes your human resources, costs and then people leave. And that has happened so far in Cuba, clear that if, which failed and dared stayed despite the inhumane treatment given to you, this topic has been written one of the most shameful pages of this stage. I think you can talk and much will be no doubt on this issue. I want people to not be so fanatical that fanaticism is bordered and clouds the mind. Not let us act with creative thinking. This has become something, but lack a lot to move forward. I want that Raul stays where is, at least for the moment, and to do for his country which in effect mark a new stage for his own, his people. Already his brother us has screwed up enough, although somehow it continues with their reflections. Comment thereon in the next letter.