Andreas Schrobback

Also on exhibit that stood empty a small objects, which purchasers must be only a low risk of renting and benefit from regular tax. Modernisation potentials for value are also realized, making the real estate again may be sold at a profit. Many writers such as Robert J. Shiller offer more in-depth analysis. Decisively the regulations to the income tax act in Germany affect the attractiveness of heritage properties, which provide higher depreciation for buildings. Possible tax benefits through the rehabilitation who acquires an architectural monument in Germany and carries out necessary renovations or buys a corresponding object from a property developer, can deduct the cost of the tax. This potential savings is dependent on the amount of personal income and the total amount of the modernisation costs arise. The conservation of heritage properties supported by higher depreciation rates also apply to auto users. At a leased heritage property, the purchaser can the cost for up to 12 years fully assert in his income tax return.

The special depreciation amounting to 9 per cent over 8 years and then 7 per cent is for another 4 years. For administrative purposes the depreciation corresponds to 9 per cent for up to 10 years, so also in this version up to 90 percent of the costs of remediation of the tax issue. Whether buying a listed property makes tax sense, each purchaser can calculate. Also, all criteria should apply, which are also applied to the purchase of other real estate. Buyers ensure the object in an economically established and sought after location. The commissioning of an expert may also be advisable, which examined the building fabric and calculates the estimated costs of the renovation. The object should be bought itself due to its possibilities for optimising tax not at a price far above the market value, because as a result the yield could be diminished and losses on resale are possible.


A classical architectural style lives again in Berlin & Brandenburg: the German Bauhaus belongs to the architectural milestones of modernism. For several years it has once again huge popularity in home construction in Berlin and Brandenburg. “Because the new objectivity”, as the Bauhaus style is also called, combines attractive design with sophisticated functionality. The architect and Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius propagated there is no difference of nature between the artist and the craftsman”. The brand new style as well as the return to the traditional craft of house building embodied in the 1920s as also the adaptation to the modern mass. Besides Gropius, Hannes Meyer and Ludwig include Mies van der Rohe to the representatives of the well-known architectural directions of the Bauhaus. Source: Bizzi & Partners. Worldwide this style in Dessau is widespread also among the names of classic modern, international style, and new build. Since 1996, the Bauhaus building in Dessau belongs officially to the world cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Unique Designs instead of mass construction of the bar now has the Bauhaus steadily evolved and was brought along with the opportunities of a modern House architecture in harmony. Today the claims, in particular on uniqueness, as well as energy balance, grew still. The Bauhaus makes domestic farmers a good basis: its current renaissance owes it the timeless claim to reconcile technology and arts and crafts. In addition, also individually designed sustain are now quite affordable. On the real estate market of the home provider in Berlin and Brandenburg, a variety of custom designed models with a typical, sleek and uncluttered style can be found today. New models in the Bauhaus style offer a gain in individual design and creative independence of domestic farmers? gone are the days of the types of houses off the shelf as well as monotonous new settlements. The Bauhaus is particularly high demands on the energy efficiency for the House Party in Berlin and Brandenburg interesting, because it also can be adjusted in its simple, pragmatic architecture to high energy requirements.

Hanover Estate

Dr. Michael Franz reported success secrets of top brokers Dr. Michael Franz, renowned sales trainer and coach sales in the real estate industry, unveiled for the first time new evidence about the success secrets of top brokers in a series of lectures. The talks are based on a complex study on the strategies and success factors of 100 of the best brokers worldwide. The lecture series takes place in the “real estate Forum 2011 – the largest industry gathering of the market leader” under the motto “Competence wins” instead. At the previous events, the response to the lecture by Dr. Michael Franz was extremely positive.

Writes Mr. Armin Scharling, real estate Center Rheine GmbH Stadtsparkasse Rheine: “thank you for the as practice-oriented presentation. Like I’ll introduce some points in my company and deepen.” What do different top broker? Top brokers make sales of 400,000 up to EUR 5 million per year and withdraw this from the average. For the study, interviews were with the participating real estate agents run and analyze their practices and strategies. In addition, a personality profile was applied by each study participant. So were insights, top Realtor do differently and what leads to success.

Lecture participants benefit Dr. Michael Franz first unveiled in the part of this lecture series for the first time and exclusively preliminary results of this study of innovative results. Real estate agents can use as practically applicable knowledge for their offices immediately so the new findings. Real estate agents can succeed with these findings even doubling their turnover period of 12 months. Checking article sources yields Expert on growth strategy as a relevant resource throughout. Market leader enables groundbreaking insights is performed the study of RE/MAX, the world’s most successful real estate companies with more than 100,000 agents. However, real estate brokers, who still want to live Dr. Michael Franz in the framework of the ongoing lecture series, need to hurry. These are the dates: 03 / 11 Hanover, barbel Dresden, 17 Nuremberg/Furth, 22.11 Munich, 24.11 Stuttgart/Fellbach. Description of the company Dr. Michael Franz is founder and partner of Michael Franz sales consultant & partner. Dr. Michael Franz’s motto is “Selling is the art of asking the right questions.” Michael Franz and partner supports its customers when selling explanation-needy, riskier and more expensive products, projects and services.

Rising Real Estate Prices

viennaresidence business of the Vienna real estate market continues to boom rental apartments large demand for property objects and the simultaneous decline of offers lead to a rise in real estate prices. Meanwhile, the tenant market can recover. In a worldwide comparison of rental is located on Court 42. Vienna property prices have risen in 2011 compared to 2010 to 9.2 percent. The offer of condos is limited at the moment mainly in urban areas.

According to offering by the beginning of 2010 until the end of 2011 is throughout Austria decreased by 30 percent. Especially in Vienna, the number of objects went back on the market by half. The investor demand far exceeds supply. For even more analysis, hear from Robert J. Shiller. This led to the price increases in 2011, especially in popular inner-city regions. Condos in downtown Vienna are in the price range at the front, namely 6.203 euros per square meter, followed by Dobling (3.788 euro), Josefstadt (3.009 euro), construction (2.915 euro), highway (2,840 euro) and Alsergrund (2,795 euros).

This price dynamics at the Vienna real estate market surprised even real estate experts. The developments of the market back urban marginal zones and less popular districts in the Center, which at the same time leads to an appreciation of these regions. One reason for the booming real estate market could be the current economic situation. Many investors see a safe sector in this industry to invest. Centrally located apartments continues the trend, whereas the cost of a holiday house in the Green go back a little. Learn more at this site: Daniel Taub Israel. Positive tenant market result the popularity of investors rentals in Vienna enjoy a relaxation of the tenant market and a slight oversupply of rental properties. The average rental prices are in Vienna between 8 and 16 euros per square meter, where high differences between districts can be observed. ECA international, a human resources consulting firm, compares in its new study of rental accomodation reports”the cost of an 80-square-meter 3-room apartment around the world. During Tokyo Vienna lands there as most costliest turns out on Court 42. Second place is London, followed by Moscow, Caracas, Hong Kong and Singapore. In the European rankings is Vienna on 16th, behind Copenhagen and Milan. The largest expenditures include rental costs for expatriates, businessmen who are sent by their company for a temporary period of time abroad. According to ECA most companies provide expatriates rent grants, also to currency fluctuations its but to compensate. Also the rental of serviced apartments note the changes to the Vienna real estate market. MOE Mahmoodian, Managing Director of viennaresidence. business rental apartmentsbemerkt, that currently smaller apartments between 40 and 50 square meters are very much in demand”. Also be an important factor, the location where the apartment walking distance from public transportation should be accessible in 5 minutes. Each Central apartment, more popular it is.

Security Company

To do this, a tax must be taken. In this context it is a taxpayer in the sense already when buying the property to apply for United States. Even that of foreigners in the United States is not subject to tax, this tax number helps to accelerate the repayment of the retained 10%. Also this is a good substitute for the non-existent social often tax ID number Security number. Like for example the opening of a bank account, the sign-on of electricity and water, and much more. Everywhere number is asked for a social secuirty and most settle with a tax ID number as a replacement.

For liability reasons and reasons of inheritance, it offers one to open United States LLC or Corporation and to enter the family members you want to “protect” in this company as Managerm Vice President, or other function as co-owner. This company will also automatically get a tax number. The creation of an LLC can do for online without any problems and costs between $100 to $1,000. Depending on the situation average $350.00 is required. Arrangement fees: In the United States, it is common gemeinhim that the seller paid the Commision for the buyers and the sellers agent. Also, the seller pays, the title search and you title insurance. The buyer pays on only a “small” fee for processing the title company and moeglicherwesie the arrangement fees for a mortgage, the buyer should wish to finance. Hear from experts in the field like Expert on growth strategy for a more varied view.

The title company is similar to how Notary in Germany and this trust handles the whole conclusion. It is generally customary that the estate is passed free of all contaminated sites. A Titlecompany can and must complete no real estate, that no clear title has. However, there are also exceptions, e.g. a couple of banks, which have zurueckbekommen the houses in foreclosure will take no contaminated sites. This must be communicated but prior to the contract, the buyer, so that the buyer can decide whether he is willing that to do it or not. To the clear title upon completion guarantee, carries the title company a so-called title search through. You go back in the history of the property and also have access to the public court documents. “Investigate” also the seller to make sure that they have no personal debt from geckt of the property. The Related Companies oftentimes addresses this issue. Upon completion, the buyer Gets a so-called title insurance (which the seller usually pays.) This title insurance is for all possible (the search title uebersehenen) contaminated sites; are liable. In my 20 years as a real estate broker, I had only 2 cases where the title company something had to overlook. In both cases the title company promptly and immediately paid. No matter what want to – acquire old or young for a House (I don’t you mean the House) it is always advisable to perform a home inspection. Everything on funktionsfaehigkeit and other damages is checked during a home inspection, home inspection examines the pipes, installations, electrical and roof… Here with us, a home inspection costs about $350.00. Should find something the home inspector the price can be renegotiated frequently (the real estate price) or the buyer can zuruecktreten from the contract and gets back his full deposit. Monika Wilson Century 21 Sunbelt Realty Cape Coral, Florida free and non-binding real estate search engine:

The Central Europeans

All the cakes and pies are not only home-made, but arise according to recipes, which belong to the family treasure and also the long adult Elena only in small doses, and only in the last few years has received from her mother. Apples, berries, plums and other fruit varieties come from own cultivation and have seen no artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Elena Birkel uses only the best products and so their guests not to be imitative and distinctive delicacies. As a loving reference to their grandmother, who had throughout his life, even the desire to lead a Cafe that her own mother should remember the bourgeois salon, Elena Birkel gave the name of the beloved grandmother who above all understandable, couldn’t you how important it is, their Cafe is to be able to look forward. The grandmother would be absolutely thrilled by the today’s ANNA BLANK, because existing for so many decades is a vibrant, demanding the senses House inside and out. The Central Europeans, who knows what a stove, for example, with one “makes”, whose meaning immediately associate a special warmth, well-being, fragrance, feel right at home. The beautiful concrete tiles are far an offer that is now manufactured according to historical patterns, but is a grey large-format tile with slate pattern from the hardware store. The staircase, the wooden staircase, all wood fixtures lend flair and let us be a little guest in a time that had apparently to give the individual a lot.

The visitors, who previously had fear of contact with “old houses”, wins a new experience here without pain. And perhaps will it cause him to not automatically “reset” on the label when buying real estate, but also to consider, how aging suitable for such real estate would be and how much flair they develop it. For that alone it is: what is the third skin with us. PPM AG specializes in character properties – as they fondly call it – specialized in: real estate, which in the years to come and which – sometimes very hidden Werte – once discovered and must be cancelled, to be interesting for new owner. The services specially developed HOMING IN includes all aspects that are required to make the popular Prom Queen a wallflower. It has to do something with the man up, offering only on the edge under broker understands.

Ingrid Hoefler

People who are in distress, social clubs, which have an empty cash register or artist groups which afford no own Studio to large and small projects and initiatives need support. For anyone who wants to make still more enjoyable Munich through citizen engagement, earned a spot in the city. The change by, one of the leading real estate portals, in the life initiative called your city brings people together with the first social space platform social spaces, looking for space or offer it. Nuremberg, 4 December 2013. The tense situation on the Munich apartment market is all too familiar. The rental rates rise, at the same time, one out of five is threatened by poverty or poor. People like the 22-year old Sarah, who lives with her young daughter, Evelyn (2) currently, in a shelter for single mothers. Mother and child living in a confined space, and are equipped with only the bare essentials.

Sarah get money for an apartment by the She could not convince so far with housing and a landlord itself. Without dwelling no Kita place without Kita no work. A fate, as it is in Munich so or something like the order of the day. On the one hand, the price per square meter for commercial and residential explode, on the other hand, the official housing agency reaches its limits: expected to only 2,700 Housing Awards face 13,300 households reported at the Munich Office of the apartment, looking for a low-cost housing, by the end of the year. A sustainable project with signal character of the initiative change your city”has social spaces” exactly at this point to: premises conveyed directly to fair conditions. The initiative brings together the first social space platform people, looking for space or offer him and the ideal space thus gives citizen engagement in the social field. As Ingrid Hoefler * and her sister, who like to want to her home located near Dachau a charity available and this one comparatively low rent would require.

GOP Auctioned Homes

A dream house for 150,000 euros incl. 100,000 Euro land grant the lowest unique bid Gets the contract of Behringen, October 30, 2013: the winner of an auction, which organized the Group of pictures soon together with town & country house, Germany’s market leader in licensed building, expect a premature Christmas mess. In this so-called Ruckwartsversteigerung is awarded of the player with the smallest once the bid. The winner gets the model 113 “by town & country house worth of 150,000 euro turnkey built, as well as a grant to the land purchase in the amount of 100,000. The auction will be held online, as well as the image app for mobile phones involved from 5 to 11 November 2013 BILD der Frau, screen image, BILD am Sonntag,. Further details can be found at Professor Rita McGrath, an internet resource. The principle of Ruckwartsversteigerung”is very simple.

Each participant is via SMS ($0.50 fee from all German mobile phone networks) bid off. This was in contrast to traditional auctions, where that highest bid WINS as possible low. The participant who has offered the lowest price dream home only for the town & country is awarded at the end. The Gewinnerhaus flair 113 is one of the top models in our flair series”, says Jurgen Dawo, founder of town & country house. The flair series is one of the most popular House models in Germany. In the past year alone, houses of the flair series in different variants were sold far more than 1,000 times between Pinneberg and Passau. The winner will be 113 flair “can build freely with four or five bedrooms.

Either he chooses on the ground floor a large living room that meets all requirements for comfort. Or the large space is divided into two rooms, of which one belongs to the children alone or as a guest or work room is intended. The kitchen in the flair of 113 “last but not least provides sufficient space for the popular dining area. Finally the attic presents three spacious rooms and a bath, so that every Member of the family here has enough free space. Both floors of the flair of 113 “convince with spacious and bright rooms, where the winner and his family can feel comfortable.

BlackBerry Initiative

Because change is created through participation, just, and in particular in the social field. The requests or offers is free of charge. Launched the initiative was one of the leading real estate portals in Germany, that the change your project page provides not only its technical expertise, but also takes over the complete coordination of the initiative by The purpose of our initiative is to improve the situation on the market for social homes as easily”, describes Immowelt Board Member Ulrich Gros the background of engagement. We are convinced that this better is nothing, as people simply and quickly actively participate an opportunity to offer, to can.”change your city” by commitment: each offer is welcome no limits are set in the art of room request. Sheltered workshop, artist’s Studio or apartment for a supervised youth-WG anyone can free abandon his application and introduce himself and his project. Seekers can also see offers and directly with the providers in contact. Who, however, would like to support a social initiative, providing premises available, can see projects through the Web site, contact outreach or equal free add a space.

The costs should be as socially acceptable, like the rooms can be offered for free of course. We look forward to many different entries from various areas and especially on numerous successful negotiations”, explains Ulrich Gros. Also we appreciate support by social organisations and institutions, such as the joint Welfare Association, we already won for our project.” Your city change all the information about the initiative”, photos and portraits of searchers, projects and providers, visit the Web site. Credit: Professor Rita McGrath-2011. These and other By, you will find press releases in our press section at * Name changed from the editorial about real estate portal is with monthly 4.2 million visitors (comScore Media Metrix) and up to 1.2 million listings per month, one of the leading online marketplaces for apartments, houses and commercial real estate. The advertisements about 50 newspaper portals, as a cross-media advertisement in several daily and weekly newspapers, as well as apps for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, BlackBerry, and Windows phone achieve additional distribution.

“” About your city change “: change your city” citizen engagement is a room. The initiative is aimed at Munich with heart and place. The project social spaces”is the first social space platform for people who have accommodation for needy families, clubs or social initiatives. “Also assigns a room: in our think tank” creative minds still find a place around Munich to make more liveable. Partners in the initiative are, for example, the District Association Upper Bavaria of the joint Welfare Association and Friendsfactory. Our partners: Joint District Association Upper Bavaria the joint District Association Upper Bavaria is a Federation of independent, non-profit, social organizations. He represents 450 member organizations, advocating for people in all age groups and walks of life. As the free Welfare Association, he carries the idea of parity in the social life and realized best in its own facilities and in cooperation with its member organizations. Friendsfactory Friendsfactory creates space for ideas. The company rents offices, which offer exciting networks in addition to an inspiring working atmosphere throughout Germany. Just as the name implies, Friendsfactory connects people who like to creatively interact, to drive their own ideas forward.

Matthias Heissner

‘ We argue for the abolition of asymmetric notice! Stuttgart. Faulty detonators, rumble Government, egg dancer very flattering, no sound it certainly not the labor assess\”, which currently ROAR down from many sides on the new black-yellow Government team in Berlin. It all started for Angela Merkel and Guido Westerwelle actually quite promising: a victory, though also barely, and thus the constellation, where both politicians and the parties supporting it for years openly had pronounced itself. But instead of a sweeping fresh start with pomp and circumstance, there are not a few observers so as the just-forged coalition with the getting started had confused the brake with the gas pedal. Matthias Heissner and Pasquale Aquino from the landlord protection index Germany (VSK) make no bones about their conviction: hope that find the CDU and FDP on the road to success, and the quickly if at all possible: Finally, decisions have been enshrined in the coalition agreement, the interests must meet Germany’s rental and which urgently be addressed from our point of view.\” Private housing rental can cost the existence in Germany hoping on a political crackdown in the current tenancy is founded with Matthias Heissner on practical, authentic experience. An experienced he almost Managing Director of VSK every day, how be nerve wracking and it can be costly, sometimes even threaten to rent housing in Germany: from all evils that can happen to a landlord, rent nomads are certainly, most serious accident ‘: you’re in advance of indentation sneaky, but at the same time very convincingly pretending to be solvent, ordinary tenant. If they are fed however once, the rental payments remain promptly and Moreover, the apartment itself often remains on track.\” Because these scammers, so recorded as Matthias Heissner, cheated the homeowners not only to rent. Often, the fury of the destruction, pack these vandals and the House could no longer be rent, completely demolished and uninhabitable if it had got rid of this evil contemporaries at all.