Advising Center

a This is the way many crooks, pseudo pros, cons and professional swindlers handsome professional websites, try to steal from you, sell services to four times the price, trinkets that in China, Taiwan topped by kilos, as the latest generation high-priced items, but very useful for you to succeed. a Be careful with these fraudsters who send thousands of emails, asking for reports of their services and usually most of the time are: A 1. – Unscrupulous vendors of services, advice, products. a 2. – Unemployed or incorrectly used, seeking an interview for better information.

A 3. For even more analysis, hear from The Related Companies. – The address of the company, to discuss the service, a landline and a thousand stupid things, be able to locate spatially, see how it works, that is, how much I may have to send then to the theft of weeks later. a 4. – Boastful, luminaries, super professionals, who live in abject poverty or are bored with their work or do not know what else to do to be invited to work if only for hours, to earn a dollar more. a So things are friends, Take care of Internet frauds, there are many, each of them more sophisticated than the other, very carefully, ignore them, send them to fly and will not continue bothering. Not attract clients: Using false or meaningless arguments.

Exaggerating or lying. Ignoring their needs. Drawing on certain emotions that can bring bad memories to the client. Presenting the benefits and / or benefits of the product without conviction and lacking impact. Posing as an alleged interested in the service of others, that is the most stupid, worthy of starving. Ya know, I hope that this simple lesson in marketing and sales, putting it on notice, so that no time losing time. a And not to be fooled by crooks looking for work, to sell their consulting services and posing first, of course interested in your services and products. a Smile and be happy. Private Security Instructor, he served as Supervisor from a young age in security companies and guide and manage the safety of others. Promoter enterprising person was a Training Institute, Managing Director of a Programna-school and Managing Director of Advising Center. Studied law and numerous university degrees in the Area of Administration, Accounting and Security. Today is dedicated to Distance Education, Graduate College as an NGO representative, offering training services to university diploamdos distance. Website: actiweb. es/seguridad2008

Heat Insulation

Heat and sound insulation of steel doors depends on the internal filler door itself, as well as sealing the circuit. Therefore, acquiring a steel door, you should pay attention to the material of manufacture of the filler and quality of the sealing contour. The most popular fillers are Basalt and mineral wool, polystyrene, corrugated cardboard, combined with special sound-absorbing and flame-resistant foam, etc. These materials do not support combustion, clean, conduct heat poorly. However, the cotton filler has two drawbacks due to its own weight.

Vata is somewhat heavier than foam, and therefore increases the total weight of the door. and A second drawback – it's slipping a cotton filler with time down by its own weight. As a result, the top door heat and sound noticeably worse. Foam plastic – a material more rigid and lightweight, these problems do not delivers. When you install a steel door, it is important to use a quality sealer circuit. The denser the door will fit the door frame, the better heat and sound insulation. Therefore, the sealing units must be a minimum of two (one on the perimeter of the door leaf, the second on the perimeter of the door frame), and ideally – four.

For example, just four of the contour seals have a door with improved sound and heat insulation from "Outpost". The canvas of the Doors are also filled with modern insulating materials. In particular, we are talking about such models of doors "Outpost" as 233VS, 63S, 17VK, etc. Can be used as a steel door trim and decorative panel, result of sound insulation in times increase. To prevent drafts should be carefully seal the gap between the doorframe and the wall with concrete. In general, to your apartment was always warm and quiet, today it is enough establish a quality metal door with a good sound and heat insulation. If necessary, reinforce the effect may be due to the additional installation of sealant. Although, if you really get a good door for example, from "Outpost", then tinker with seal you hardly have to!

Hotel Avenida

Located in the center of Salobrena, one of the most picturesque villages of all the tropical coast of Granada, just 200 meters from the beach. It is a small hotel with a homely atmosphere that offers direct contact with the customer. The hotel is located in a privileged enclave in the heart of the Costa Tropical in Salobrena village 200 meters from the beach and 96 minutes from Sierra Nevada to 45 of Granada and 60 from Malaga and Almeria. Environment: Around the hotel you can play tennis, diving, windsurfing, sailing, golf. . .

. The hotel has a solarium with views of the Sierra Nevada, the Mediterranean Sea, to Motril and Salobrena old. The hotel has 30 rooms with all amenities, satellite TV, Telephone, Internet connection, Minibar, Safe, Bathroom, Heating, Air conditioning. rooms prepared for all types of food whether family or business. Where guests can taste a typical regional food made with natural ingredients typical native tropical microclimate. solarium where guests can soak up the sun placidly while enjoying spectacular sea views, Sierra Nevada, the valley and the old town of Salobrena. Jacuzzi to enjoy a moment of total relaxation after a day at the beach. restaurant where you can enjoy both typical Andalusian food such as Salobrena and do not forget that dessert you will have tropical fruits in the area, famous for its tropical climate.

coffee in the cafeteria guests can spend a good time to desktop. The Avenue hotel will make available a large number of games for the whole family to enjoy, as well as card games, dominoes and other games typical. The environment is excellent for its location, between Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean Sea. Its geographic location in the heart of the Costa Tropical, Salobrena is close to the most interesting in the area. Landscapes and beautiful surroundings are protected by the white snow of Sierra Nevada, just one hour and ten minutes from a ski resort and 45 minutes from Granada and the Alhambra dreamy. Granada and all its tourist attractions, the cave houses of Northern Province, the , or the villages of the Alpujarras, land of ham and artisans. *** Tropical Hotel Avenida Jose Antonio Gomez 958 611 544 Avenida del Mediterraneo 35, CP: 18 680 (Salobrena) Granada

Social Contract

To characterize the man in Jean-Jacques Rousseau she is necessary to have in mind the way as it reconstructs the history of the humanity, showing that the existing inaquality between the men is fruit of the action of the proper men throughout history. Through this reconstruction the author works the State of Nature and the Civil State. Rousseau says that the property becomes the beginning of the inaquality of the men and defends that only an organized society can reveal the divisions of the properties, as many private properties as public, but being always the private property a common good. For the distant philosopher the more the man will be of the Civil State, of the rationality, better the man if he becomes, therefore he believes that what ruins the man is the society, is the rationality and is for this reason that Rousseau wants the return of the man for its State of Nature. The author was the first philosopher to question the rationality, that for it the rationality was not something negative, therefore the way as being something positive, but yes, because it was come back toward the things superfluous and not essential to the men and for this reason contests that it. It does not believe that the rationality was used for being the rational man and yes for interest. For the thinker the man must be independent and therefore he believes that only the education cannot be only one way of instruction, but yes a pedagogia of the autonomy. Rousseau believes a Social Contract where the people is who decides, where the laws are determined by the people, it had the notion of public good, where only with public good if it would arrive then at an organized society that had prescribed the properties. For Rousseau the scientific ascension was not folloied by a moral ascension, human being, for it and as he himself at the beginning says Of the Social Contract ' ' the man is born exempts, and for all the part meets acorrentado' '.

Wooden Cottage Construction

Tell me, what heating equipment better suited for a wooden house, how to find it? Answer: Generally speaking, the principle of selecting equipment for heating wood home, similar to the principle of selection for any home, because here it all starts with the calculation of heat the building. But the wooden houses have their own specific characteristics. Which, let us consider a dedicated your question article. “Building a wooden house” these days building a wooden house, in contrast to earlier times – it is rather a certain kind of philosophy, rather than a necessity. Our ancestors alternative to the wooden house was not, as the house of stone, brick, or could at that time afford not many. However, today, despite the abundance of modern materials and technologies, wooden house still even more widespread than stone.

features a wooden house first and most distinctive feature is the material itself. Wood has many unique properties and characteristics. For a start – a tree is a natural, living material created by nature itself. However, it is very, very durable. Have survived wooden buildings dating back over 700 years. But today, thanks to the abundance of various protective coatings for wood, it life can be even more without losing what is important, their external aesthetics and not collapsing structure. Incidentally, the oldest wooden house in Sweden has been preserved to our days is, in the town of Moore (Mora). According to scientists it was built around 1237. And the oldest tree is a pine, located in the , its age is estimated at 4,500 years. The advantages of wood.

Real Estate Market Of The South Of Russia

South Federal District of attracting investments can be compared only with the north-west and the Ural Mountains of Russia. There is sufficient population density, high income, developed infrastructure, excellent climatic conditions support strong demand for real estate (residential and commercial). The city has a demand for quality retail space, warehouses and offices. Sochi development comes first. The development of the city allocated 12.5 billion for the Olympics.

The same amount was allocated to the organization's most expensive Winter Olympics in Nagano in 1998, but except for the eyes that international investors are also interested in other cities of Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol, Krasnodar, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Tuapse – not only because of its proximity to the capital of the Olympic Games in 2014, but also because the state allocates considerable funds for the development of the southern region. Funding for the Southern Federal Okrug target program "South of Russia" for 2008-2012. is 52 billion rubles. Incidentally, Punjab on the basis of the forum "Sochi 2007" has signed 132 agreements totaling 455 billion rubles (more than 18 billion dollars), which is exactly Krasnodar region attracts capital, and the connection with the Olympics in Sochi, a straight line. On the profitability of investment in the SFD is difficult to say, the real estate market is overvalued, but can be considered a growth of 30-35%.

investors still have an opportunity enter the real estate market of Krasnodar Territory and, although the high price of entry today, land transactions have terminated. Realtors and investors are attracted to the SFD mainly good climatic conditions and proximity to the sea. In this regard, Sochi is comparable to Odessa, which is currently the second city in Ukraine after Kiev on growth in property prices. Logistics is also an important factor in attracting investment. Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Novorossiysk – key parts of the supply chain. For the SFD is characterized by territorial division according to the involved investments in a particular market segment. If you compare the capital region, it turns out to Rostov-on-Don – the capital of the SFD – developed commercial property (offices, retail space). For Krasnodar characterized trading center, built in Sochi hotels. Other cities are also not lagging behind the "locomotives": in Anapa vozvolyatsya Congress Hotel, studio and yacht clubs. Stavropol as well as Rostov-on-Don, different commercial property – offices, shopping centers. At the federal level, there is strict supervision of the head of each administration in the field to real estate and Krasnodar Territory, Rostov, and the area, Stavropol Territory, and was available to investors.