My true love? It walks for there. Perhaps in it finds it a esquina. Perhaps in the Church, the mass of sunday. Perhaps in the square it invites me pra to take something. Perhaps in the Shopping he calls me pra to leave.

Perhaps in he sees me to the beach. Perhaps in the street it me reach. Perhaps in my work, it can be to my side. Perhaps in my contacts, it can be enters one of them, in a message mistake know, and decide to order me an email. Perhaps in the school finds it me, makes friendship, goes to play one with the face of the other, goes to smile one of the other, goes getting passionate in them and thus the love can appear. Perhaps in a bar, the desperation of a treason. Perhaps in a trip, my side, the airplane.

Simply in any place let us find in them. I only know that God has something very valuable reserved pra me. Only necessary of patience. Perhaps it is more close to what I think. Perhaps today, tomorrow or daqui the ten years we will find in them. Perhaps daqui little. The night. Daqui to some seconds. Perhaps I know already it, and alone he lacks the certain moment. While it does not appear to the life will be valid the penalty, each as to dedicate that me people and things which I love. My family, my friendships, my work, in each action, each word or laugh, I will find the form prettiest to see the precious life that God gave to me.

Cautious Man

The corpse had disarranged the smile and was as before. Philadelphia Condominiums addresses the importance of the matter here. The doctor verified vital signals and he did not find no evidence of life. – I have certainty that vi this man to smile professor! It seems nonsense, but it is truth! – Impossible He is died has years! He sees you yourselves Z: He was not formol it would be decomposed. Half encabulado, the young folloied its master disconnect itself for a little of that strange corpse. The lesson followed with the too much bodies in the hall; the intent pupils and Cautious feeling itself enter the cross and the sword.

After all who wants to be victim of chacota? Still more in anatomy lesson? But the curiosity of the Z was visceral; it attracted something it to that deceased. In fifteen minutes it there was: made use to unmask alone the biggest mystery of science. He thought, he looked at corpse pro and, at last, he exclamou trembling: – Hearing one is me, smiles! What the man answered smiling, of this time, with the surprising gesture to open the eyes and to aim Cautious Z. This, in state of shock and when making mention to go again to the search of the connoisseur, hears of the pseudo-dead: – It does not have fear! I am not badly! But I do not find good that it looks the connoisseurs. They do not go to believe you. For they I died exactly.

Some only perceive that I did not die. You are one of them! Cautious Z, still incredulous, decided to accept dialogue it continued: – But to place they go you in a refrigerator to dissecar, you and – They do not go not! They always preserve me whole number to jeer pra me. She heard while it, Cautious she did not perceive the approach of one of its colleagues who exactly the certain distance heard the man to speak.


We live in a society where each step is more important that the lost time. It runs it runs of the pedestrians it goes, it and it comes of the vehicles and the desperation to arrive in some place has cut with a scythe lives and taken others as much, together with the families, to the desperation and an epidemic without equal. It is the evil of our days. At Bizzi & Partners you will find additional information. It is the evil of the new century and is the result of the progress. Not that it is of all bad. Recklessness, imprudence or ineptitude are the reason? RECKLESSNESS 1 (Recklessness = of Latin ' ' negligentia' ' term that assigns lack of care or application in one determined situation, task or occurrence.) 2 (Recklessness = of Latin ' ' of neglegera' ' nothing more it is that the diligence lack, implies negligence, laziness, absence of necessary reflection, characterizing itself also for the inao, indolncia, inertia and passivity. In the Eli bible &#039 was considered by God; ' negligente' ' for knowing that its children were bad and it did not make nothing for proibiz them to violate the rules cultuais.

* Then, recklessness is lack of respect, care, endeavours or passivity in relation the rules whose resulted it is the punishment. IMPRUDENCE Imprudence is a precipitation behavior, of lack of cares. (He is to act without precaution, precipitated, imponderado.) * Being imprudence the CAUSE, then, is lack of education and punishment, whose resulted to restrain it is the fiscalization. INEPTITUDE (Ineptitude is the incapacity, the lack of specific ability for the accomplishment of an activity. ' ' To pilot or to lead a vehicle automotor' '.) * Being ineptitude, then, it is ability lack whose resulted it is education. Education, fiscalization or punishment are the way, the final result? If it does not only think about this, therefore our form is cultural to lead or to pilot. The important one is to go in the root of the formation, to still inculcar in the mind at the beginning of the formation of the conductor on ability, prudence and on endeavours one to transit and insurance better. The Change has that to initiate itself in the mind.


It will be that If you to make of mine, its truth, our life you will be much more easy of being lived. He is certain of this. If you to make everything so that let us live well, respecting my wills, are certain that our life in common will be more easy of being lived. He will be, will be that always to say themselves yes, to agree to everything, we prevent that bigger annoyances are part of our life? In the indispormos with nobody does not become who happy? We, to the other or nobody? Yes it is parameter to measure the happiness of somebody? Or he will be that it is a way so ours of in them preserving of the daily oppositions, that disturb the course of our life, compromising our thoughts, becoming them many times a confusion of emotions impossible to be decoded. It will be that when saying always yes, more we will be loved, respected, or we will be considered as those that live on of the wall seeing the life to pass, without knowing of that side to be, balancing only the head to each made question, whose reply we know, but for reasons that we judge so ours, we prefer to give the waited reply, agreeing to our interlocutor? Everything seems so simple of being decided, but certain words exist, that cross our ways and that they make in them to think and to arrive the place some.

But, if I was you, it I am, it he will be that optimum and as much others, that together or not, take in them to have that explaining in them or silencing them for being thus or baked. Each one, when asking something to somebody, if finds that the other more certain and tries, by means of words, face gestuais, looks, expressions, demonstrating the truth that wants to hear, through its as many questions, that it intends are the answers to be given. But it happens that one forgets that the same it happens with all the people. It is the truth that exists or that it is thought to exist in each one of us and that is so ours. charges of the other yes that it inhabits in itself and of who not to give it there. There of who not to agree. Or not? ' ' The advice will keep and to the prudence you to you preservar' ' Pr. 2.11 Heloisa? 2011 and where we are we?

National Hymn

To be able to brighten up the fidget and the discomfort of the Christians and power of some form to explain this so huge fact of history we initiate saying that the history of Adam and Eva is true, without a doubt, but it does not have to be understood literally. For example, when we sing the National Hymn when speaking that Brazil is ' ' lying perpetual in cradle esplndido' ' , nobody goes to think that an enormous cradle exists in which Brazil is lying. But through this poetical language, the author of the hymn states a truth: the Brazilians live inside of a magnificent, comparable territory to the cradle where if he puts a child. Thus, also the Bible uses concrete symbols to explain things spirituals that we cannot see. He says that God formed the man of the dust of the land and insuflou in its nostrils a life blow (Gn 2,7).

But we do not intend that if it believes that God has hands as we stop shape an image and that the blow of its mouth gave life to an adobe statue. This is only one way to say, used in the Bible, to disclose very deep truths on our life. It wants to say in first place that we are created by God: our existence is a gratuitous gift of it. We do not exist by chance, nor we are owners of our life, we receive but it from God. It created in them to its image and similarity (Gn 1,27), in a love gesture, stops in them communicating its happiness. We are happy to the measure who we recognize God as creative and thus also we collaborate with its plan so that he reigns justice and the peace in all the family human being. The Biblical history of the creation of the world still contains many important truths for our life.