Brazilian Real Estate

With the arrival of the program My House My Life, the Brazilian real estate sector if set on fire. Financial institutions had flooded the market with home loans and had fomented the biggest movement of acquisition of property of the history of this country. Therefore, the prices of the property had gone off in last the 3 or 4 years, reaching rentabilidades the superior taxes the 100%, However, this same high of prices were not seen folloied in the auctions of property. In fact, in this secondary market of real estate acquisition, the prices of the property had suffered high well more modest, in the house of 15%, consolidating a highly attractive situation of discount for small investors, who buy at auction property for so low prices, that still they obtain to resell them, with good edge of profit, for competitive prices. In the real estate financings, the financed property is given as a pledge of the financing. Therefore, to if becoming defaulter in the financing, the debtor loses the property of its property stops the creditor of the financing, as foresees article 26 of Law 9,514/97, that he says the following one: ' ' Been successful and not paid, in all or part, the debt and consisting in deferred payment the fiduciary agent, will be consolidated, in the terms of this article, the property of the property on behalf of fiducirio' '.

Having the property of the property assured for the cited article above, the deserving institution of the financing is authorized to promote the alienation of the property, through auction or public bid, following the lines of direction disciplined for the Decree 70/66.Em the majority of the cases, these property still is busy for the debtors of the financing or lodgers of them, what it demands of 1.bidder some procedures judicial for inoccupation of the property or ousting of the inhabitant. Therefore, the property are auctionzed by up to 40% below of the market price, offering to the investors a discount that has all covered the expense with the Register of the Property, Writing and ITBI in the transference of property of the property, as well as expenditures pertaining to legal profession. Without a doubt, the auctions of property constitute an excellent alternative of investments. In times where the So Paulo Stock Exchange does not go so well, neither the public headings, the property of auctions can be the key to keep its money growing. To know more on the auctions of property, it visits the Blog Immovable of the Box.

The Property

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International Investors

Brazil very walks being valued for the sale-and-leaseback of commercial property. Many international investors are buying and renting immovable in Brazil for a commercial change of its businesses. A research made for the Association of International Investors of Property showed that the foreign investors are very interested in buying this way immovable, to bring its companies and to make an international change here. Brazil alone loses for the United States, in question of attractiveness in the property. Brazil is the ball of vezPara some international investors, Brazil is as better market for businesses of the world, being behind only of the United States, is therefore that currently many companies are making a commercial change for the Brasil.O Brazil went up 10 positions in ranking and took by China as the place in the preference of international investors. The United States still have the biggest market for the habitation of the world, although the economic tumult faced by the country in 2008 and of the painful impact of the crisis of credit on the commercial property.

The United kingdom is very not looked for a commercial change, therefore the cost of a commercial property for is very high there, for this reason is not all the investors who search the United kingdom as destination for its businesses. One of the main reasons it Brazil to be one of the main countries chosen for the investors to make a commercial change is on account of the price of the property. A commercial property in Brazil leaves what much more cheap in other spread places around of the world, and although Brazil to be considered a country of third world, one of the main commercial metropolises of the world is in Brazil. So Paulo is the sixth bigger city of the planet and is a place that very walks attracting the international investors, therefore is a city that offers good conditions for investments.