Insolvency or contest of physical appearance and persistence of the current global economic recession persons living all over the world and the special effects produced in Spain, as a result of the collapse of the housing market and related sectors, is producing a truly worrying increase of the unemployment rate. This situation of job instability is wreck the economy of many families, which is being doomed to terrible situations of insolvency, when income insufficient to cover expenses and debt begins to accumulate. When these painful situations occur, families, to solve these economic potholes tend to go to different avenues of solution. 1. The debt-this is usually the first choice for out of these situations of crisis and insolvency. Using the same you intend to use the route of the credit in order to comply with our obligations of payment. This solution if you are not sashaying of greater economic income, produces a result worse, because that increases the indebtedness of individuals highlighting the situation of insolvency.

The use of this route is completely inadvisable. (e.g., loans between individuals, etc.), if not accompanied by a comprehensive plan that ensures the subsequent viability. 2. The renegotiation of the loan-using this option is typically negotiate or, better said, renegotiate the terms of the loans with the banks and, in order to obtain a modification or deferment of payments that avoid entering an irreversible insolvency situation… Being the most advisable option, the problem of the disposal of the banking entity, that will begin to show little or no permissive, case individuals and not companies, especially if we have several accumulated debts. 3 Reunification of debts-this option is most inadvisable, if they exsiten other ways to solve a situation of insolvency. This would be to go to other sources of financing, as certain entities that usually offer one reduction of the monthly fee to pay our loans, through the reunification of all, at the expense of extending the life of the loan and charge us a high interest rate.

Reform Light

The importance of lighting in reform the importance of lighting in the reform plan the illumination of the housing scheme is one of the most important points of a reform. It should take into account the size of the spaces, color and luminosity of the walls, type and color of soil or type of stay concerned. For example, the clear walls reflect light, while the dark absorb it. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out John Savignan. It is also important that the electricity consumption is adequate and sustainable. Use bulbs of low consumption, which last much longer, has the disadvantage that, being white lights, cool environment.

However, already there with warm colourings, which are very nice and decorative. The first thing is designing the lighting and make sure that the installation is safe, with an earthed socket, a differential switch, separate circuits and enough plugs. General lighting, i.e., which illuminates the entire room, must be powerful, but diffuse and homogeneous. The most suitable are pendant lamps, Although also can be achieved with floor lamps or broad beam spotlights. Ambient lighting, which get cozy spaces, has to be subdued, with incandescent bulbs no greater than 60w., on foot or desk lamps. To illuminate certain, such as a table or a figure objects, it is best used closed, with intense and sharp light beam bulbs. Each area of the House needs a different atmosphere. In the bathroom, the light has to be as natural as possible, with some 50 w halogen floodlights.

To the sides of the mirror can be also placed a few points of light. In the bedroom, light should be smooth, creating an atmosphere of relaxation. Ideal for these rooms are points of light reflecting on the ceiling and the tables reading lamps. For the study areas is important to have a good general light, and point lights for the table. In the corridors, it is best put bulbs or fixtures. Source: Press release sent by mariajul. Notes the thousands of points of light invisible Kinect Niubie HispanicTips LATV premieres New Talk Show the desktop Hosted by Martha Figueroa & Hector Suarez Gomis 20 rustic bedrooms social: birthday of Lucia walls CSHoy24 The timeliness of Capitan Sarmiento the importance of lighting in the reform Prelink Blog

River Cruise – Best Vacation

Have you ever had a rest, traveling the great and mighty rivers and lakes of Russia? There is nothing more beautiful than a rest after a routine working days. Resting in a river cruise you will be distracted from the hustle and bustle of the city, with its dusty streets, leave the boring and stuffy apartment. River cruises will bring you not only restores a full holiday, but will admire the beauty of the natural beauty of our great country, and a breath of fresh transparent air and touch the history, visiting the oldest city in Russia with its monuments and landmarks. River cruises have always enjoyed a special appeal and popularity. And there is nothing surprising. It’s wonderful, incomparable opportunity to be alone with your thoughts and dreams.

Soothing lapping of the waves measured by a cut-boat, endless sunny sky, drifting over horizon, beautiful in all seasons of natural landscapes be located on a quiet calming rest, which you have been dreaming all my life. Of your choice – a variety of river cruises in 2011 with the departure from Moscow and St. Petersburg with a great many exciting itineraries and tours to Russian cities with great historical and national heritage of our country, differing from each other only a list of visited sites and the duration swimming. Propose to draw your attention to one of the most popular routes – river cruise on the Golden Ring of Russia where you will visit the famous cultural centers such as the Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ples, and others. River Cruises Solovki Balaam will allow you to get acquainted with the spiritual past and present of these places. Guests of our country, and our countrymen will not be without interest to multi-day river cruises to Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod. For fans of short breaks are always available a large number of three-four day river cruise weekend.

But the regular one-way and round river cruises Moscow – St. Petersburg familiarize you with the sights of the two capitals of Russia. Have you ever dreamed to travel around the world? Nothing is easier! Enjoy river cruises Moscow Around the World. And if you have a celebration or other corporate event, the river cruises on the luxury ship will give you an unforgettable journey and deliver positive emotions. We are also glad to offer you besides river cruises in Russia, huge number of tours for every taste and budget with the rest in popular European resorts, as well as cruises to Europe, the Mediterranean and river cruises on the Nile.


Diego Bertie, is right to say that all who follow him, would be stupid. Clear because you can not take it in game, and with sarcastic bramas, the fate of a country. Now Jaime wants to appear as victim, to say that the owner of the channel is not agree with that use its programme to launch his presidential candidacy. This behavior evidence, that he wants to awaken more expectation on those who follow him. After seeing this whole scenario political, a bit chistosito; I realize that anyone can be a candidate for the Presidency. So much so I realize, now, that to my has also gotten me the desire to be President. Why not? Be perfectly that the destiny of a country is not thing of game, and that the matter is well complicated. I’m a musician diploma in theology, living in his small apartment of 54 square meters, in the Lince district with his wife, we do not have children, and nothing to hide.

My life is completely transparent. I believe, and I am sure that there is something that all candidates for the Presidency, cannot avoid, and this is: maintain their economic status after the end of his term as President. If I came to power with a small apartment of 54 square meters, when I finish my mandate, I will continue to live in that small apartment; and it is not not have ambition for self-improvement; what I don’t have is ambition of unjust enrichment. Suddenly, perhaps, who knows; saving of President, over time salary can buy a better Department, but without leaving the modesty. Well, these are follies of just a writer of articles, in an excellent website, that to see the electoral reality of their country says: Yo tambien quiero ser President original author and source of the article

Brass Fittings

Brass fittings (from English: "fit", "mount", "collect") 16-17 position brass fittings are used everywhere. We face them every day in his apartment – in a bathroom or closet. Fittings made of brass, in particularly necessary when connecting a washing machine, water meters, boilers and other equipment requiring connection to the pipeline. For brass fittings include the following: Fittings made of brass – the coupling (Used for direct connection to pipe); 16.8 Fittings Brass position – knees (change the direction of the line), 1.1 position Fittings Brass – tees, crosses (forks pipeline) 18/10 position Fittings made of brass – the plugs (plugs on the pipes until the moment of connecting cranes) and 6.6 position futorki, bochata, nuts, sleeves, adapters, etc. Among the variety of types of material making up the fittings, brass fittings have many advantages, which include durability and resistance to the transported medium. To avoid oxidation (electrochemical corrosion) in contact with brass and aluminum layer pipes, fittings, brass coated with nickel or chromium. Also, using special Teflon pads to prevent the direct contact of brass fittings and AL. Currently, our catalog is a wide range of quality brass fittings all size that will allow you to maximize installation, significantly reducing the cost and time.

Brass – a double or multi-base alloy of copper, where the main alloying element Zinc is sometimes with the addition of tin, nickel, lead, manganese, iron and other elements. -3000-5500 Density kg / m Specific heat at 20 C – 0.377 kJ kg-1 K-1 Resistivity, ohm 0.07-0.08 m Temperature melting brass, depending on the composition reaches 880-950 C. With increasing zinc content the melting temperature is lowered. Brass is well sealed and rolled. Although the surface of the AL, if not lacquered blackens in the air, but the bulk is more resistant to the action of the atmosphere than copper. It has a yellow color and perfectly polished. Bismuth and lead are harmful to brass, so as to reduce the ability of the strain in the hot condition.

Ventilation Of Houses

In recent years, increasingly common in homes receive sealed fiberglass windows made of plastic, wood or aluminum. Hear from experts in the field like John Savignan for a more varied view. This process is irreversible and will continue to grow more, because These windows are much more warm and allow to achieve significant savings in energy used for heating homes. In addition, modern windows greatly increase the comfort of home: greatly simplifies their maintenance, are easy to use, in flats is getting warmer and quieter drafts disappear. Unfortunately, practice shows that along with the obvious advantages, the use of modern sealed windows leads to a number of specific problems sanitary nature, not previously encountered. Modern window usually has four modes: 'closed', 'open – door wide open', 'open – door thrown' and 'slit aeration', in which valve moves away from the frame on the 1-3mm, forming a gap around the perimeter. During warmer months, residents may be without too much trouble to open casement windows for ventilation at home. At the same time to dust the room, and an increase in noise levels have tolerated, with the penetration of insects cope mosquito netting on the window. It should be noted that in the summer because of the alignment of internal and external temperature of air decreases abruptly thrust channels ventilation of the house and even with the windows open air is very small, it can be normalized only with mechanical exhaust system. In winter, to dust and noise added to the problem of drafts and cold. Modern windows are deprived of the traditional small air vents at the top, and swing and hinged opening doors for ventilation of the house leads to ingress into the room in winter excessive amount of cold air, reducing temperature and the formation of drafts.

Best Decorative Paper

To paper ancient rooms or walls in bad conditions, faulty or false Squadron, note that smooth papers better concealing defects. They also conceal defects of placement; If you are loading paper for the first time, it is advisable to start with small prints and designs of little drawing. Cheap papers are easier to damage or soiling. If you put in a transit area or in places where they play guys, prefer vinyl papers. The paper to be used all at once, to avoid variations in colour between items must always be purchased. It should also buy a bit more than the calculated if waste or errors that should be corrected.

Guys and soft prints visually enlarge environment, while the most turgid and colorful designs are only advisable in spacious rooms. If it is a room of daily use, you should choose soft designs for not tiring sight. The stripes design have their secrets: stripes horizontal they make the room seem wider, but not recommended in low places; the vertical stripes make the walls appear higher, but reduce the space in narrow corridors. The warm tones (ochres and oranges) are classic and easy to combine roles. The roles of yellow hues create effect of luminosity, and are therefore recommended in environments with little or no natural light. In large areas the ideal role is shades white, although you have to be careful with white in bright environments, since it has a great power of reflection and ends up resulting in annoying.

Gray shades Dim reflection of the Sun’s rays, so they are recommended for hot and bright environments. Wallpaper with blue base are what is called refreshing, and for its association with the sea and the sky produce an effect of spaciousness. The shades of green rest the view and why are desirable in the areas of reading, desks and living rooms. The wallpaper can be used in one or more walls without having to make it across the room. Even a design can be placed on a wall and the next the same model but in another color. Of course, that these resources should be used with care and discretion. When it comes to very small apartments should choose the same colour or coating for all rooms, so that their environments will prolong in others and thereby to obtain a feeling of spaciousness.

Sant Joan Ses Closes

The legends of the monastery the origin of the monastery is surrounded by legends, which United to the archaeological and historical questions, makes that the place has an air of mystery. These legends also speak of the body, or relics, san Pedro and other Saints, deposited in this place since ancient times. The truth is that next to the monastery are preserved structures of very ancient origin, possibly Roman, and that this place come from small presently fragments decorated, at that time, later reused. Read additional details here: Bizzi & Partners. The most beautiful monastery of the Costa Brava built in the 10th century, is the greatest exponent of Romanesque art in the Girona area. Practically since its Foundation, in the 10th century, the monastery was increasing its power to dominate territories to one side and another of the Pyrenees. This jewel of the Romanesque highlight the Church; the Bell Tower of the 12th century, and the Tower of defence, of the same era. The year 1697 he marks the beginning of the decline of the monastery; from here, your influence decreases and the place suffers successive looting, result of which was the disappearance of parts as valuable as the Bible of San Pedro.

There are numerous apartments on the Costa Brava near the monastery if you wish to visit him. A little history the 947 gained independence from the rest of monoasticas cells (Sant Pere was part of a set of four cells (from 878 was part of a conjutno of cells along with the of Sant Joan Ses Closes, Sant Cebria de Sant Fruitos and Penida of the Vall de Santa Creu) and its first Abbot was Hildesind (947-991)), son of Tasi. He then began the life of a great monastery, the Church, which was consecrated in 1022 and partially rose subsequently modified, is that we still see. From 1100, and during the 12th century were carried out restoration works of dependencies, perhaps motivated by the destructive effects of the disputes between the houses of Peralada and Empuries, that affected the monastery.

Acoustic Soundproofing

Which are the materials for an acoustic soundproofing? When speech of soundproofing materials, is very important to differentiate between soundproofing and the sound absorption, since these two are often confused with the same thing. Soundproofing is means to block the sound that enter or leave a space, and the absorption of the sound is destined to improve the sound in a certain room. In any situation, the best materials for an acoustic soundproofing will not work well if you first do not plan east work. When one is a soundproofing, this can be useful when it is used in the appropriate areas. The isolation of the floor is a cheap and effective form to block the sound between the floors of a house or another building. The proprietors of the apartments will find in this method practical to drown the sound between the different floors from an apartment. An isolation with rock wool, can be placed between the beams of the ground to absorb something of sound. The soundproof windows they are done with a special glass that it tries to block the outer noise.

The crystals especially are created and installed to block annoyances like the noise of the highway for those buildings have that it close. Without hesitation John Savignano explained all about the problem. It is possible also to be improved with some curtains that help to cushion a little sound. As it indicates paragraphs above but the absorption of the sound is different from soundproofing. The absorption is the type of improvement that needs a room for a recording studio, a cinema in house or a conference hall. Since it cushions the noises of others within that environment and aid to maintain the positive noises in the room. In extreme situations, some proprietors choose to add an additional layer of wall for the rooms. This implies the construction of a new frame of grounds and walls in the old ones with a little space in means. This space absorbs a significant quantity of the sound and improves the quality del that this within the room.

This method is more applicable to the recording studios. Not all the affirmations done by manufacturers of materials of sound insulation can be endorsed with tests. The proprietors of houses do not have to hope that a product cheap and easy to construct works at the time of blocking the sounds outdoors. Source: Note of Press sent by sucrepr.

Makes Glazed Cold

"Warm" is called glazing balconies with plastic glazing. They have several advantages, but not always profitable. Sealed windows do not let the cold air and on the balcony becomes significantly warmer. This option appropriate when you want to create a specific microclimate on the balcony, for example, to grow flowers. But if you intend to use the balcony as a dwelling, it is impossible to rely only on the glazing plastic glass. You will need additional spending – a complex finish, wall insulation, top and bottom plates, summing up the wiring and heating. In plastic windows, there are some disadvantages: they reduce skylights, and in the adjacent room becomes darker. In addition, in the summer, at a balcony can be very stuffy, so it is important to establish not deaf, and opening doors.

Then you will have the opportunity to ventilate room in the heat. But these deficiencies deprived of the "cold" glazing, which consists of a sliding aluminum structures. The only drawback of aluminum balcony – the inability to retain heat. In Otherwise, they are very convenient in operation: sliding doors are easy to wash, open, ventilate the room. On this balcony will never close, or dark – aluminum, unlike plastic, does not narrow skylights room. K Moreover, leaf apart to the sides with roller mechanism – quickly and comfortably, and do not clutter up the space a balcony. But the lunch or tea on a balcony in the winter it is impossible, especially in cold weather – the temperature on the balcony only a few degrees higher than .I a "warm" and "cold" glass has its pluses and minuses. Decide how you will use the loggia – as a hothouse flower, a living room-terrace or simply as a convenient addition to the apartment. And depending on that, choose the type of glazing that will suit you to the destination.