HOA Tenants

And State budget, then there must be confessed, also permanently allocates funds to repair housing. So what's the reason why, you ask? In the robbery, in the banal, crude, uncovered theft of city authorities and the state of human funds. And in this situation, where do we get money for repairs and improvement of housing stock. That and trying by hook or by crook, the city authorities to send houses to float freely. Now let the tenants have a headache for the technical condition of the houses in which they live.

Everything! Created HOA – Mount shoulders! And tenants? And that tenants? They do not even know how great they looked around around your finger. Before turning to self-service home residents, city authorities were obliged to come in to replace the faulty communications systems, repair roofs, rainwater catchment, porches, attics, basements. In short lead a normal residential home state, respectively sanitary norms of residence. Hardly ever is done, or omitted by virtue of legal literacy of residents, homeowners associations or omitted founders were so eloquent, painting a bright future. But the fact remains … remained tenants, the old woman in a fairy tale by Pushkin, with nothing. One on one with all its communal problems. A promise of a brighter future – boiler house, clean entrances with geraniums on the windowsills.

Constantly Hot and cold water so the roof is not leaky. Everything will be, but … at the expense of residents themselves, and apart from the monthly rent. She will go to pay HOA's chairman, accountant, janitor and a mechanic on duty, who can only cut off the water in the house in case of emergency and all. Now, to change the pipes in the house – collect the money. Yeah, on the upper floors of the roof leaks? Do you want to avoid dripping on your head? Residents of the upper floors – collect money (Despite the fact that it is the common property of the house)! And a lot of! And so the time! Of course, we can not say that this will always be. But at first, until the house will not find a normal state of well arranged, have hard, because every can easily be removed from the family budget a decent amount. And so … one failed, the second failed, and the third says: "I do not have to pay for the rest." And drags home repair and improvement of the long term. The moral of all above, the following – HOA in principle not such a bad idea, borrowed from our European countries. Live as there are people in comfort, comfort, livability. But when it's all done legally, without tricks, without theft. It's time for us to be a little smarter and transfer the house to demand self-service with the city authorities, the owners of the housing stock, to be held in the house, or at least major repairs. After all, we live in it, not so Do?

Wooden Houses

My position on the wooden house consist of the following convictions. 1. Housing must be made of wood – wood is the material for the construction given to us the most nature. Our knowledge about the ecology is very limited and therefore the beneficence of wood extends far beyond the known factors. Such as conifer resin kills germs is in a pine house air decontaminated. 2. Building a house should not exceed 3 months .- If a construction delay, any material will lose their properties to absorb moisture. If used for the construction of laminated veneer lumber, it will allow put the house under the key for 1 month (can be faster, but does not always work).

3. Minimum interior-decoration of the house from glued beam is minimized. On the floor is laid laminate or linoleum. Do not forget the impregnation is applies to all wooden houses. Typically, the initial impregnating do at the factory. Reprocessing should be done in five years. 4.

Minimum non-natural materials – If you like the wall with wallpaper, then do not House of laminated veneer lumber. Everything in the house has already been done. Alternatively, you can not put a wooden and plastic windows. Roofing material, but anyone, but I would suggest a soft tile. The easier it will be the roof the less pressure on wall. Do not forget – this tree, a natural material, and better suited to the natural integer. 5. – Let's say we build a house, but the house still need to live and enough in harsh conditions. This year, the temperature in Central Russia reaches -43 Celsius. No need to rely on global warming, it will not. The house must be heated. In this issue the wooden houses out of competition. Therefore, the baths are built of wood. The wooden house is better retain heat, and the house of laminated veneer lumber better than all of the wood. Here are my arguments on their own home. Build a good home and quick, build a poor house "cheap" and slow. The best option, which few people guess is to buy a ready set of laminated veneer lumber and build it yourself. This approach allows you to save up to 50%, ie come in 2 times cheaper than building a turnkey basis. Just want to say that if you build a house made of wood, it is not Remember that it requires special care. Even if you build a house from glued beam, despite assurances from the manufacturer, will appear small cracks. To this we must be prepared and not rely on poor quality manufacturer. After all, the main producer here is nature. Love your house, take care of it and build.