Insolvency or contest of physical appearance and persistence of the current global economic recession persons living all over the world and the special effects produced in Spain, as a result of the collapse of the housing market and related sectors, is producing a truly worrying increase of the unemployment rate. This situation of job instability is wreck the economy of many families, which is being doomed to terrible situations of insolvency, when income insufficient to cover expenses and debt begins to accumulate. When these painful situations occur, families, to solve these economic potholes tend to go to different avenues of solution. 1. The debt-this is usually the first choice for out of these situations of crisis and insolvency. Using the same you intend to use the route of the credit in order to comply with our obligations of payment. This solution if you are not sashaying of greater economic income, produces a result worse, because that increases the indebtedness of individuals highlighting the situation of insolvency.

The use of this route is completely inadvisable. (e.g., loans between individuals, etc.), if not accompanied by a comprehensive plan that ensures the subsequent viability. 2. The renegotiation of the loan-using this option is typically negotiate or, better said, renegotiate the terms of the loans with the banks and, in order to obtain a modification or deferment of payments that avoid entering an irreversible insolvency situation… Being the most advisable option, the problem of the disposal of the banking entity, that will begin to show little or no permissive, case individuals and not companies, especially if we have several accumulated debts. 3 Reunification of debts-this option is most inadvisable, if they exsiten other ways to solve a situation of insolvency. This would be to go to other sources of financing, as certain entities that usually offer one reduction of the monthly fee to pay our loans, through the reunification of all, at the expense of extending the life of the loan and charge us a high interest rate.

River Cruise – Best Vacation

Have you ever had a rest, traveling the great and mighty rivers and lakes of Russia? There is nothing more beautiful than a rest after a routine working days. Resting in a river cruise you will be distracted from the hustle and bustle of the city, with its dusty streets, leave the boring and stuffy apartment. River cruises will bring you not only restores a full holiday, but will admire the beauty of the natural beauty of our great country, and a breath of fresh transparent air and touch the history, visiting the oldest city in Russia with its monuments and landmarks. River cruises have always enjoyed a special appeal and popularity. And there is nothing surprising. It’s wonderful, incomparable opportunity to be alone with your thoughts and dreams.

Soothing lapping of the waves measured by a cut-boat, endless sunny sky, drifting over horizon, beautiful in all seasons of natural landscapes be located on a quiet calming rest, which you have been dreaming all my life. Of your choice – a variety of river cruises in 2011 with the departure from Moscow and St. Petersburg with a great many exciting itineraries and tours to Russian cities with great historical and national heritage of our country, differing from each other only a list of visited sites and the duration swimming. Propose to draw your attention to one of the most popular routes – river cruise on the Golden Ring of Russia where you will visit the famous cultural centers such as the Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ples, and others. River Cruises Solovki Balaam will allow you to get acquainted with the spiritual past and present of these places. Guests of our country, and our countrymen will not be without interest to multi-day river cruises to Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod. For fans of short breaks are always available a large number of three-four day river cruise weekend.

But the regular one-way and round river cruises Moscow – St. Petersburg familiarize you with the sights of the two capitals of Russia. Have you ever dreamed to travel around the world? Nothing is easier! Enjoy river cruises Moscow Around the World. And if you have a celebration or other corporate event, the river cruises on the luxury ship will give you an unforgettable journey and deliver positive emotions. We are also glad to offer you besides river cruises in Russia, huge number of tours for every taste and budget with the rest in popular European resorts, as well as cruises to Europe, the Mediterranean and river cruises on the Nile.

Brass Fittings

Brass fittings (from English: "fit", "mount", "collect") 16-17 position brass fittings are used everywhere. We face them every day in his apartment – in a bathroom or closet. Fittings made of brass, in particularly necessary when connecting a washing machine, water meters, boilers and other equipment requiring connection to the pipeline. For brass fittings include the following: Fittings made of brass – the coupling (Used for direct connection to pipe); 16.8 Fittings Brass position – knees (change the direction of the line), 1.1 position Fittings Brass – tees, crosses (forks pipeline) 18/10 position Fittings made of brass – the plugs (plugs on the pipes until the moment of connecting cranes) and 6.6 position futorki, bochata, nuts, sleeves, adapters, etc. Among the variety of types of material making up the fittings, brass fittings have many advantages, which include durability and resistance to the transported medium. To avoid oxidation (electrochemical corrosion) in contact with brass and aluminum layer pipes, fittings, brass coated with nickel or chromium. Also, using special Teflon pads to prevent the direct contact of brass fittings and AL. Currently, our catalog is a wide range of quality brass fittings all size that will allow you to maximize installation, significantly reducing the cost and time.

Brass – a double or multi-base alloy of copper, where the main alloying element Zinc is sometimes with the addition of tin, nickel, lead, manganese, iron and other elements. -3000-5500 Density kg / m Specific heat at 20 C – 0.377 kJ kg-1 K-1 Resistivity, ohm 0.07-0.08 m Temperature melting brass, depending on the composition reaches 880-950 C. With increasing zinc content the melting temperature is lowered. Brass is well sealed and rolled. Although the surface of the AL, if not lacquered blackens in the air, but the bulk is more resistant to the action of the atmosphere than copper. It has a yellow color and perfectly polished. Bismuth and lead are harmful to brass, so as to reduce the ability of the strain in the hot condition.

Best Decorative Paper

To paper ancient rooms or walls in bad conditions, faulty or false Squadron, note that smooth papers better concealing defects. They also conceal defects of placement; If you are loading paper for the first time, it is advisable to start with small prints and designs of little drawing. Cheap papers are easier to damage or soiling. If you put in a transit area or in places where they play guys, prefer vinyl papers. The paper to be used all at once, to avoid variations in colour between items must always be purchased. It should also buy a bit more than the calculated if waste or errors that should be corrected.

Guys and soft prints visually enlarge environment, while the most turgid and colorful designs are only advisable in spacious rooms. If it is a room of daily use, you should choose soft designs for not tiring sight. The stripes design have their secrets: stripes horizontal they make the room seem wider, but not recommended in low places; the vertical stripes make the walls appear higher, but reduce the space in narrow corridors. The warm tones (ochres and oranges) are classic and easy to combine roles. The roles of yellow hues create effect of luminosity, and are therefore recommended in environments with little or no natural light. In large areas the ideal role is shades white, although you have to be careful with white in bright environments, since it has a great power of reflection and ends up resulting in annoying.

Gray shades Dim reflection of the Sun’s rays, so they are recommended for hot and bright environments. Wallpaper with blue base are what is called refreshing, and for its association with the sea and the sky produce an effect of spaciousness. The shades of green rest the view and why are desirable in the areas of reading, desks and living rooms. The wallpaper can be used in one or more walls without having to make it across the room. Even a design can be placed on a wall and the next the same model but in another color. Of course, that these resources should be used with care and discretion. When it comes to very small apartments should choose the same colour or coating for all rooms, so that their environments will prolong in others and thereby to obtain a feeling of spaciousness.

Makes Glazed Cold

"Warm" is called glazing balconies with plastic glazing. They have several advantages, but not always profitable. Sealed windows do not let the cold air and on the balcony becomes significantly warmer. This option appropriate when you want to create a specific microclimate on the balcony, for example, to grow flowers. But if you intend to use the balcony as a dwelling, it is impossible to rely only on the glazing plastic glass. You will need additional spending – a complex finish, wall insulation, top and bottom plates, summing up the wiring and heating. In plastic windows, there are some disadvantages: they reduce skylights, and in the adjacent room becomes darker. In addition, in the summer, at a balcony can be very stuffy, so it is important to establish not deaf, and opening doors.

Then you will have the opportunity to ventilate room in the heat. But these deficiencies deprived of the "cold" glazing, which consists of a sliding aluminum structures. The only drawback of aluminum balcony – the inability to retain heat. In Otherwise, they are very convenient in operation: sliding doors are easy to wash, open, ventilate the room. On this balcony will never close, or dark – aluminum, unlike plastic, does not narrow skylights room. K Moreover, leaf apart to the sides with roller mechanism – quickly and comfortably, and do not clutter up the space a balcony. But the lunch or tea on a balcony in the winter it is impossible, especially in cold weather – the temperature on the balcony only a few degrees higher than .I a "warm" and "cold" glass has its pluses and minuses. Decide how you will use the loggia – as a hothouse flower, a living room-terrace or simply as a convenient addition to the apartment. And depending on that, choose the type of glazing that will suit you to the destination.

Auditorium Works

Pentagonal, its perimeter reaches the 5.6 km, being the biggest monument of Catalonia and one of the most fortified complexes notable in the world by the set of its outer fortifications. Parish Church of San Pedro, in the Gothic style with a single nave and chapels between the buttresses. The header and the bell tower are neo-Gothic additions. For approach to culture and the sights of this beautiful city a good option is to rent an apartment in the Costa Brava. The Toy Museum of Catalonia was inaugurated in 1982 at the premises of the old Hotel Paris (old manor house of the Baron of Terradas), in the Rambla in Figueras. Some recent works of rehabilitation and adaptation have allowed triple the initial space of the Museum, reopened on 12 December 1998.

The Museum exhibits more than 4,000 pieces: zootropos, meccans, teatrini, animals and horses of carton, kitchens, balls, spinning tops, planes, cars, trains, dolls, puppets, appliances from magic, games for blind, costumes, paper dolls, handlebars, soldiers, robots, machines, steam, Teddy bears, tricycles, scooters many of these pieces are accompanied by photographs oldest in children with their toys, which helps us to situate them chronologically and see how he was playing at that time. Some toys had belonged to characters such as Ana Maria and Salvador Dali, Federico Garcia Lorca, Joan Miro, Josep Palau and Fabre, Joan Brossa, Quim Monzo, Frederic Amat El Museo has a centre of documentation and research on games and toys, the Brossa-Fregoli Auditorium and space for activities outdoors: the roof of the Museum. The visit of the collection may have multiple readings: the nostalgic toys of our grandfathers and grandmothers through and observation, which traces the history of as scientific and technical advances of the moment have influenced the design of the toys and games, in the same way that have done so and historical events and artistic movements continue to do so. The rooms of the Museum of the Emporda presents a wide chronological range of the art and archaeology of our region, from prehistory up to the present day, with a special dedication to the Emporda and Catalan painting of the 19th and 20th centuries. The tour starts with a sample of the archaeological findings of the Alt Emporda, from Neolithic times until the romanization, which includes a collection of personal ornaments, Greek ceramics of black figures and rojas and glass containers.

Continues with the medieval and modern era which include the capitals of the monastery of San Pedro de Rodas as well as deposits of works of the Museo del Prado (Mengs, Mignard, Herrera). Through the works of Pinazo, Sorolla, Nonell, Marti Alsina, Berga and Boix, houses, Gargallo, Gimeno, Mir, Masriera, Sunyer, seas, Dunyach and Casanovas, among others, you can follow the trajectory of catalan art since the mid-19th century until the modernism and the first avant-gardes, with works by Tapias, Ponc and Cuixart. Finally, Comalat Bonaterra, Llavanera, Puig Eusebi, Nunez, Salvador Dali, Angels, Santos Torroella, angel Planells, Joan Massanet, Evarist Valles, Joan Sibecas, Joan Padern, Pujolboira, Lluis Roura and Josep Ministral, entered many others, show us the evolution of Emporda through realistic landscape painting, surrealism, the conceptual abstraction and the new figuration. The Museum also exhibits several temporary exhibitions throughout the year. The festivals of Figueras, called Les Festes de la Santa Creu (feasts of the Holy Cross is celebrated in early May.

Studio Apartment

The prices of rentals are around 80-90 euros for a Studio per night 2 bedrooms with pretty good quality. Of course, based on neighborhoods and the quality of the housing, that may be between the single and double. It has between 150 and 200 euros for 4 people and an average of 300 to 350 euros up to 6 people per night. Sets the bail by the owner and the cost varies. He wondered before entering and stir to the tenant, net of damage output. What type of apartment? The apartment is usually completely equipped with bed linen and towels, kitchen utensils, etc you can make your kitchen and live at home during your stay. The home must be done before entering and is included in the price of the stay. However, you have to leave the apartment clean before leaving.

-Bed linen choose based on the number of people who can sleep on the floor. If you take an apartment with a sofa bed, pay attention to the quality of them. There are very good, but this is not always the case. They are generally 1.20 meters to 1.50 meters of width. If it is possible to prefer an apartment with separate bedrooms. The beds are generally good, but very few are of size king size. In France, appreciates the width in meters, an average of 1.60 – 1.80 meters wide and, in general, 1.90 to 2 meters long.

-The 1st floor plant in France is the floor that is directly above the floor low. Above the 3rd floor, it is better that there is an elevator. They are, on average, Straits in old buildings. -Silence most of the rooms have views of the street, but you can still find an apartment in Paris with a master bedroom overlooking a small calm courtyard. -Air conditioning in regards to air conditioning, except July and August, it is not very necessary in Paris, but increasingly more people prefer to have it only to be calmer.

Diving Center Beach

The sea will always accompany him in Santa Lucia. The length of the beach, whose sand has a color similar to white gold, is about 20km. Other natural beaches, Tombs, for example, located at Cape San Antonio, the westernmost point of Cuba, is different in one important respect, especially if traveling with children. The same is also captivating, isolated and very blue water and pristine, but has a steep decline and a short distance from shore can cover the bather. Without But in Santa Lucia slope is gentle and always quiet, despite strong wind blowing. This is because face it, almost 2 km of it, stands an almost continuous barrier reef, extending from the mouth of the bay to the Bay of Nuevitas New Grandes, on the border with the province of Las Tunas.

Between the beach and the coast is a system of lagoons, about five, which is almost at its center crossed by a road called South Road. Both the road along the coast near the beach and the road ends at the entrance to the bay of Nuevitas. This allows not only enjoy the place on the beach, but may be edging path and those gaps and observe the flora and fauna. The hotels are very close to each other. There are other points of interest and recreation, such as an International Diving Center and Marine Marlin, as well as restaurants and travel agencies. But the best are the different options that allow you to pass unforgettable days, both at sea and on the island of Sabinal and places nearby.

Here we provide some proposals, some of which include departure and return to hotels. A visit of nearly eight hours along the coast bordering Santa Lucia catamaran to Bonita Beach, just north of the island Sabinal. Includes rides on the beach, snorkel and watch sessions marine species, including starfish. Another proposal for seven hours is to go beyond the previous area, as it crosses the entrance channel of the bay, where there is a colonial fortress, visiting the south of the island Sabinal and there is a colony of pink flamingos On this island for lunch. There is also the option of a journey along a path that leads to a lookout where you can observe the flora and fauna. During the tour inside the bay there is the possibility of seeing dolphins. Another optional is more than three hours to sail to the coral reef and where the water is calm, shallow, snorkeling, good visibility and excellent snorkeling safety. In the Marlin Marina, yacht, you can enjoy bottom fishing, where you can fish for snappers and other fish in our own area. Other procedures relating to fishing fans are provided with it. Enjoy these days of all the possibilities to enjoy a tropical sea.