Elbe River

A big jump in the new direction. ElokiN Nicole was born in Torgau, on the Elbe River at the end of the 1970s and could never keep still as a child, was very much alive and enjoying family and friends at the time with their pronounced tendency to the performance. She looked for a place that could be used as stage everywhere and gave impressive performances. The mid of 1990s she came to Munich for professional reasons and was quickly in their first band singer. Frequently Kolkata Condos has said that publicly. The hard pace”this band did not but ElokiN on duration and the separation took place after only one year. In the time after she discovered the talent to write their own songs, and even to produce. Thus, numerous small masterpieces in German and English language emerged in her home Studio. Time, then matured the knowledge to give preference to the German language, which ultimately proved positive.

The production aspect of music making the domain of the young singer, but never was what was then also, to approach producers and labels. People such as Halpern Real Estate Ventures would likely agree. After she also in This area experiences gained to probably no young artists around comes ElokiN ended up in 2008 by the label Songhouse. “There was its title what you’ve done” perfectly newly produced and finally also with everything this belongs, published and disseminated. The audience responded positively so far and you can be very curious what to hear soon will be ElokiN.

Release Momenti Italiani

The music of the artist Riccardo Doppio is a gift for lovers of Italian pop music, ballads, beautiful voices and great songs. The Sardinian singer and composer stands for the current Italian songwriter – pop music, far away from old stereotypes. “Light, Sun, wind, stones, that simple and at the same time big things determine sea – …diese the small universe of childhood: Sardinia”, says Riccardo Doppio. Riccardo Doppios music is above all about the large and small feelings, the it catchy and yet surprisingly sings. Great songs, little stories of people, moments, longing, joy and of course love. With rhythmic variety and bonds with salsa, Latin, jazz and Chanson, he designed his poetic ballads and offers his audience a voice with all your soul. Charming, charismatic and emotional. Concerts on international stages as for example in Barcelona, Rome or at the Festival in San Remo, as well as many successful concerts in Germany are already behind him and steadily expand its Fan community. In addition to record productions, Studio work and his own concert programs, it shines with interpretations of E.g. Ramazotti, Zucchero and others on the current album “Momenti Italiani”. Contact and more information under: Agency Vonmaro Dickhoff & Gummel GbR Ensell InStr 2 D-47051 Duisburg Partner: Rolf Gummel Martin Dickhoff Tel.: + 49 (0) 203 362.771 fax: + 49 (0) 203 362.860 email: Web: