Spain Accumulating New Housing

In Spain, 85% of these houses are concentrated mainly in the Mediterranean coast, Madrid, Castile and Leon, and some zones of the north. Barcelona is the province that less new houses to sell it accumulates. The report calculates that ‘ stock’ it will be of 186,000 houses in 2015. The surplus of new houses without selling in Spain is of 800,000 units, according to data of a report on the real estate sector of CatalunyCaixa to 2010 closing. This is equivalent to 3.2% of park total, and what supposes as much that the surplus stays constant with respect to the same period of 2009, due to the fall of the supply as of the demand.

The report shows that 85% of the pending new house of sale in Spain are concentrated mainly in the area of the Mediterranean coast, as well as in Madrid, Castile and Leon, and some zones of the north of Spain. The university professor of Economy Applied of the UAB and director of the report, Josep Oliver, attributes to the great weight of the second residences and tourist apartments to it in the coast, mainly in Castelln, where the year happened the new work park was increased in 12.000 units (+12.6%), because the promotions initiated in 2007 and 2008 are being finished. Seville, Alicante, the Toledos, Almeria and Murcia also are placed between the provinces with a greater number of new house to sell, whereas Barcelona is the one that less pending new park of sale accumulates. For this reason, Oliver concludes that the adjustment of prices must be ” radically diferente” that in the Catalan capital, where lack supplies for the existing demand, that in the Mediterranean coast. 138,000 houses plus every year In the set of Spain, the volume of works initiated in 2009 and 2010 conditions an entrance in ‘ stock’ of 150,000 houses in 2011 and 125,000 in 2012, numbers that are placed slightly below the forecast of new medium term homes, considered in about 138,000 per year until 2015. Thus, of a surplus of 695,000 main houses at the end of 2010 one would go to a stock of 186,000 in 2015, and the difference between new homes and the absorbed surplus, of 198.000 houses between 2011 and 2015, would be the unsatisfied demand, determined by the differences of stock between territories. Oliver augurs that as of this year ‘ will be eliminated; stock’ in provinces, being most of generated needs of new production in a great number of territories, coverall in Madrid and Andalusia, and will persist important imbalances in other zones, like municipalities of the Mediterranean coast, with an elevated weight of the second residence, like in Castelln, Murcia, Tarragona and Alicante. Source of the news: Spain accumulates 800,000 new houses without selling, according to CatalunyCaixa.


As a good number of economic experts predicting the output of the global crisis in which we find ourselves seems imminent. Both the Member countries of the European Union and the United States felt gradually improvement in the economic situation which will result in better profitability for our savings. A good example of this situation are interest rates being offered by long-term deposits, which considerably increases the profitability according to the number of months or years that I considered the saving product. A concrete example might be offered fixed-term deposits by Bank ING Direct online, which virtually multiply by 2 the profitability of their deposits when we raise the term of investment of 3 months to 1 year. Being in the latter case of a 3% for investments over $ 50,000 euros. One of the first steps that will announce this recovery will be the elevation of official interest rates by both the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve American. Let us remember that today the official types are found in its historical minimum, 1%, and however the mortgage rate Euribor comes rising monthly since the beginning of last year 2010.

Another is clear anticipation of rises that already anticipate the markets. In this way if we are to make an investment of our savings, we can opt to extend the term up to 6 months to achieve greater profitability. Beyond 6 months do not it would be interesting since it will be more convenient to return to past reinvest this term to an existing rate which foreseeably will be much greater.

Electrician Apartments

This paper – a brief overview of electricians apartment, what is it, what problems arise with the electrician in the apartment, how to prevent them. Electrician apartments – a combination of electricity consumers (electrical kettles, lamps, etc.) of wiring devices (outlets, junction boxes, electrical switches), electrical wires, electricity metering and protective devices (tubes, protective machines, ust and difavtomaty) Strictly speaking, an electrician apartments starts from the output terminals of the electric meter, ie, change the electric meter, electrical wires from the electric meter to the floor (access) electrical shield you do not have rights. This should make the service organization. Replacement of electricians in the apartment is done routinely or when major repairs or in an emergency, when some part of your electrics flat stopped working. To avoid emergency repairs to the electrical flat enough to follow simple rules. To know which appliances protect every machine in the electric power of the shield to Know each appliance. Calculate the total load posln each circuit breaker is not installed breakers rated at greater than the possibility of electrical wiring.

Do not install electrical bugs Replacement of electrical wiring. When you replace the wiring in the apartment need to create a plan for a new posting with the installation location elektropotebiteley and their capacities when planning the wiring necessary to consider the installation site elektropotebiteley and their power disconnected from the existing wiring to prevent electric shock, disconnect the existing wiring. After that make Extension a few outlets, fed it directly through the machine in an electric shield condominium Mark the indent on the walls, floor and ceiling.

Spanish Mortgage

This is a message to the U.S. Federal Reserve banks, the latter demanded that the debt repayment on term loans that many seen as a harbinger of rising interest rates. Meanwhile, from the U.S. Federal Reserve were quick to say that this applies only to short-term loans, but it becomes apparent that the level of banking Liquidity is no longer viewed as a crisis. "Long live the cheapest mortgages for property in Spain!" Specialists clarify that when obtaining a loan to a Spanish bank to purchase real estate interest rate formed from a European interest rate EURIBOR and the actual income of the bank. Stabilization of the EURIBOR index trigger is that everyone who will review their mortgages according to the March data, or see their rates decrease on the loan, or will remain virtually the same interest rates. It all depends on the period over which a mortgage agreement is being revised.

Thus, the more profitable will annually review the conditions and in most long-term lending (such as mortgages for 40 years). Thus, due to the fact that the EURIBOR in March 2009 stood at 1.91%, those who annually review credit terms, would save 7% if their mortgage was framed in the last year for 25 years, and 11% – if in 40 years. However, these two examples reduce the payment is still significantly lower than those for mortgage contracts that were signed many months ago – for those borrowers savings would amount to more than 30%. On the other hand, those who review your credit agreement every six months, reducing the payment on the loan is almost invisible, because Six months ago (September 2009) EURIBOR index was only on level of 1.26%, that is, savings would amount to about 1% – as well as for those who signed mortgage agreement last year for 25 years, and for those who do it for 40 years. In both cases, the discount on the mortgage is almost imperceptible, but even this pleasant change, since These discounts are stored for several months. Source: Property in Spain

The European Union

You have one in your home university and another in your host university. About the preparation of your stay: To make your stay, you may often look for information on the website of your host university. Be careful because maybe the information is not updated, correct or complete. Several examples: your host university is located in Madrid but not in the center but in the outside and do not realize it until you consult a map or you go there. You can also host your university has its main powers in Madrid but that other faculties are located in smaller cities outside Madrid and even 70 or 80 kilometers. If in addition to your main career follow language classes such as Chinese or Japanese, your host university may ask you to pay tuition and that is legal because it is not part of your main career.

It can also happen that the host university implements a new career. In this case, only the classes are taught the first course but on the website often to the curriculum of the entire race. That can cause problems if the subjects that interest you are solely those of supports or third (or more) because they have not taught. About the scholarships: The European Union awarded a scholarship to all Erasmus students. But the amount is very low and does not cover all expenses for your stay. Barely covers the rent for a month or at most two months. Therefore, you must have other financial support.

Common Mistakes Investors Make

When communicating with potential buyers or just in private conversations, very often the question arises whether good time now to invest in real estate, where best to invest? If you have a question arises, then this implies the existence of two things: firstly, the real estate market is only one and one, it moves up or down, and secondly, ask other people: to buy or not – it is right and reasonable. In fact, there are hundreds of separate from each other by segments of the real estate market, some rising and others falling rapidly and it all happens at the same time. Dmitry Shmelev, Commercial Director of "ST Group Region" in an interview 'Owner': – Does it make sense now to invest in regional "elitku"? Or the rise in prices there, too, has stopped? – We can reformulate the question: is there a link Moscow and regional markets. I am 4 years to sell their apartments in regions, and direct communication can not see straight. When prices stalled in Moscow two years ago, Saint responded after 2 weeks, and now the growth will continue growing in winter, and in November at 25%. At the price spurts in Moscow region is not immediately respond, there is a delay of two to three months, but prices react to a stop after a long delay – from 2 to 6 months. But it is better guided by a theory which I have derived for the ratio of prices in different cities, how could "odnushku" in Moscow in Soviet times to change to "kopeck piece" in St.

Wooden House: A Reasonable Solution

The construction boom of recent years has shown that economic, environmental and social factors play a big role today. Thinking about building their own homes or cottages, people began to prefer natural materials, first of all – wood. When erecting houses of wood can not only realize the most daring architectural ideas, but also to create an environmentally friendly atmosphere. This trend holds both for Russia and for most developed countries. Wood is one of the main building materials in many countries.

For example, in the usa, Finland and Canada, many wooden private houses – 95%, 90% and 83% respectively. Indicators of Russia until somewhat more modest: according to various estimates, from 30 to 40%. However, given the similarity of climatic conditions and relatively low cost of wooden structures, it is only a matter of time. As the director of llc "Russian House" Alex , "this sector of housing construction have yet formed, so the potential is high." According to some reports, over the past 20 years, the volume of domestic wood construction grew by an average of six times mainly by individual building. As noted by ceo Farm House Taras : "Four years ago in Moscow there were only three of the village of wooden houses, then at the moment of their There are about fifty. It is expected that 2010 will be commissioned 10 million m2 of housing from a tree. " All the prerequisites for this are. Tree – a very common material, so its cost is low.

Main Properties

Primers should have good adhesion to different surfaces, both new and previously treated, providing a good foundation for proper coating material. Primer smooths the surface tension coating, thus covering material will be better adhered (attached) to the substrate. It is quite difficult to put a finishing coat on a new old covering as a tool to easily inflicted material glides over the surface. Primer adequately provides roughness foundation for the successful application of topcoat. Compared with a topcoat, a primer often have higher content of dry residue and, consequently, they have a higher occupancy of that better hides minor imperfections. Nevertheless, for high quality paint finish is very important to carefully prepare the ground, as paint can not hide surface defects and the defects on the contrary clearly stand after the finish paint. Primer dries quickly and is easy to grind, which is important in preparing the surface. Inflict paint over the primer compared with a topcoat can be faster and, therefore, in this case to save time.

Hiding power of a good primer, usually even better than the coverage topcoat. Nevertheless, it is better tinted primer close to the tone with an effective layer of tint to cause a smaller number of layers during the final painting. In most cases, one application of primer and topcoat for well-covered and smooth finish. Primers reduce the absorption of the surface. There are big differences in absorbency of substrates. Especially porous gypsum-based fillers and powder filler of cement-based have a relatively high absorption, while at the drywall sheet on the cardboard sections absorption is low. If the absorption of the surface before painting is not aligned with primer, then a finishing layer is more opaque in the joints, containing filler with a high absorbency. If you are using is not absorbing primer decreases the absorption of the substrate. If such a surface to paint, then application of the primer increases the duration of work with a topcoat, which in turn will contribute to more easily achieve a uniform result.

Property Transactions

Simultaneously with the decision of buyers vendors have also come to the conclusion that the sale of its facilities on current prices, and on the background of this understanding of the recorded transactions started to increase. Predictions about the beginning of a new wave of consumer demand, which will lead to a substantial increase in property prices appear to be too optimistic. When comparing the dynamics of the volume of sales of housing over the past three years, it becomes clear that growth rates are not is the desire to establish new records and reach peak values. Growth in December 2009 can be regarded only as an attempt to exit the market from a state of coma into which he fell under the influence of crisis events in economy, the level corresponding to average values. The level of transactions concluded in December 2009, is located just between the fall in December 2008 and peaks in December 2007. Can be clearly say only that the end of 2009 – early 2010 is characterized by a certain activation of growing consumer demand and the recorded transactions, but even before reaching the pre-existing highs too far – residential real estate market just emerging from hibernation on average level. Accordingly, waiting for the next wave of excessive demand, with the inevitable rise in prices are unlikely to be justified – too small positive period is taken into account in the formation of a positive prognosis, and economic conditions, including the capacity to pay most of the population is poor. On the other hand, the denial resumption of basic processes in the real estate market is also impossible.

Population's need for housing remains unsatisfied, and not paying attention to the crisis, many people are looking to improve their living conditions. When dividing the buyers in the real investment and it should be noted that the level of solvency of the real buyers are much lower. In particular this applies to regions, but has been linked to Moscow and to St. Petersburg. In conclusion, this article prediction: during 2010 will increase the volume sold by housing, but prices at the same time will not grow significantly. Only when such a course of effective recovery possible domestic real estate market and related industries.

Petersburg Rentals

On the agency website ‘Arent St. Petersburg’, which offers short term rental apartments in the heart of St. Petersburg, now you can make in the comfort of the apartment before you rent it. This can be done without leaving the house, looking Virtual Tours, which is on the site. Roller is a three-dimensional panorama and gives full effect of the presence in the apartment. Agency short-term rental apartments in St. Petersburg, ‘Petersburg Arent’ offers apartments for rent short period of time in the city center for tourists and business travelers in St.

Petersburg. Rentals offers apartments in different price categories – from economical apartments to luxury apartments. At the moment you can see virtual tour of the three apartments – in Pushkin Str. St. Isaac’s Square. and the Great Sea. Often, guests of St. Petersburg has to choose the future place of residence via the Internet, even outside of St.

Petersburg. Accordingly, features a full presentation about the future place of residence is quite limited, and choose to rent an apartment can be quite difficult. Virtual tours of the apartments and are intended to facilitate the selection process. After viewing clip of the guests there will be no doubt about the situation and comfort level apartments, considered as a temporary housing option. Virtual tours can be found in conventional web browsers, for example – in Internet Explorer, the installation additional software is required. Full directory of apartments for rent can be found on the page.